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angel number 7138

Angel Number 7138 Meaning: A Fixed Purpose

luckyAngel Number 7138: Seek Wholeness and Fulfillment

What does 7138 mean in angel numbers? The number 7138 in angel number 7138 symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, faith, prosperity, and a new beginning. The appearance of 7138 in your life sends you an early warning. If you crave advancement in either your career or relationship, be prepared to pay the price. In detail, have faith and trust that everything will fall into place.

The number 7138 means that you stop relying on vision alone but start taking prompt actions to achieve the highest good.


7138 Angel Number Twin Flame: Balancing the Outer and Inner-world

A guide to you from the angelic realm is that you stop relying on others. As much as you want you to see yourself eating with the royals, those around you will never influence your decision unless you decide for yourself. In simple terms, listen to your soul guides and give them a chance to lead the way.

On a lighter note, the time has come for you to take a steady pace and reflect on what you want. Prioritize only on things that bring you closer to your goal. Know your values and rules, and don’t let anyone stop you from believing in yourself. Besides, plan to transform your inner child, therefore, becoming the best version of yourself.

Letting go of past mistakes and heartbreaks means that you are ready to heal. It is essential to realize that it will take time before completely healing your physical self, emotions, and spiritual entity. While still at it, asks the Celestial King to give you peace of mind and strengthen your intuitive abilities.


This is what 7138 means

The meaning of phone number 7138 encourages you to do what makes you happy. Not only does contentment elevate one’s bliss, but it also leaves no room for insecurities. Guardian angels tell you to have the much-needed confidence, therefore, believing in yourself more than those around you. If your heart desires to start a business or build a website, do what makes you happy. It even gets better when you fully understand 7138 symbolism and meanings. See below:


Angel 7

The number 7 urges you to trust in the Universal energies. Worry less about what will transpire for the guardian angels are a step ahead. They are working hard for you to attain the best in life.

Numerology 1

At present, it can’t be clear to you why you need to start anew. However, as times go, you will thank the heavens for giving you another chance to realize your dreams. In sum, angels want you to embrace the new beginning and cut off anything that is not yielding positive results.


Power of 3

The power of angel number 3 in this angel speaks more about awakening and trusting in the Archangels. The Universe urges you to seek what you want through your thinking. The truth is that whatever you manifest in your life will come true sooner or later. In the meantime, keep on trusting in the spiritual path.

8 in angel 7138

Abundance in life comes after you have passed the fails, critics and start to believe in yourself. Angel 8 wants you to work on making you happy. Be grateful for what you have for the Universe to reward you with more. Besides, acknowledge the sad moment, for it is there that pessimism fades.

Angel number 71

Star is setting a healthy boundary and living a life of complete bliss with yourself and others. Now is the right time to stop fantasizing about what you can do and start taking an appropriate step in life. Execute only achievable plans without straining yourself to exhaustion and fatigue.

Guardian angel 13

You begin to feel peace when you are no longer holding past grudges. This doesn’t mean that you accept others to step on you. Instead, it means that you embrace forgiveness to those who have wronged you. This is the only way that you are inclined to live a life of purpose.

38 symbolism

Well, the power of forgiving is stamped by this angel number. Even though you know someone has messed with your emotions, learn to release the hurt and suffering. Grow from the ordeal and move on, for it is all pointless to cry over spilled milk.

Meaning of 7:13

Numerology 7:13 asks you to take the right action and accomplish your soul mission on time. Focus on igniting your soul with good instead of focusing on daily stresses. Now is the right time to get lost in a new adventure and become fresh and whole again.

Seeing 1:38

Do you see 1:38 on your clock often? A reminder is that you start living an extraordinary kind of life. Start a day with a grateful heart regardless of your current set of circumstances. Applaud yourself for the little milestone, and the Universe will reciprocate back with further advancement.

angel number 7138

Angel #7138 in Love

Angel number 7138 is a message that constantly tells you to commit to loving yourself before passing it on to others. This prepares you to handle rejections and heartbreaks with ease. With this in mind, focus on your ambitions and all your interests. When ready to commit to the other person, give yourself time to realize if you are meant for each other.

Do this while still in need to accomplish your future goals. Also, dedicated to passing on unconditional love, therefore, making a lifelong partnership.

To those already in a relationship, angel number 7138 asks you to cooperate and take compromise when need be. Be a good listener by listening to your partner’s ideas and correcting them when need be. Another thing, plan to meet in the middle during a disagreement. Have a goal to mend and bond with one another to eternity.

Keep Seeing Lucky Number 7138

Do you keep on seeing 7138 everywhere? Don’t cower in fear, for seeing angel number 7138 twin flame means blessing will fall your way. You are reminded to notice the environment you are in. The ideas and clues to your life’s questions lie in your surroundings. Open your heart and mind to interpret angel numbers and turn your dreams into reality.

Wholesomely, seeing angel number 7138 is a call to action that you extend a loving, caring, and soft-hearted attitude to those around you. Accept the fact that you can’t do it all alone in the Universe. Therefore, being supportive and loving for everyone else is fighting to conquer their battles.


As noted, repeating number 7138 motive is for you to realize your goals in life before old age knocks. A reminder is that you don’t stop to connect with the Archangels. 7138 is an angelic realm sign that assures you that Divine presence will remain with you to eternity. Take advantage of this and put more extra effort to arrive at your soul mission.

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