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What Is Soul Alchemy?

What Is Soul Alchemy?

Many people believe in existence of a soul, since  a doctor tried to prove that soul has a weight: twenty one grams. The soul has a few definitions, it is a principle of intelligent life separate from the body,  and it is the part that holds spiritual, emotional and moral aspect of a person. A soul exists in all living beings. Most cultures believe that humans, animals and plants have souls.


Many people believe that there are existence of soul mates, having strong spiritual links with animals and other human beings. Some even use the soul to explain the existence of transgender people, saying that the soul is trapped in the wrong body. It is something unseen and unexplained, but widely believed that we all have this entity in our body that is separate from self.


What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy has its roots traced back to ancient Egypt, the word is from Arabic ‘al kimiya’, meaning “the magical craft of the black country.” Egyptians believed that there is magic contained in all matters. It is the basis of modern chemistry, where the elemental symbols originate.

Those who practice alchemy are known as alchemist. They seek to transform from one matter into another form, the main goal is Immortality. Alchemy symbols have double meanings: it symbolizes the matter, and its secret meanings behind it. From Egypt, the study spread to Spain after Arabian occupation, becoming a popular branch of Science back then.


Alchemist believed that they could perform chrysopoeia, or making base metals like lead into noble ones like gold. That is one of the studies of alchemy, the others are Elixir of Immortality and Panaceas to cure everything. Many texts focus on the process of creating gold, platinum or silver. Egyptians value some metals over others, and often find a way to obtain more from easier to obtain metals through experimentation. As ancient times saw short life spans and frequent diseases, the idea of immortality and a panacea to cure all diseases are also aims in ancient alchemy. The three are the main goals an alchemist strive for, at least that is what is said in the text.


Introduction To Soul Alchemy

The more philosophical tradition is perfection of the human body and soul through magnum opus or gnosis. In some occult society like Hermetic, alchemy is a spiritual process. In Soul Alchemy, you transmute spiritually, purifying yourself to reach a level of perfection. Hermes Trismegistus created the Hermetic Opus, a text with alchemical theory and magic spells. Since early times, soul alchemy is symbol of religious regeneration of a human soul, where alchemist to transmute a soul into perfection. Even though physical process like transmutation of base metals into noble metals are still widely attempted, many thought that it is a hint of something more spiritual.


The philosopher’s stone, an item that is frequently mentioned in text, can be a representation of a key to unlock the secret to creating an everlasting and perfect state of being. Many ancient texts are cryptic, but many modern people agree that physical aspects of alchemy are hints towards the spiritual side of a soul. This stone is considered to be a representation of a secret that may help people unlock secrets to their soul. Many believe that the stone is an item that helps people achieve spiritual perfection quicker.

Carl Jung & Alchemy

Carl Jung revived alchemical symbolism after being at odds with the ancient study. He found a correlation between alchemy symbols and the internal or psychic processes of transformation his patients were going through. He labelled transmutation as individuation, and soon convinced Marie-Louise von Franz to help him understand more alchemical texts.  Both Franz and Jung popularized soul alchemy through their research. Jung wrote volumes on this subject and his magnum opus is Volume 14 of his Collected Works, Mysterium Conuinctionis.

In Jung’s work, he links alchemy with psychology, where alchemists are projecting their inner states towards external objects that are familiar to them. He notes the particular process in alchemy that correlates to the spiritual or psychological ones he used on his patients:

#1. Nigredo – the Blackening

The blackening is a stage of decomposition or breaking down of a matter into its prima materia. Spiritually it means to strip yourself until you are left with divine essence that is not linked to your physical self, much like baring your soul.

#2. Albedo – the Whitening

The purification process, albedo is to unite the irreconcilable opposites, like understanding your internal Yin and Yang. This step is to create a balance within your soul that was broken down during the blackening.

#3. Rubedo – the Reddening

The final step where you make the change permanent, once you are happy with things, it is time to make it real and final. Spiritually, it means to project your new soul outwards to the body. The outcome is a new person who is purified from the inside out.

Soul Alchemy – Conclusion

In short, Soul Alchemy is a process of aligning the personality with the energy of the soul, and through the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. This miracle development takes places within us, changing our mind and soul into something better. Soul Alchemy is proven by quantum physics that we create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs. Hence the process starts with breaking down of our mind.

Our inbound thoughts and emotions affect our outward reality, as our perceptions and ideas shape things differently. We try to make ourselves better physically, but tend to forget about our soul or spiritual side. Currently, many try to make themselves feel powerful by making people around them less powerful, which is not healthy for the soul. If you feel empty of weak inside, it maybe your soul that is crying out for help.

There are many pathways into our inner world, Soul Alchemy is a well worn pathway that exists since Ancient Egypt. It is a journey to become more aware of how you experience your live. To be in touch to your subconscious, to find out if you are at the mercy of your unconscious beliefs. The first step in Soul Alchemy is the awareness about the existence of our souls. If you believe that you are unworthy and powerless, then the projected reality will be so. Once you are aware of the negative projection, you can start to initiate change.

Changing our belief pattern is the hardest part, but it is a necessary step to change our habitual thinking pattern and perception. Consciously changing our thoughts from negative to positive ones can be tricky, but it will get easier with constant practice. Our soul benefits greatly from this authentic empowerment. With a positive conscious thoughts, we can influence our unconscious thoughts deep within our souls.

Hence, Soul Alchemy is a way for you to heal your soul via exercises and constant practice, to purify your soul and take a journey towards perfection. Soul Alchemy is a helpful tool for those who are feeling tired spiritually, or feeling that the Universe is letting them down. Soul alchemy is a product of research and experience in human souls. Like the practitioners before us, it is not an easy process to undergo. The instructions might seem simple to perform, but it takes practice and perseverance to achieve a level of spiritual purification. It is a rewarding experience if you are successful.

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