How To Make A Runic Talisman?

How To Make A Runic Talisman?

Talismans are essentially spells-in-a-jar, physical versions of magic that one can perform. Here’s how to construct, charge, and use one for yourself using the Runes.

Talismans of this sort are constructed of several pieces of magic, mostly the Norse Runes but other symbols can be used. Generally the person making the talisman will decide a purpose for the charm.

And then choose three, five, seven, or thirteen symbols that support that purpose. For instance, a charm for a successful business deal overseas might have Algiz, the rune of Protection; Raido, the rune of traveling; and Fehu, the rune of wealth.

The tricky part of the charm is to find a way to combine all the symbols into one symbol. This could be overlaying one symbol on top of another, or extending one symbol into another, or any other method.

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If it’s done sloppily and the symbols are not connected, then the charm will not work. Other properties to consider are centerline symmetry and rotational symmetry, though those are less important.

Once you have created your symbol, choose the medium on which is will be inscribed. For paper, it will work in one specific situation when you use it.

But a talisman engraved on wood or stone is an ongoing charm that will last for as long as the talisman lasts. You can also draw it in sand or dust, and it will last until it is disturbed or swept up.

When you are making your talisman, write it once on a piece of paper or cloth and once on the surface of the material you are using. Once that is finished, burn the paper or cloth and collect the ashes.

Sprinkle them over the talisman. If you really want your talisman to be strong, you can blood it as well, mixing a drop of your own blood in with red paint, ink, or dye, and tracing the symbol once more after the ashes.

The paper version of a talisman or amulets, for one-time use, should be burned when you need it to be used. This is quite powerful, as it releases all the magical energy at the same time.

Please consider carefully the best time to use your talismans. Permanent talismans have their effect when they are worn by or are close to you, so keep them near and they will have a drawn-out, slower effect.

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