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Fairy Grimoire – Finding A Faery Fetch

Fairies As Guides

In many magical traditions, guides are often spoken of in their various forms. Some speak of ‘spirit guides’ that provide them with guidance, while others speak of ‘Animal Totems’ that have chosen them to lead them on their spiritual journey. When finding a Faery fetch, the relationship one develops with their guide is perhaps both more and less formalized than that with other forms of guide. The fairies are not, by their nature, largely predictable, representing some of the wilder and baser forces of the magical world.


By this, however, it is also incredibly useful to court a particular fae so that we might have one who knows the way to guide us. If properly approached, it is possible to build a working relationship with them and convince them to help prevent missteps through the convoluted world of the fae. But you must keep this in mind, it is a working relationship. You will not find yourself selected as a spirit guide, nor will they have been born with you as is the tendency with animal spirits.


The Fae are strong and free-willed, and as individual as you and me. By this, you must befriend them first, and work with them later. It’s not impossible to have more than one faery that you work with, but remember that the fae is capricious and jealous creatures, so you must be careful in courting a relationship with more than one. Should you make the mistake of spending more time or better gifts on one than the other, you will find yourself the subject of a vexed faes wrath.


How To Find A Faery Fetch?

Now, on to how to find and work with one. While you may be fortunate to find a fae to work with who lives in your home or on your property, there is no guarantee this is going to be the case. Far more often we must go into the wilds to find those that would work with us, and may have to return to this place to build our relationship with them.


So first, it is important to determine what kind of Faery you wish to work with and take yourself to a place where you may find them. If it is a water fairy you wish to court, you may wish to find your way to the sea shore, or a lake, river, or stream. You may find yourself wishing to work with fairies of the woods or a particular tree type of plant. What you must remember is that each area will host multiple forms of fae life and that each of them is an individual.

Once you have found a place that draws you or suits your needed contact, take frequent trips there. Leave gifts, and simply spend time enjoying the natural energies and surroundings. To work with the fae, we must be able to connect with them, and the fae is largely connected with their surroundings.


Faery fetch

How To Work With A Fae?

In this process, various forms of divination may work, though simple conversation, singing, and gifts of food and such are by far preferable. Eventually, you will find yourself drawn to a place, and a place in particular, though it may be long and long before you do. Remember to try going during times that are between, whether these are solar holidays, twilight or dusk, or at a crossroads.

Slowly but surely speak with them, ask them their name, ask if you may help them, and above all show respect to them and their area. Sometimes this can involve cleaning up the area if there is litter, but they will let you know what they desire.

Once you feel as if you have a warm and welcoming relationship with the fairies, let them know that you would like to know more about their world and life. Ask carefully, step back if they seem defensive or offended, and ultimately, let them tell you. The fae, as a rule, loves to talk, though there are notable exceptions.

Eventually, you will have figured out the nature of your particular face, and how to work with them. At this, you must nurture it as you would any relationship. You may always have to return to this place to speak to them, or you may find that they begin to visit you in your home or dreams.

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