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How To Make Anointing Oil?

How To Make Anointing Oil?

Many rites call for a witch to be anointed, or to consecrate an object or person with oil. Here is one method of making the oil used for anointing.

What Is Anointing Oil?

Anointing oil shows up in many traditions, but in Wicca, it is very important in all kinds of ritual or magick. Use this oil whenever it is called for, or whenever the words “blessed be” are said in a ritual.


Steps To Make Anointing Oil

1. First, gather whole, fresh leaves from mint, marjoram, thyme, and patchouli plants. That they are fresh is the most important, as it becomes very difficult to extract the essences of the leaves once these are dry.

2. Lightly bruise the mint leaves, and put a healthy quantity of them into a cup of olive oil. Do the same with the other leaves.

3. During this first extraction, at least once, light a white candle in front of each cup, and say the following invocation: “Aradia, who is the mother of Magick, let your influence extend to these oils, that they may be used in your craft.”

4. Let twelve or more hours pass. Using a scrap of cotton or cheesecloth, pour the mint oil through the cloth and strain it into another cup. Squeeze as much of the oil from the remaining leaves as you can, and then put new fresh leaves into the new cup of oil.

5. Repeat this with each of the other cups, replacing the old leaves with new ones.

6. Repeat the invocation above at least once every time you put in new leaves. Continue this pattern until each of the oils is very strongly scented with each of the leaf-essences.

anointing oil

7. The oils may take on a darker color, or they may stay the same, but you will be able to tell when they have taken on the essences of their respective leaves. Once they are all scented strongly, combine all four cups of oil in one large jar.

8. Light four white candles and place them in a circle around the jar, and say the following invocation: “Now finished, may this oil be used in working mysterious and great, as you once said long ago and say again today, Aradia, who is the mother of Magick.”

Anointing oil should be stored in a jar or bottle which can close tightly. Letting the oil sit in the open for too long will cause it to spoil and be unusable. To use it, anoint the brow, the hands, the ears, the throat, the chest, and the womb when appropriate to the ritual.

In everyday use, anointing one’s feet before traveling or one’s brow before bearing news to someone will aid in those efforts.

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