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Famous Events For January 4

Famous Events For January 4 – Today In History

January 4: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 4  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. In 1642, the English Parliament was attacked by King Charles I with 400 soldiers.
2. In 1698, a fire destroyed most of the Palace of Whitehall in London. This palace is the main residence of the English monarchs.


18th Century – What Happened on January 4 – The 1700s

3. In 1717 a triple alliance was signed by Great Britain, Netherlands, and France.
4. This day in 1725 marks the arrival of Benjamin Franklin in London.
5. Columbus University was founded as Kings College in 1754.
6. It was on this day in 1762 that a war was declared by Great Britain on Spain and Naples. The war lasted seven years.
7. In 1780, Washington’s Army was hit by a snowstorm at Morristown New Jersey.


19th Century – January 4 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. This day in 1843 marks the opening of the Royal Academy (Technical Hague Court ) Delft.
9. In 1847 the government of the United States of America bought the first revolver pistol of Samuel Colt.
10. In 1850 the first American Skating Club came into being in Philadelphia.
11. In 1854 Captain William McDonald discovered McDonald Island aboard the Samarang.
12. In 1863 Plimpton of New York got a patent for 4-wheeled Roller Skates.
13. In 1863, Germany established the Apostolic Church.
14. In 1865, the permanent headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange was opened at 10-12, Broad near Wall Street in New York City.
15. In 1883, Benjamin Butler started serving as the 33rd governor of Massachusetts.
16. This day in 1883 marked the formation of the Ontario Rugby Foot Ball Union.


17. In London the socialist Fabian Society was founded on this day in 1884.
18. In 1885, the first appendectomy was successfully performed on Mary Gartside by Dr William Grant.
19. In 1887, Thomas Stevens bicycles around the world and became the first man to do so.
20. In 1894, Duple’s alliance with Russia was ratified by France.
21. In 1896 Utah became the 45th state of the United States of America.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 4th – The 1900s

22. In 1902 the French Panama Canal Company offered to sell its rights to build a canal to the US for $40 million.
23. In 1903 on this day an elephant was electrocuted by inventor Thomas Edison.
24. In 1904 the US Supreme Court ruled that Puerto Ricans are not aliens and can enter the country freely. The court however stopped short of granting them citizenship.


25. In 1906 South Africa recorded their first test win by beating England by one wicket.
26. This day in 1907 marks the Premier of “Don Juan in Hell” by George Bernard Shaw.
27. In 1912 Ecuador’s former President returned to Ecuador and attempted another coup but was defeated. He was arrested and jailed by former president Leonidas Plaza.
28. In 1912, the British Commonwealth incorporated the Scout Association by Royal Charter.
29. In 1914 Pilot Lincoln Beachey created a record by doing seven loops in his biplane in an air show in San Francisco.
30. In 1915, Moses Alexander took office in Idaho as governor, to become the first elected Jewish governor.
31. In 1920 the Negro Base Ball League, the first black baseball league was organized.
32. In 1920, Amsterdam actors demanded retirement benefits and decided to go on strike.

33. In 1923 Marxist Revolutionary and Russian leader Vladimir Lenin called for the removal of the Russian Prime Minister Joseph Stalin.
34. In 1923 Paris Conference on War Repatriation hit a deadlock as the French stuck to the hard line and the British insisted on Reconstruction.
35. In 1923 marks the first broadcast of the “Barn Dance Show”.
36. This day in 1926 marked the resignation of Greek Dictator Theodorus Pangalos.
37. On this day in 1932, Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi were arrested by the viceroy of India Lord Willingdon.
38. In 1934, “Willem of Orange”, the first Dutch talkie movie was screened.
39. In 1935 President F. D. Roosevelt asked Congress for $10.5 billion to fund the recovery programs over the next 18 months.
40. This day in 1935 marked the establishment of the Ft. Jefferson National Monument in Florida.

41. In 1936 in his state union address President Roosevelt claimed that the federal government would provide jobs for 3.5 million Americans on welfare.
42. The first music hit parade of Billboard magazine was published in 1936.
43. Reinhard Heydrich was appointed as head of Jewish Emigration by Herman Goering in 1939.
44. In 1939, Frieda Wunderlich became the first woman to be elected as dean of the US graduate school.
45. In 1942 Rogers Hornsby was selected for the Hall of Fame. He became the 14 player to be selected.
46. In 1942 evacuation of Guadalcanal by the Japanese forces began.
47. In 1942 Prime Minister Churchill flies to Florida with General Marshal.
48. In 1944 US State Department appointed Ralph Bunche. He becomes the first Negro to be appointed by the US state department.
49. In 1944 the British Fifth Army in Italy launched an attack on Monte Cassino.

50. On this day in 1944 the arial dropping of supplies to resistance fighters in Europe. The operation was named operation carpetbaggers.
51. In 1945 the Japanese kamikaze attack sank US jeep-aircraft carrier Ommaney Bay.
52. In 1945 the resistance fighters in Amsterdam were executed by the Germans.
53. In 1948 Burma gained its independence from the UK.
54. In 1951 the North Korean communist forces and the Chinese forces captured Seoul.
55. In 1953 Barwick Mills introduced tufted plastic carpeting.
56. This day in 1954 marks the recording of a 10-minute demo by singer and actor Elvis Presley in Nashville.
57. In 1957 NBC TV premiers “Blondie” a situation comedy.
58. In 1958 the Russian satellite Sputnik re-enters the atmosphere and burns up.
59. In 1959 Luna 1 left Earth’s gravity, becoming the first craft to do so.
60. This day in 1960 marks the formation of the European Free Trade Association in Stockholm.

61. In 1951 the Danish barber’s assistants ended their 33 strike, which is the longest recorded strike.
62. In 1962 New York introduced the first automatic subway train which runs without a conductor and a motorman.
63. In 1963 Luna 4 reached the Earth’s orbit. It however fails to reach the moon.
64. In 1965 Lyndon B Johnson proclaimed the building of the “Great Society” in his State of the Union address.
65. In 1969 France imposed an arms embargo against Israel.
66. In 1970 an earthquake of magnitude of 7.7 hit China, Killing 15000 people.
67. In 1970 the last recording session of the Beatles was held in EMI studios.
68. In 1972 Old Bailey in London gets a woman Judge, the first in Britain with the appointment of Rose Heilbron.
69. In 1974, US President Nixon refused to hand over tapes and documents to the Senate Watergate Committee.
70. In 1979 an out-of-court settlement was approved by Ohio officials for awarding $6,75,000 to the victims and families of the 1970 shootout at Kent State University, in which 4 students were killed and 9 injured by the National Guard Troops.
71. In 1980 the “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliff was arrested by the British Police.

72. In 1981 The Broadway show “Frankenstein” opened and closed on the same night losing an estimated $ 2 million.
73. In 1981 in the 69th Australian men’s singles Brian Teachers beat Kim Warwick in straight sets.
74. In 1981 in the 69th women’s Australian Open Hana Mandlikova beats Wendy Turnbull in straight sets.
75. In 1983, the first player draft was held by the US Football League.
76. In 1989, after VP Van Buren, VP Bush was the first to declare himself President.
77. In 1990 an overloaded train collided with an empty freighter train in Pakistan leaving 307 dead and 700 injured.
78. In 1991 John Krzystof Bielecki became the Prime Minister of Poland.
79. In 1991 a cable was accidentally snapped in Newark by AT&T workers.
80. On this day in 1991Iraq agrees to send Aziz to Geneva to meet Baker.
81. In 1991 the Security Council unanimously voted to condemn Israel for its treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territory.
82. In 1993 President-elect Clinton spoke to Russian President Boris Yeltsin and pledged for early ratification of the START II treaty.
83. In 1994, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen announced plans to drive arms dealers out of business by increasing the licensing fees and stricter control over people who buy and sell weapons.
84. In 1995 Newt Gingrich (R) became speaker of the US House of Representatives.
85. In 1997 President Clinton, claimed credit for the reduction of teenage pregnancy, during his weekly radio broadcast. He said he work towards greater reduction in the next four years.
86. In 1997 Greek government signed an agreement for buying S-300 surface-to-air missiles from Russia.
87. In 1997 a bank in Buenos Aires was robbed of $25 million by thieves who tunneled into the bank.
88. In 1998 widespread destruction was caused by a massive ice storm that struck eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.
89. In 1998 the Israeli foreign minister resigned from the Netanyahu government on grounds that the government was abandoning the peace process and not addressing the problems of the poor and the unemployed.
90. In 1998 massacres by Wilaya of Relizane left 170 dead in three remote Algerian villages.
91. In 1999 16 people were killed and 25 injured when gunmen opened fire in a Mosque where Shiite Muslims were offering prayer.
92. In 1999 a former professional wrestler Jesse Venture was sworn in as governor of Minnesota.
93. In 1999 a Norwegian oil tanker locates a drifting fishing boat. The fishermen, who were from Nicaragua, were lost at sea for 35 days because of engine failure of their boat.

21st Century – January 4 This Day In History – The 2000s

94. In 2000 George Bush was endorsed by his former presidential rival Elizabeth Dole.
95. In 2000, two trains collided in Norway killing 19 people.
96. On this day in 2001 rapper Vanilla Ice spent a night in jail for allergy ripping a part of his wife’s hair during a tiff.
97. In 2004 a NASA Mars Rover “Spirit”, successfully landed on Mars.
98. 2004 also marks the election of Mikheil Saakashvili as president of Georgia.
99. In 2007 Nancy Pelosi became the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.
100. In 2010, the world’s tallest tower (2,625 feet), the Burj Dubai opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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