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August 28 Famous Birthdays

August 28 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 28 are Virgo who don’t mind the grind. They realize that in order to live a certain way, they must work toward certain financial goals. However, working for someone else will not make them rich.

They could work for themselves as they have so many talents and abilities. If not, then they could find themselves in health care, education or psychology.


Typically the famous Virgo born on this day has a bad habit of obsessing over things that are beyond their authority. They need to stop worrying about those things as it can make it bad on their health. Besides that, not everyone wants to be saved.

When it comes to their love life, they like the single life or rather, they will likely marry late in life. Having a companion that is trustworthy, fun and lovable would be ideal for the famous August 28 celebrity. But they know that at the end of the day, they must be friends in order for it to last.


Famous people born on August 28th are Virgo who worry too much. They don’t like to be idle. They make compromises without complaint and could be found working helping others. They are not like other born under the same zodiac sign. They like being single.


August 28 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28 August Good Traits:

  • Humble
  • Simple
  • Conservative
  • Practical
  • Smart
  • Interesting
  • Talented
  • Playful
  • Happy
  • Caring

28 August Bad Traits:

  • Critical
  • Restless
  • Nervous
  • Obsessive
  • Shy
  • Inquisitive

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August 28 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Hines, 1983, Reality Star
Adam Rayner, 1977, TV Actor
Alana Thompson, 2005, Reality Star
Albert Ray, 1897, Director
Alex Polizzi, 1971, TV Show Host
Alexis Skye, 1974, Model
Alfonso Herrera, 1983, Pop Singer
Alice Playten, 1947, Movie Actress
Aliki Diplarakou, 1912, Model
Alison Steadman, 1946, Movie Actress
Amanda Kessel, 1991, Hockey Player
Amanda Tapping, 1965, TV Actress
Amelia Curtis, 1972, TV Actress
Andre Williams, 1992, Football Player

Andrej Pejic, 1991, Model
Andreja Pejic, 1991, Model
Andrew Bazzi, 1997, Vine Star
Andy Bathgate, 1932, Hockey Player
Andy Karl, 1973, Stage Actor
Anna Passey, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Anna Thompson, 1994, Reality Star
Anthony Branker, 1958, Composer
Armie Hammer, 1986, Movie Actor
Arve Isdal, 1977, Guitarist
Ashlyne Huff, 1985, Rock Singer
August Maturo, 2007, TV Actor
Augustin Bizimungu, 1952, Criminal
AwesomeFaceProd, 1993, YouTube Star
Ben Gazzara, 1930, TV Actor
Bennett Cohen, 1890, Screenwriter

august-28-famous-birthdaysBeres Hammond, 1955, Reggae Singer
Berit Brogaard, 1970, Philosopher
Billy Boyd, 1968, Movie Actor
Billy Grammer, 1925, Country Singer
Bismack Biyombo, 1992, Basketball Player
Bobby Andonov, 1994, Pop Singer
Bojan Krkic, 1990, Soccer Player
Boyd Coddington, 1944, Reality Star
Braggo Roth, 1892, Baseball Player
Brandon Miller, 1981, Race Car Driver
Brian Thompson, 1959, TV Actor
Briggs, 1986, Rapper
Bruno Bettelheim, 1903, Novelist
Butch Harmon, 1943, Golfer

C.wright Mills, 1916, Scientist
Caleb Moore, 1987,
Cali Robles, 1987, Vine Star
Carlos Quentin, 1982, Baseball Player
Carly Pope, 1980, TV Actress
Carol Bartz, 1948, Entrepreneur
Caskey, 1992, Rapper
Cassadee Pope, 1989, Pop Singer
Cesar Azpilicueta, 1989, Soccer Player
Charles Boyer, 1899, Movie Actor
Charlie Frye, 1981, Football Player
Charlie Grimm, 1898, Baseball Player
Charlie Herrera, 1997, YouNow Star
Charlotte Dyer, 1995, YouTube Star
Chen Chimutengwende, 1943, Politician
Christina Von Eerie, 1989, Wrestler

Claudio Brook, 1927, Movie Actor
Connie Dover, 1974, Folk Singer
Cortez Bryant, 1979,
Cove Reber, 1985, Metal Singer
Craig Anton, 1962, Comedian
Cyril Walters, 1905, Cricket Player
Dan Crowley, 1965, Rugby Player
Dan Deacon, 1981, Composer
Daniel Andersson, 1977, Soccer Player
Daniel E Flores, 1961, Religious Leader
Daniel Fitzpatrick, 1991, Football Player
Daniel Goddard, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Daniel Stern, 1957, Movie Actor
Danny Aiken, 1988, Football Player
Danny Seraphine, 1948, Drummer
Darby Hendrickson, 1972, Hockey Player
Darren Lewis, 1967, Baseball Player
David Dallas, 1982, Rapper
David Fincher, 1962, Director
David Soul, 1943, TV Actor
David Zuckerman, 1962, Screenwriter
Debra Lafave, 1980, Teacher
Debra Mooney, 1947, TV Actress
Deepak Tijori, 1961, Movie Actor
Derek Piquette, 1996, Dancer
Derek Roddy, 1972, Drummer
Deshaun Thomas, 1991, Basketball Player
Didi Astillah, 1996, World Music Singer
DJ Kass, 1987, DJ
DollFaceBeautyx, 1996, YouTube Star
Donald O’Connor, 1925, Movie Actor
Eduardo Manon III, 1990, YouNow Star
Elizabeth Ann Seton, 1774, Religious Leader
Elizabeth Seal, 1933, Stage Actress
Emilia McCarthy, 1997, TV Actress
Emlyn Hughes, 1947, Soccer Player
Emma Samms, 1960, Soap Opera Actress
Ernie Fields, 1904, Pianist
Eugene Byrd, 1975, TV Actor
Felicia Taylor, 1964, Journalist
Felipe Enomoto, 1982, MMA Fighter
Felix Jaehn, 1994, DJ
Florence Welch, 1986, Rock Singer
George Whipple, 1878, Doctor
Gerry McNamara, 1983, Basketball Player
Giorgio Wild, 1984, YouTube Star
Greg Clark, 1967, Politician
Guenter Wendt, 1923, Scientist
Haruka Fukuhara, 1998, TV Actress
Him Law, 1984, TV Actor
HN Swanson, 1899,
Horacio Gutierrez, 1948, Pianist
Hugh Cornwell, 1949, Punk Singer
Ian Pont, 1961, Cricket Player
Imogen Cooper, 1949, Pianist
Isaac Brizuela, 1990, Soccer Player
Ish Darr, 1996, Rapper
Ivo Josipovic, 1957, Politician
Ivor Gurney, 1890, Composer
J August Richards, 1973, TV Actor
Jack Black, 1969, Movie Actor
Jack Kirby, 1917, Comic Book Artist
Jack Vance, 1916, Novelist
Jacob Davich, 1990, Movie Actor
Jake Owen, 1981, Country Singer
James Aubrey, 1947, Movie Actor
Jamie Cureton, 1975, Soccer Player
Jane Randall, 1990, Model
Janet Evans, 1971, Swimmer
Janet Frame, 1924, Poet
Jared Anderson, 1979, Rock Singer
Jared Knabenbauer, 1985, YouTube Star
Jason Priestley, 1969, TV Actor
Jaylen Arnold, 2000, Activist
Jeff Green, 1986, Basketball Player
Jen Kirkman, 1974, Comedian
Jennifer Coolidge, 1961, Movie Actress
Jess Margera, 1978, Drummer
Jessie Woodrow Sayre, 1887, Family Member
Joann Sfar, 1971, Comic Book Artist
Joe Osborn, 1937, Bassist
Joey Brobeck, 1989, Bassist
Johann von Goethe, 1749, Poet
John Betjeman, 1906, Poet
John Burgee, 1933, Architect
John Dorahy, 1954, Rugby Player
John Long, 1956, Basketball Player
Johnnie Guilbert, 1997, YouTube Star
Jonathan Whitesell, 1991, TV Actor
Jose Eduardo dos Santos, 1942, World Leader
Joseph Julian Soria, 1986, TV Actor
Joseph T. McNarney, 1893, War Hero
Josh Kilmer-Purcell, 1969, Reality Star
Josh Porter, 1995, Instagram Star
Josiah Duggar, 1996, Reality Star
Julia Brownley, 1952, Politician
Julia Price, 1991, YouTube Star
Julio César Romero, 1960, Soccer Player
Junior Malanda, 1994, Soccer Player
Karanvir Bohra, 1982, TV Actor
Karen McCombie, 1963, Young Adult Author
Karo Parisyan, 1982, MMA Fighter
Katie Findlay, 1990, TV Actress
Katie Green, 1987, Model
Kay Parker, 1944,
Kaya Jones, 1984, Pop Singer
Kelley Earnhardt Miller, 1972, Family Member
Kelly Thiebaud, 1985, Movie Actress
Ken Jenkins, 1940, TV Actor
Kenny Drew, 1928, Pianist
Kier Kemp, 1989, Rock Singer
Kirby Morrow, 1973, Voice Actor
Kory Kindle, 1991, Soccer Player
Kristin Booth, 1974, TV Actress
Kyle Massey, 1991, TV Actor
Kyle Reynolds, 1992, Pop Singer
Larry Goldings, 1968, Pianist
Lasith Malinga, 1983, Cricket Player
Laurence Coke, 1997, Model
LeAnn Rimes, 1982, Country Singer
Lee Janzen, 1964, Golfer
Leo Tolstoy, 1828, Novelist
Leroy Chiao, 1960, Astronaut
Lil Ryan, 2003, Rapper
Lily Wallace, 2003, Dancer
Lindsay Bloom, 1950, TV Actress
Lou Piniella, 1943, Baseball Manager
Louise Le Prince, 1841, Director
Luis Guzman, 1956, Movie Actor
Luis Soffner, 1991, Soccer Player
Luke McAlister, 1983, Rugby Player
Madison Martin, 1990, Journalist
Madison McMillin, 1994, TV Actress
Majk Spirit, 1984, Rapper
Marguerite Young, 1908, Poet
Mark Charnock, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Markus Proll, 1979, Soccer Player
Martin Erat, 1981, Hockey Player
Mary McCartney, 1969, Family Member
Masahiko Inoha, 1985, Soccer Player
Matt Dominguez, 1989, Baseball Player
Matt Sukkar, 1993, Instagram Star
Matthew Bell, 1993, Model
Matthew John Armstrong, 1973, TV Actor
Maureen Mahoney, 1954, Lawyer
Max Collins, 1992, TV Actress
Max Collins, 1978, Rock Singer
Max Robertson, 1915, Sportscaster
Maxwell Shane, 1905, Screenwriter
Melina Aslanidou, 1970, Pop Singer
Melissa Rosenberg, 1962, Screenwriter
Mercy Johnson, 1984, Movie Actress
Michael Craig-Martin, 1941, Conceptual Artist
Michael Galeota, 1984, TV Actor
Nancy Kulp, 1921, TV Actress
Natali Morris, 1978, Journalist
Nate Washington, 1983, Football Player
Ocean Maturo, 2011, TV Actor
Ormsby M. Mitchel, 1810, Scientist
Patricia Williams, 1951, Teacher
Patrick McLain, 1988, Soccer Player
Patrick Smith, 1963, MMA Fighter
Paul Martin, 1938, Politician
Paula Fernandes, 1984, Country Singer
Peggy Ryan, 1924, Dancer
Peter Bartlett, 1942, Soap Opera Actor
Peter Winter, 1754, Composer
Pierre Turgeon, 1969, Hockey Player
Pjeter Malota, 1958, Movie Actor
Prince Nikolai, 1999, Royalty
Quvenzhane Wallis, 2003, Movie Actress
Rachel Khoo, 1980, Chef
Randy LaJoie, 1961, Race Car Driver
Raul Marquez, 1971, Boxer
Ray Jones, 1988, Soccer Player
Rebecca Fox, 1990, Model
Richard Cabral, 1984, Movie Actor
Richard Tucker, 1913, Opera Singer
Rick Recht, 1970, Rock Singer
Rick Rossovich, 1957, Movie Actor
Rick Story, 1984, MMA Fighter
Rio Dewanto, 1987, Movie Actor
Ripp Flamez, 1990, Rapper
Rita Dove, 1952, Poet
Robert Cooper, 1947, Politician
Robert Greenwald, 1943, Director
Robertson Davies, 1913, Novelist
Roger De Coster, 1944, Motorcycle Racer
Roger Tory Peterson, 1908, Non-Fiction Author
Ron Guidry, 1950, Baseball Player
Ronnie Shalvis, 1990, YouTube Star
Rosie Maclennan, 1988, Gymnast
Roxie Roker, 1929, TV Actress
Rudolf Von Alt, 1812, Painter
Ruth Riley, 1979, Basketball Player
Ryan Nassif, 1995, Instagram Star
Saaammage, 1992, YouTube Star
Sal Masekela, 1971, Sportscaster
Sam Frost, 1993, Radio Host
Satoshi Tajiri, 1965, Game Designer
Scooby Wright III, 1994, Football Player
Scott Hamilton, 1958, Figure Skater
Shalita Grant, 1990, TV Actress
Shania Twain, 1965, Country Singer
Sherrie Austin, 1970, Country Singer
Simon Mannering, 1986, Rugby Player
Skylar Thomas, 1994, Pianist
Sonia Kruger, 1965, TV Show Host
Sonny Shroyer, 1935, TV Actor
Sophie Anna Everhard, 1993, Movie Actress
Steffiana de la Cruz, 1974, Model
Sterling Morrison, 1942, Guitarist
Steve Mesler, 1978, Bobsledder
Steven Lenhart, 1986, Soccer Player
Subir Raha, 1948, Entrepreneur
Tanisha Thomas, 1985, Reality Star
Tasha Tudor, 1915, Illustrator
Taylor Mitchell, 1990, Folk Singer
Thiago Motta, 1982, Soccer Player
Thomas Redgrave, 1989, Pop Singer
Tiago Saramago, 1993, YouTube Star
Tom Fitzgerald, 1968, Hockey Coach
Tommy Hanson, 1986, Baseball Player
Ulises Solis, 1981, Boxer
Umberto Giordano, 1867, Composer
Valtteri Bottas, 1989, Race Car Driver
Vilayat Khan, 1928, Sitar Player
Vladimir Shukhov, 1853, Architect
Will Herring, 1983, Football Player
William Cohen, 1940, Politician
William Unruh, 1945, Scientist
Windsor Davies, 1930, TV Actor
Yasmin Zbari, 1998, YouTube Star
Yoko Takahashi, 1966, Pop Singer


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