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December 21 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On December 21st

December 21 Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS DECEMBER 21, then you are a courageous sport. The Sagittarius born today is curious about most things but particularly those things that are not conventional. You have an active imagination and you’re extremely resourceful. On the other hand, you can be slow to make a move.

Some decisions should receive more consideration than others and you are a patient person. It serves us best when we don’t rush into things and read the fine print. To say the least, you’re a realistic when it comes to important contract matters and of the heart.

As the 21st December birthdate zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are a cheerful individual. Some people think you were born under a lucky star. If you could bestow all of your friends one wish, you would wish them peace at heart and of mind. That’s where you get your joy… in helping others. You are constantly thinking of your friends and ways to enhance relationships. The December 21 birthday personality not only tells their friends and family that they care, but they show them as well.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS DECEMBER 21, then you are a courageous sport.If today is your birth day, you can be pig-headed when you want to be! Yes indeed, unmovable is an understatement. Moreover, you cannot follow a rule book if you wrote it yourself. You are defiantly a hard-working person but occasionally you get carried away. This December 21st zodiac birthdate people have a tendency to be obsessive. This could involve your work as well as your personal life.

As far as your finances go, you seem to be happy with the balance at the end of the month. Characteristically, you connect with your projects to make them your own and the outcomes have been successful. Usually the December 21 Sagittarius birthday person likes being useful. He or she will generally exceed the expectations of others.

Money seems to come effortlessly to you but we know that’s not necessarily true. You have a knack for juggling investments and you feel the sensible thing to do is to save it. It’s better to spend a set amount wisely and in moderation than to be soon parted from it.

The 21 December birthday horoscope predicts that underneath all of that coolness is a big heart. Your friends say that you are extremely liberal and passionate. As their friend, you have been trustworthy and unswerving. Once you make a friend it becomes a lasting relationship. You probably haven’t had too many romantic relationships because of this.

The December 21 birthdate love compatibility report shows that the highlight of a partnership is companionship for you. Nothing gives you more pleasure than to enjoy a concert in the park with your lover… your best friend. For this relationship, you will make the needed compromise to make the other person happy. Additionally, you need someone with an active imagination to keep things popping in the bedroom.

Your friends who you grew up with have a tremendous impact on who you are today. It could be that your childhood was unforgettably good or bad. Its lasting impressions could be holding you back or altering your life in some way. The December 21st birthdate astrology predicts that your emotional health could affect your physical being. Negative forces have a way of getting into the body and posing as an illness.

Getting you on the treadmill can take an act of Congress. But once you start to reap the benefits from exercising, you will go to the gym willingly then. All you needed was a little motivation. But be careful… you don’t want to overdo it. Too much of anything is not good for you including exercise.

The December 21 birthdate meanings show that you are patient and kind individuals. You have a way of making success look easy but you work hard to achieve the status you have. Sagittarians born today love the sound of live music and want to share the good times with someone special.

december 21 birthday

As a rule, you break or at least bend them backwards. Placing restrictions on a 21st December birth date personality is a risky business. You should look back at your childhood to find any clues that will give answers to why you have problems with authority or rules.

Find What Your Star Sign Is

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – December 21st In History:

1985 – The music group Heart’s album “Hearts” goes #1.
1991 – Reggie Brown knocked unconscious in a Detroit Lions games.
2011 – Tropical Storm Washi’s death count now at over one thousand.
2011 – Approximately 17,000 chickens slaughtered after H5N1 virus threat.

Celebrities Born On 21 December:

Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson, Florence “FloJo” Griffith Joyner, Ray Romano, Kiefer Sutherland, Betty Wright

December 21 Birth Sign: You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Sagittarius / Capricorn Cusp

December 21 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Dhanus Rashi

December 21 Chinese Zodiac Sign: RAT

December 21 Birthday Planet: Your ruling planets are Jupiter & Saturn.
symbolizes expansion of ideas, knowledge, good fortune and new opportunities.
Saturn symbolizes efforts, control, restrictions and maturity.

December 21 Birth Date Symbols:
The Archer Is The Symbol For The Sagittarius Sun Sign
The Sea Goat Is The Symbol For The Capricorn Sun Sign

December 21 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The World. This card symbolizes the fulfillment and accomplishments of goals that you were striving for.

December 21 Birthday Compatibility:

You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Aries: This will be a wonderfully loving and romantic relationship.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Gemini: This is a relationship that could be excellent or extremely pathetic.

December 21 Birth Date Numerology: Your lucky numbers are:
Number 3 – This number signifies spontaneity, fun, wit, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
Number 6 – This number stands for a conventional idealist who heals and cares for people.

Lucky Colors For December 21st Birthdays:
Purple: This colour signifies telepathy, compassion, spirituality and renewal of feelings.
Blue: This is a color of peace, truth, expanse, freedom and stability.

Lucky Days For 21 December Birthdates: Thursday – This day is ruled by Jupiter and represents a good day to increase your wisdom and get serious about your job.

December 21 Birth Stone: Turquoise gemstone is known to be a symbol of love and romance in relationships that might not be going the right way.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 21st Of December: A T-shirt with a slogan for the Sagittarius man and a pair of interlocking heart-handle coffee mugs for the woman.

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