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Great Feng Shui Ideas for Christmas

#The Best Feng Shui Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching! It’s one of those holidays that always comes before everyone expects it, and they feel like they don’t have enough time to get everything done that they planned! Because of the speed with which Christmas often approaches, it can be a stressful time of year. Here are some Feng Shui ideas for Christmas to make it stress-free and enjoyable.


Everyone is trying to get their Christmas gifts, put up good decorations, spend time with friends and family, go to or host Christmas parties, participate in all kinds of other Christmas events, etc. Therefore, it can cause people to get off balance and lose energy.

Things in the house can get cluttered, disorganized,d stuffed,y and sometimes full of guests! People are trying to finish up at work so that they can relax over the holiday. Many are trying to squeeze last-minute activities into their schedules and book flights to their homes or holiday destinations. There is so much going on!


Therefore, Feng Shui is the perfect antidote to a crazy, hectic Christmas. So it can help those Feng Shui lovers to prepare effectively for a holiday, get through it in a less crazed manner, and come out on the other side with a sense of balance of peace and enjoyment of the season.

That’s what Christmas should be about! Check out the following tips for some help on having the Christmas that dreams are made of.


#1. Fire element

In many parts of the Western world, Christmas comes at a colder time. Thus, negative energy has more power during this time, and it is important to reintroduce a warm, lively, and positive energy back into the house.

This can be incorporated by using the fire element in many creative ways. The great thing about Christmas is that the fire element is so easy to include! This can be used by decorating with the color red, using electric lights for the tree or around the house, and using candles as a part of the decorations. It adds warmth, energy, and a social vibe that all help add positivity and lift that Christmas spirit!


#2. Use the Bagua with the Christmas tree

A Christmas tree can be an excellent Feng Shui addition to this holiday season because it brings vibrant plant energy to the home. But, it must be cared for to get that life-giving energy. Also, it is essential to put it in the best and most auspicious place.

The Bagua map can be used to help place this object. Because it is a wood element, it should be placed in the area that uses the wood element. So, good places for a Christmas tree would be the East, South, or Southeast. Other places aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not as auspicious as the above sectors.

#3. Decorate with  plants

Plant energy is restorative and calm-inducing. And this time of year is a great excuse to add more foliage to the home. Many Christmas plants are fabulous additions to anyone’s home décor.

For example, one could add a few poinsettias, green garlands, or holly branches to their decorations for aesthetic and Feng Shui reasons. Also, green is a calming and peaceful color that balances the heavy use of red and fire elements.

#4. Use aromatherapy

People associate certain scents with important events, especially holidays. Make Christmas extra unique and relaxing by using appropriate scents that bring peace to space. Scents such as cinnamon, cloves, and orange are perfect for the holiday season, and their aroma helps people feel cozy, comfortable, and relaxed.

#5. Don’t go overboard

Feng Shui is about balance, so keep things balanced! But don’t let one element get out of control and take over the area. Don’t add too much of one decoration.

#6. Too much clutter

Don’t overfill the house with guests or buy too many unnecessary gifts. Keep things tasteful, light, and balanced while also cozy and comfortable. It can be a tricky balance to achieve! However, an overabundance of the fire element can cause too much tension and stress. Add cooler elements to balance it out, such as the color green (Christmas tree) and the colors white and light blue. But these can easily be added to the decorations beautifully and tastefully.

#7. Relax

The holiday is not only about taking time to spend with family and friends, but it’s about stepping back and giving oneself that time and space to relax, regroup, and be restored with good and positive energy. Take that time! Don’t forget amidst all the hustle and bustle to rest, go for walks, sit and drink in the warm energy of the season, take a deep breath, and let the stress of work and day-to-day grind slip away.

It’s important. The holidays are there for a reason. But it is time to get away from the normal and enjoy the peace and relaxation of a little time off! The holiday season is many people’s favorite time of year! It gets people together;  warm and cozy, gifts are given, family travels to be with one another, everyone has parties and celebrations, and people stop caring about the stresses of their day-to-day life.

But, many people leave the holidays feeling drained, lifeless, and even more stressed because of all of these energy-consuming things than before! That is not how it should be. But the entire point of holidays is to take time off from life and relax and spend time with loved ones. So It is regrouping and remembering what life is all about.

Feng Shui Ideas For Christmas: Conclusion

So including these tips, you can add many others for that extra special Christmas time. If one has guests to come and stay, make sure the house is warm, comfortable, organized, and clean! So make the guests feel comfortable and accepted in the place.

Keep the shared living spaces free of clutter so that everyone can fit comfortably to share in holiday parties, dinners, and of course, Christmas morning gift opening! Please don’t go too overboard on decorations to avoid overwhelming stress for those who come to visit.

Watch that the lighting also doesn’t get too bright. So it should be calming and peaceful, which goes with the Christmas vibe. Also, make sure to take care of the tree and the other plant life in the house! Don’t let them die or fade before the season is over.

So it will bring in stale, dead chi and negative energy. So it will pull all of the other energy down. Water the tree and make sure to be vigilant about sweeping up the fallen needles that may find themselves all over the house!

So keep these tips in mind for the upcoming Christmas, and it should be a warm, peaceful holiday for all! So follow the tips above and have a very Merry Feng Shui-style Christmas!

There is so much information on this topic because people are desperate to find a cure for that hectic Christmas season which often gets out of control.

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