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January 6 Famous Birthdays

January 6 Famous Birthdays

How many famous people do you know who are born on January 6th? IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 6, you typically do not like chaos and will do anything to sidestep a hostile environment.

As a strength and as a weakness, famous people born on January 6th are very “nice” people. Saying “no” makes them feel guilty but they may need to practice saying it from time to time.

When it comes to careers of famous people born on January 6th, they probably love what they do. As a dedicated person, they have a tendency to throw themselves into work. As a reward, they own the best of the best and seek vacation spots that are only dreams to most.


However, famous people with birthdays on January 6 are unpretentious and may find it hard to be governed by anybody’s rulebooks. They don’t share everything with everybody and this is a good thing. But when it comes to love, they may need to say how they feel instead of assuming someone knows their inner thoughts. No matter their age, there are some things that they remain green about.


Famous Capricorns born on January 6 maintain healthy lifestyles. Those born on this day are likely to be understated artists whose creativity can be stifled. The personality of a Capricorn born on the 6th is one that is tender and joyful. Typically, they avoid negativity. Despite their best efforts, their birthday horoscope says they may be idealistic and perhaps, commitaphobic.


January 6th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6th January Good Traits:

  • Sensitive
  • Helpful
  • Innocent
  • Organized
  • Humble

6th January Bad Traits:

  • Cagey
  • Innovative
  • Hasty
  • Lethargic

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January 6th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abel Aguilar, 1985, Soccer Player
Ace Wells Tucker, 2016, Family Member
Adam Burish, 1983, Hockey Player
Adam Pearson, 1984, Movie Actor
Adeline Genee, 1878, Dancer
Adriano Celentano, 1938, Pop Singer
AJ Hawk, 1984, Football Player
Al Porter, 1993, Comedian
Alan Committie, 1974, Comedian
Alan Watts, 1915, Philosopher
Aleksandra Ekster, 1882, Painter
Alex Teixeira, 1990, Soccer Player
Alex Turner, 1986, Rock Singer
Alexander Scriabin, 1872, Composer
Allan Kingdom, 1994, Rapper
Allen Appel, 1945, Non-Fiction Author
Allen Hunt, 1964, DJ
Amanda Finnie, 1996, Instagram Star
Amon Simutowe, 1982, Chess Player
Anders Hove, 1956, Movie Actor
Andovi da Lopez, 1994, YouTube Star
Andrew Britton, 1981, Novelist
Andy Carroll, 1989, Soccer Player
Andy Carroll, 1989, Soccer Player
Angel Tairua, 2000, R&B Singer
Anthony Minghella, 1954, Director
AR Rahman, 1967, Composer
Arin Hanson, 1987, Voice Actor
Armelia McQueen, 1952, Stage Actress
Arnold Naudain, 1790, Politician
Aron Eisenberg, 1969, TV Actor
Asante Samuel, 1981, Football Player
Audrey Lee, 2000, Dancer
Barry John, 1945, Rugby Player
Bernice Liu, 1979, Movie Actress
Bilal Philips, 1946,
Bob Walker, 1952, Photographer

Bongani Khumalo, 1987, Soccer Player
Bonnie Franklin, 1944, TV Actress
Bricc Baby, 1988, Rapper
Bubba Franks, 1978, Football Player
Capucine, 1928, Movie Actress
Carl Sandburg, 1878, Poet
Carly Brooke, 1990, Blogger
Carolyn D. Wright, 1949, Poet
Cary Middlecoff, 1921, Golfer
Casey Fossum, 1978, Baseball Player
Cassandra Legaspi, 2001, Family Member
Charles Haley, 1964, Football Player
Charles Sumner, 1811, Politician
Chris Antley, 1966, Horse Jockey
Chris Owusu, 1990, Football Player
Chun Lee-kyung, 1976, Speed Skater
Colette Carr, 1991, Rapper
Colin Cowherd, 1964, TV Show Host
Conor Young, 1998, Model
Courtney Eaton, 1996, Movie Actress
Cristela Alonzo, 1979, Comedian
Daiki Kameda, 1989, Boxer
Dan Power, 1983, Rugby Player
Daniel Bederov, 1991, Model
Daniel Davari, 1988, Soccer Player
Daniel Monserrat, 1990, Rapper
Daniel O’Brien, 1986, Comedian
Danny Holmes, 1989, Soccer Player
Danny Pintauro, 1976, TV Actor
Danny Thomas, 1912, TV Actor
Daryl Shore, 1970, Soccer Player
David Keith Orton, 1934, Activist

january 6 famous birthdays
Dean Dobbs, 1992, YouTube Star
Denis Suarez, 1994, Soccer Player
Derek Saunders, 1928, Soccer Player
Derrick Morgan, 1989, Football Player
Diljit Dosanjh, 1984, Movie Actor
Dondria Fields, 1978, R&B Singer
Drew Drechsel, 1989, Reality Star
Dwayne Washington, 1964, Basketball Player
Earl Scruggs, 1924, Guitarist
Early Wynn, 1920, Baseball Player
Eddie Redmayne, 1982, Movie Actor
Edoardo Ponti, 1973, Film Producer
Edson Stroll, 1929, TV Actor
EL Doctorow, 1931, Novelist
Elena Radionova, 1999, Figure Skater
Elizabeth Blackmore, 1987, TV Actress
Elizabeth Strout, 1956, Novelist
Elizabeth Tan, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Eric Trump, 1984, Entrepreneur
Eunice Castro, 1976, Model
Fan S. Noli, 1882, Poet
Fergal Keane, 1961, Journalist
Fernando Carrillo, 1970, TV Actor
Finn Mortensen, 1922, Composer
Flynn Bloom, 2011, Family Member
Fraag Malas, 1994, YouTube Star
Francesco Schiavone, 1953, Criminal
Francis L. Sullivan, 1903, Movie Actor
Frederick Manfred, 1912, Novelist
Gabrielle Reece, 1970, Volleyball Player
Gaspar Henaine, 1926, Comedian
George H. Ross, 1928, Entrepreneur
George Lyttelton, 1883, Teacher
George Thorne, 1856, Movie Actor
Gilbert Arenas, 1982, Basketball Player
Giuseppe Martucci, 1856, Composer
Greg Lauren, 1970, Movie Actor
Gustave Dore, 1832, Illustrator
Guy Gardner, 1948, Astronaut
Hannah Kerr, 1997, Gospel Singer
Hans Canosa, 1970, Director
Hans Richter-Haaser, 1912, Pianist

Harold Jackson, 1946, Football Player
Harry M. Miller, 1934, Entrepreneur
Heinrich Schliemann, 1822,
Helen Kleeb, 1907, TV Actress
Henri Herz, 1803, Pianist
Henry Maske, 1964, Boxer
Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, 1984, Family Member
Holly Fulger, 1956, Model
Howie Long, 1960, Football Player
Hristo Botev, 1848, Poet
Iain Murray Rose, 1939, Swimmer
Ian Millar, 1947, Horse Jockey
Irina Shayk, 1986, Model
Isha Sesay, 1976, News Anchor
J P Machado, 1976, Football Player
Jacqueline Moore, 1964, Wrestler
Jacques Ellul, 1912, Philosopher
Jacques-etienne Montgolfier, 1745, Inventor
Jakob Owens, 1990, YouTube Star
Jameis Winston, 1994, Football Player
James Durbin, 1989, Pop Singer
James Farrior, 1975, Football Player
Jasmine Lee, 1977, Politician
Jay Zim, 2000, Vine Star
JB, 1994, Rapper
Jedediah Smith, 1799, Explorer
Jenna Larson, 1997, YouTube Star
Jeremy Calvert, 1989, Reality Star
Jesse Dylan, 1966, Director
Joan Dowling, 1928, Movie Actress
Joan of Arc, 1412, War Hero
Joe Ball, 1892, Criminal
Joe Hamilton, 1929, TV Producer
John Byrne, 1940, Playwright

John DeLorean, 1925, Entrepreneur
John Singleton, 1968, Director
John Wieners, 1934, Poet
John-Alan Slachta, 1997, TV Actor
Johnny Bedford, 1983, MMA Fighter
Johnny Yong Bosch, 1976, TV Actor
Jonathan Cook, 1984, Pop Singer
Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, 1766, World Leader
Joseph A Hardy Iii, 1923, Entrepreneur
Juan Cuestas, 1837, Politician
Julie Chen, 1970, TV Show Host
Julio Maria Sanguinetti, 1936, Politician
Jurij Moskvitin, 1938, Pianist
Justin Kripps, 1987, Bobsledder
Justin Welby, 1956, Religious Leader
Kailey Swanson, 1998, Country Singer
Kalib Starnes, 1975, MMA Fighter
Kamal Raja, 1987, Rapper
Kapil Dev, 1959, Cricket Player
Karin Slaughter, 1971, Novelist
Kate McKinnon, 1984, Comedian
Kathy Sledge, 1959, R&B Singer
Kemar Roofe, 1993, Soccer Player
Kenneth Nixon, 1951, Blues Singer
Kevin Cosgrove, 1955, Business Executive
Kevin Gausman, 1991, Baseball Player
Kevin Jamal Woods, 1987, Movie Actor
Kevin Strahle, 1984, YouTube Star
Khalil Gibran, 1883, Poet
Khalil Gibran, 1883, Poet
Kim Atienza, 1967, TV Show Host
Konnan, 1964, Wrestler
Kristen Ruby, 1987, Reality Star
Kurtley Beale, 1989, Rugby Player
Kylie Griffiths, 1987, DJ
Laura Berg, 1975, Softball Player
Lauren Chavez, 1992, TV Show Host
Leigh Lahav, 1987, YouTube Star
Lil Reese, 1993, Rapper
Loretta Young, 1913, Movie Actress
Lorne Cardinal, 1964, TV Actor
Lou Holtz, 1937, Football Coach
Lyudmila Putina, 1958, Political Wife
Maeve Brennan, 1917, Journalist
Malcolm Young, 1953, Guitarist
Manuel Gonzalez, 1844, Politician
Marc Johnson, 1977, Skateboarder
MattyB, 2003, Rapper
Maverick Legaspi, 2001, Family Member
Max Pirkis, 1989, TV Actor
Max Streibl, 1932, Politician
Meghan Sanett, 1990, Vine Star
Mehwish Hayat, 1983, Pop Singer
Michael Houser, 1962, Guitarist
Michael Videira, 1986, Soccer Player
Michaela Deprince, 1995, Dancer
Michelle Waterson, 1986, MMA Fighter
Mickey Hargitay, 1926, Movie Actor
Mike Jones, 1981, Rapper
Mike Lane, 1933, Wrestler
Misa Hylton, 1974, Fashion Designer
Mithra Jin, 1983, Rapper
Mitja Toivonen, 1992, Bassist
Murray McLachlan, 1965, Pianist
Nancy Lopez, 1957, Golfer
Natali Thanou, 1983, Model
Nathalie Volk, 1997, Model
Ndamukong Suh, 1987, Football Player
Nicky Romero, 1989, Music Producer
Nigella Lawson, 1960, Journalist
Nora Tehaili, 1992, YouTube Star
Norm Charlton, 1963, Baseball Player
Norman Reedus, 1969, Movie Actor
Oskars Kalpaks, 1882, War Hero
Patricia Zavala, 1987, TV Show Host
Paul Azinger, 1960, Golfer
Paul McShane, 1986, Soccer Player
Peter Betham, 1989, Rugby Player
Peter Gunz, 1967, Rapper
Petter Northug, 1986, Skier
Philippe Perrin, 1963, Astronaut
Ralph Branca, 1926, Baseball Player
Rayan Lopez, 1996, Rapper
Ree Drummond, 1969, Chef
Richard Norton, 1950, Movie Actor
Richard Zednik, 1976, Hockey Player
Rinko Kikuchi, 1981, Movie Actress
Rowan Atkinson, 1955, Movie Actor
Roy Asotasi, 1982, Rugby Player
Safet Isovic, 1936, World Music Singer
Sam Rayburn, 1882, Politician
Samuel Alexander, 1859, Philosopher
Samuel Woodfill, 1883, War Hero
Sandy Denny, 1947, Folk Singer
Satya Nadella, 1967, Entrepreneur
Sean Kilpatrick, 1990, Basketball Player
Seraphina Affleck, 2009, Family Member
Sergiy Stakhovsky, 1986, Tennis Player
Shane Sweet, 1986, TV Actor
Shannon De Lima, 1987, Model
Sharni Layton, 1988, Netball Player
Sharon Cuneta, 1966, Rock Singer
Shirley Brown, 1947, R&B Singer
Short Dawg, 1986, Rapper
Stephen Beard, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Susan Perabo, 1969, Teacher
Syd Barrett, 1946, Rock Singer
Sylvia Syms, 1934, Movie Actress
Tad Boyle, 1963, Basketball Coach
Tara Spencer-Nairn, 1978, TV Actress
Ted Cohen, 1949, Music Producer
TeeJay, 1994, R&B Singer
Terry Venables, 1943, Soccer Player
Thomas Chittenden, 1730, Politician
Tiffany Pollard, 1982, Reality Star
Tina Landon, 1963, Dancer
Tom Burns, 1991, YouTube Star
Tom Gilson, 1934, TV Actor
Tom Mix, 1880, Movie Actor
Travis Dodd, 1980, Soccer Player
Trudie Styler, 1954, TV Actress
Tshawe Baqwa, 1980, Rapper
Vic Tayback, 1930, TV Actor
Victor Horta, 1861, Architect
Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas, 1893, Poet
Vincenzo Natali, 1969, Director
Walter Battiss, 1906, Teacher
Walton Eller, 1982, Sports Shooter
Wayne Barlowe, 1958, Novelist
Wendelin Van Draanen, 1965, Children’s Author
Whynot_Joey, 2000, Star
Wilbert Harrison, 1929, Soul Singer
Will Barton, 1991, Basketball Player
Will Shepherd, 1988, YouTube Star
Wright Morris, 1910, Novelist
Yuji Horii, 1954, Entrepreneur
Yuri Canseco, 1964, Pop Singer

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