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Overcome Shyness With Boys: In 10 Simple Steps

Confident ways To Overcome Shyness With Boys

It becomes daunting when he loves you, and you don’t reciprocate as expected. Yes, you would want to be loved too, but you must overcome shyness with boys—his distinct scent ushers in goosebumps and panic.

Getting rid of a skittish character is the worst thing a girl would wish to overcome. There’s no point in having a boyfriend if you are afraid of sharing your thoughts later. Boys love to spend time with not so tensed girls.


*It is normal to feel shy when around boys or even talking to them. Glad to say there are multitudes of ways to help you overcome this ordeal. Conversely, you have to accept what you are going through first.*

How Not To Be Boy Shy?

1. Small Steps Does Wonder

Turning into an extrovert takes time. Remember, this is also part of your daily trait. At first, boys fall in love more with shy girls. At some point, your shyness might turn into a win-win situation. Take it easy and understand that he first loved you the way you are. Think about what will happen if you happen to make a drastic change.


Don’t ask for perfection if he’s not perfect yet. Take time to create a genuine smile instead of personating. Boldness doesn’t come from what you will do; it chips in by overcoming little things that you thought you couldn’t let go of.

2. Be Friendly with Boys of All Ages

Break the ice by talking to men of all ages to ease the boredom. It doesn’t matter if he’s a gardener or a lawyer. I am not implying that you should approach every guy in your area. Challenge yourself by greeting that old-age man that you seemingly pass. Plan a night out and socialize with boys in a friendly way—small steps matter.


3. Be Confident

Accept that you are still that shy girl in high school. Above all, brighten your day with positive vibes. Learn to smile as often as possible. Dress appropriately by falling in love with bright colors. Your clothes also play a paramount role. Let the world know how you feel by illuminating it with exuberance.


Keeping fit and always being tidy is another way of ushering in confidence. Let your self-image talk about you first. Above all, don’t settle for less but improve as you move closer to your goal.

4. Push Yourself

As previously mentioned, letting go of the remarkable shyness isn’t easy. Don’t give up yet. There’s more to life than wadding yourself with a void. Come out of that shy shell and push yourself to do something you’ve never done before.

5. View Them as Any Other Living Souls

All human beings are shy, but their actions tell them who they are. You’ll be surprised by how many boys are nervous about approaching you. Don’t overlook your attitudes. Approach that guy like any other man. With that in mind, you’ll add up more confident than before. No matter what you do, don’t stop doing the right thing.

6. Have Good Eye-Contact

An insecure girl avoids eye contact with boys of all ages. Well, that’s perfectly normal but not a desirable character. The eyes play a significant role in communication. Try having eye contact with your closest friend for some time. It’s easier to make eye contact when listening than when speaking. Start with the simple stuff first and climb up the ladder later.

*Communicate with boys both verbally and non-verbally. That is to say that, practice good posture and moves. Don’t try to avert your eyes when a gentleman looks at you.*

7. Relax if you want to overcome your shyness with boys!

Shyness coupled with anxiety equals failure. But finding a great partner means that you are open and calm. I know it isn’t easy to try this at first. However, learn to calm yourself when around boys. So please think of how much you make a great company with him by your side. So count up to four and take deep breaths. In addition to this, don’t pressure your inner self.

8. List out Your Fears and Hopes

It becomes challenging to get used to a new environment when trying to know someone. Then you might want to have a personal conversation with this person without success. But you have hope and dreams to make this work; unfortunately, it’s working against you. To avoid this, try to plan on time.

List out negative thoughts and try to minimize any threat. Plan and hope to have a great conversation that you’ll never forget. If need be, write a script and be prepared ahead of time. Have a direct approach to knowing what to say and do when a boy meets up with you.


9. Remain Friendly with Your Words and Actions

Hence your actions will prove why your words don’t have value. Improve your self-confidence and image by trusting that you aren’t a shy person anymore. When you have a chance, be true to yourself. When handsome guys ask for a date or so, give him a chance. You never know what you have unless it’s gone. Personal power starts to degrade with time when your words speak louder than actions.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s your crush or a friendly guy in your neighborhood. So you have to keep things moving. But if you have nothing to say, come up with neutral topics. So start with something that you love the most. It can be your best hobby or, well, weather and all.

I care less if you are the shyest and most insecure girl around. What matters is that you are fantastic and likable—got that? Good. Encourage yourself with lots of positivity to build your self-esteem. Fake it till you make it. This will help to overcome shyness with boys. Good luck!

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