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January 4 Famous Birthdays

January 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on January 4th are up-front and meticulous. But at the same time, they can be a deceitful goat.

Being the impatient Capricorn can lead the famous people born on 4 January astray and down the wrong path. It may be better to walk away sometimes than it is to stand their ground. They love a challenge and generally, it shows in the people who are attracted to them. They are not your ordinary folks.

Luckily for famous January 4 birthdays, the strong points outweigh the bad. They have the ability to make money hand over foot. Their originality usually provides them with a progressive ending to business dealings and to relationship status.


If you are a famous January 4 birthday personality, in spite of yourself, people tend to attach themselves to you and want to be a part of your life. When it comes to your possessions, they are not stuck on brand names or material things but it may be wise to save some money. If they blow their money as fast as they make it, it may not be any available for hard times.


Famous people with a birthday on the January 4th are Capricorns who are straightforward and rebellious. The restless individual born on this day can be reckless. Be careful… the consequences could change your life.


January 4th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4th January Good Traits:

  • Straightforward
  • Diligent
  • Creative
  • Energetic

4 January Bad Traits:

  • Ruthless
  • Brash
  • Destructive
  • Tactless

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January 4th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Schwartz, 1981, Movie Actor
Aaryn Doyle, 1993, Voice Actor
Abraham Garcia, 1991, Reality Star
Addy Miller, 2000, Movie Actress
Aditya Pancholi, 1965, Movie Actor
AJ Brown, 1990, Jazz Singer
Al Jefferson, 1985, Basketball Player
Alberto Paloschi, 1990, Soccer Player
Alex Charak, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Alexa Curtis, 2004, Pop Singer
Alexandra Jimenez, 1980, TV Actress
Alyssa Barlow, 1982, Rock Singer
Amar Choudhary, 1984, Movie Actor
Andre Neles, 1978, Soccer Player
Andrew Lowery, 1970, TV Actor
Andy Borowitz, 1958, Comedian
Ann Magnuson, 1956, TV Actress
Anna Safroncik, 1981, TV Actress
Anu Solomon, 1996, Football Player
April Winchell, 1960, Voice Actor
Armin Zoggeler, 1974, Luger
Ashley Horne, 1989, Comedian
Astrid Munoz, 1974, Model
Aubree Storm, 1986, Dancer
Augustus John, 1878, Painter
Barbara Cochran, 1951, Skier
Barbara Rush, 1927, Movie Actress
Ben Spivak, 1983, Bassist

Benjamin F. Harding, 1823, Politician
Benjamin Rush, 1746, Politician
Bernard Sumner, 1956, Guitarist
Beth Gibbons, 1965, Rock Singer
Binayak Sen, 1950, Civil Rights Leader
Blackpanthaa, 1995, YouTube Star
Bobby Grant, 1996, R&B Singer
Brady Barr, 1963, TV Show Host
Brittany Shane, 1977, Rock Singer
Bwanga Tshimen, 1949, Soccer Player
Carmen Loporto, 1997, Movie Actor
Caroline Mutoko, 1973, Radio Host
Chantelle Connelly, 1990, Reality Star
Charles Melton, 1991, Model
Charles Rosin, 1952, Screenwriter
Charlie Manuel, 1944, Baseball Manager
Charlyne Yi, 1986, Movie Actress
Chase Constantino, 1988, Dancer
Chris Kanyon, 1970, Wrestler
Christina Amato, 1993, Pop Singer
Christopher Cassidy, 1970, Astronaut
Christopher Felgate, 1982, Triathlete
Christopher O’Flyng, 1997, YouTube Star
Chuck Hossfeld, 1977, Race Car Driver
Coco Jones, 1998, Movie Actress
Coco Lili, 1990, YouTube Star
Constanza Baez, 1991, Model

january 4 famous birthdays
Cory Everson, 1958, Bodybuilder
Craig Revel Horwood, 1965, Dancer
Dan Murrell, 1983, YouTube Star
Danny Simpson, 1987, Soccer Player
Darlie Routier, 1970, Criminal
Dave Foley, 1963, Comedian
Dave Scott, 1954, Triathlete
David Berman, 1967, Rock Singer
David Millar, 1977, Cyclist
David Shoenberg, 1911, Scientist
David Toms, 1967, Golfer
Deana Carter, 1966, Country Singer
Deepender Singh Hooda, 1978, Politician
Denise Mathews, 1959, Soul Singer
Dezman Moses, 1989, Football Player
Dillon Price, 1997, YouTube Star
DJ Clay, 1984, DJ
Doc Neeson, 1947, Rock Singer
Don McMahon, 1930, Baseball Player
Don Shula, 1930, Football Coach
Dorcas Shola Fapson, 1991, TV Actress
Doris Burke, 1965, Sportscaster
Doris Kearns Goodwin, 1943, Historian
Dot Jones, 1964, TV Actress
Duke Special, 1971, Rock Singer
Dyan Cannon, 1937, Movie Actress
Emmalee Garrido, 1991, eSports Player
Eric Weddle, 1985, Football Player
Erick Skyes, 1998, YouTube Star
Erika Olivera, 1976, Runner
Erin Cahill, 1980, TV Actress
Esther Marcos, 2002, YouTube Star
Eugene Chadbourne, 1954, Guitarist
Everett Dirksen, 1896, Politician
Floyd Patterson, 1935, Boxer
Francois Rude, 1784, Sculptor
Frank Alesia, 1944, Director

Frank Wess, 1922, Saxophonist
Frans De Potter, 1834, Non-Fiction Author
Freddy Matungulu, 1955, Economist
Gabe Miller, 1971, Football Player
Gao Xingjian, 1940, Novelist
Gary Jones, 1958, TV Actor
Gary Wales, 1979, Soccer Player
General Tom Thumb, 1838
Gianni Vattimo, 1936, Philosopher
Giovani Casillas, 1994, Soccer Player
Grace Bumbry, 1937, Opera Singer
Graham Elliot, 1977, Chef
Graham McTavish, 1961, Movie Actor
Graham Rahal, 1989, Race Car Driver
Grayson Michalak, 2014, YouTube Star
Greg Cipes, 1980, Voice Actor
Greg Pursley, 1968, Race Car Driver
Gurdas Maan, 1957, World Music Singer
Gustav Klutsis, 1895, Photographer
Harlan Coben, 1962, Novelist
Harmony Korine, 1973, Director
HBomb94, 1994, YouTube Star
Helmut Jahn, 1940, Architect
Hermann Nicoli, 1986, Model
Hooman Nouri, 1993, YouTube Star
Hristo Shopov, 1964, Movie Actor
Iran Castillo, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Jackie Harris, 1968, Football Player
Jacob Grimm, 1785, Novelist
James A. Haley, 1899, Politician
James Michael McAdoo, 1993, Basketball Player
James Milner, 1986, Soccer Player
James Moran, 2000, YouTube Star
Jason Bourgeois, 1982, Baseball Player
Jason Mayele, 1976, Soccer Player
Jay Sankey, 1963, Magician
Jeannie Mai, 1980, Reality Star
Jeph Howard, 1979, Bassist
Jeremstar, 1990, YouTube Star
Jesse White, 1917, TV Actor
Jill Marie Jones, 1975, TV Actress
Jim Powers, 1958, Wrestler

Jiri Hudler, 1984, Hockey Player
Joanna Marie, 1997, YouTube Star
Joe Kleine, 1962, Basketball Player
John A. McCone, 1902, Entrepreneur
John Bennett Perry, 1941, TV Actor
John Clay, 1988, Football Player
John McLaughlin, 1942, Guitarist
John Pescoran, 1980, Painter
John Ruiz, 1972, Boxer
Johnny Nelson, 1967, Boxer
Jon Tsouras, 1982, Stage Actor
Joseph Petrick, 1982, Screenwriter
Josh Stamberg, 1970, Movie Actor
JR Simplot, 1909, Entrepreneur
JT Neal, 1994, TV Actor
Julia Ormond, 1965, TV Actress
Julia St. John, 1960, TV Actress
Julian Sands, 1958, Movie Actor
Julie Estelle, 1989, Movie Actress
Julius Yego, 1989, Javelin Thrower
June Diane Raphael, 1980, Movie Actress
Jung Sung-ryong, 1985, Soccer Player
Junichi Kakizaki, 1971,
Jurgen Vysch, 1968, Screenwriter
Kacey Fifield, 2005, TV Actress
Kalin White, 1995, R&B Singer
Kang Hye-jung, 1982, Movie Actress
Karine Ruby, 1978, Snowboarder
Katrina Halili, 1986, TV Actress
Keeley Davis, 1976, Guitarist
Kenny Lovato, 1989, Instagram Star
Kevin Kuske, 1979, Bobsledder
Kevin Pillar, 1989, Baseball Player
Koyal Rana, 1993, Model
Kris Bryant, 1992, Baseball Player
Labrinth, 1989, Music Producer
Laila Elwi, 1962, Movie Actress
Lauren Loretta, 1992, Instagram Star
Lauren Perez, 1992, Instagram Star
Laurie Butler, 1957, Family Member
Lee Curreri, 1961, Movie Actor
Lee Otway, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Lenora Crichlow, 1985, TV Actress
Leroy Grumman, 1895, Engineer
Lesley Converse, 1994, YouTube Star
Like Totally Eden, 2000, YouTube Star
Lionel Newman, 1916, Composer
Liza Soberano, 1998, TV Actress
Lois Utz, 1932, Children’s Author
Louis Braille, 1809, Inventor
Maddie Hasson, 1995, TV Actress
Manpreet Gony, 1984, Cricket Player
Manu Gavassi, 1993, World Music Singer
Maria Isabel, 1995, Pop Singer
Mark Hollis, 1955, Rock Singer
Mark Reed, 1955, Scientist
Marlo Mortel, 1993, TV Actor
Marsden Hartley, 1877, Painter
Martin Vidnovic, 1948, Stage Actor
Mary Macleod, 1969, Politician
Matija Jama, 1872, Painter
Matt Frewer, 1958, TV Actor
Maureen Reagan, 1941, Politician
May-Britt Moser, 1963, Scientist
Mettin Copier, 1989, Model
Michael Nielsen, 1974, Scientist
Michael Stipe, 1960, Rock Singer
Michele Wallace, 1952, Novelist
Mike Williams, 1984, Football Player
Mikey Bromley, 1995, Pop Singer
Morgan Santurri, 1995, YouTube Star
Ms. Juicy Baby, 1972, Radio Host
Nels Cline, 1956, Guitarist
Niels Hansen, 1866, Scientist
Nigel Hitchcock, 1971, Saxophonist
Nirupa Roy, 1931, Movie Actress
Nur Masalha, 1957, Non-Fiction Author
Nyah Jewel, 1995, Dancer
Oh Se-hoon, 1961, Politician
Olga Scheps, 1986, Pianist
Oliver Clark, 1939, TV Actor
Olivia Tennet, 1991, TV Actress
Olivier Theyskens, 1977, Fashion Designer
Patrice Lovely, 1968, TV Actress
Patrick Cassidy, 1962, Movie Actor
Patty Loveless, 1957, Country Singer
Paul Desmarais, 1927, Entrepreneur
Paul Varghese, 1977, Comedian
Peter Saili, 1988, Rugby Player
Peter Steele, 1962, Metal Singer
Peyton Kennedy, 2004, TV Actress
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 1933, Young Adult Author
Piyah Martell, 1992, YouTube Star
Pradeep Kumar, 1925, Movie Actor
Priit Vesilind, 1943, Non-Fiction Author
Reinhard Skricek, 1948, Boxer
Richard Rankin, 1983, TV Actor
Richard Schrock, 1945, Scientist
Richard Winsor, 1982, TV Actor
Rick Hearst, 1965, TV Actor
Rick Stein, 1947, Chef
RJ King, 1992, Model
Rob DenBleyker, 1986, Illustrator
Robin Guthrie, 1962, Music Producer
Rommel Padilla, 1965, Movie Actor
Rosemary Prinz, 1930, Soap Opera Actress
Ross Turnbull, 1985, Soccer Player
Rudan Custodio, 1994, YouTube Star
Rudolf Schuster, 1934, World Leader
Russell Martin, 1986, Soccer Player
Sarah Mlynowski, 1977, Young Adult Author
Scott Redding, 1993, Race Car Driver
Sessilee Lopez, 1989, Model
Seth Sentry, 1984, Rapper
Shane Carwin, 1975, MMA Fighter
Shravya Varma, 1993, Fashion Designer
Silvy De Bie, 1981, Pop Singer
Sindi Dlathu, 1974, TV Actress
Sir Isaac Newton, 1643, Scientist
Skip Engblom, 1948, Entrepreneur
Sorrell Booke, 1930, TV Actor
Spencer Chamberlain, 1983, Metal Singer
Stepan Belyaev, 2000, Pop Singer
Sterling Holloway, 1905, Voice Actor
Steve Slaton, 1986, Football Player
Suleman Malik, 1991, Dancer
Talia Fidra, 2001, Dancer
Ted Lilly, 1976, Baseball Player
Till Lindemann, 1963, Metal Singer
Timothy Wheeler, 1977, Rock Singer
Tina Knowles, 1954, Fashion Designer
Tommy Corcoran, 1869, Baseball Player
Toni Kroos, 1990, Soccer Player
Tricky Stewart, 1974, Music Producer
Vanity, 1959, Pop Singer
Vhong Navarro, 1977, Dancer
Victor Lustig, 1890, Criminal
Vladimir Matyushenko, 1971, MMA Fighter
Wilhelm Lehmbruck, 1881, Sculptor
Will Bynum, 1983, Basketball Player
William Colby, 1920, Politician
Yoo Hae-jin, 1970, Movie Actor
Younes Kaboul, 1986, Soccer Player
Yvan Attal, 1965, Movie Actor
Zurab Tsereteli, 1934, Sculptor

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