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Manifesting a Soul Mate: The Numerology Way

The Numerology Way of  Manifesting a Soul Mate

It is a well-known fact that math is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. It is a lesser-known fact that numbers themselves hold power. Each number emits its unique vibration. If you have a good understanding of numbers and their energies in numerology, they can be used for manifesting your soul mate. They can also help you understand and work around the parts of who you are that might be holding you back.

Because of this, the best starting point would be to find out your Lifepath Number and your Destiny number and utilize this information to further learn about yourself. Let’s get started by knowing precisely what your Lifepath and destiny numbers are and how they differ.


Life Path Number and Manifestation

In attempting to manifest your soul mate, the most important of the numbers is the Lifepath Number. This is also known as your Heart’s Desire Number. This number is calculated using your birth date. The calculation of this number is simple. You merely have to add up all of the digits. Once you have the result, you will add its digits and repeat this process until you have a result that is a single-digit number.

The only exception to this is if you get a result that is 11 or 22. These are master numbers, and they correlate with the single-digit numbers of 2 (for 11) and 4 (connecting with 22). Now that you have calculated your Lifepath number, you can discover your innate traits that have been a part of who you are from birth and the nature of your journey through life.


Destiny Number

The second most important number that you will have in manifesting a soul mate is your Destiny Number. Another name for this number is Expression Number. This number comes from your birth name. You must use your birth name when calculating this number instead of a nickname or changed name, as your results will not be accurate if you use anything other than the name you were given at birth.


Each of the letters in the alphabet has a specific numeric value assigned to them. Because of this, when you calculate your Destiny Number, you would start by looking up the value for each letter in your name. You would then add all of these numbers together. Once you have the result, you will add the digits of it together repeatedly until you have reached a solution that is one of the single-digit numbers or either of the numbers of 11/2 or 22/4.

Once you have this number, you can research the meaning behind which will correlate to the tasks you must achieve and the opportunities that you will receive in your lifetime. This can also be described as your life’s purpose.


Concentration and Manifestation

It is vital not to allow yourself to get discouraged on your search, even if it seems to be taking longer than you expect. An essential aspect of manifesting a soul mate is what goes on in your head. Believing and thinking of what you want is a sure way of getting it to happen. Knowing exactly who it is you need to be concentrating on manifesting is the best way to make sure you are displaying the correct type of soul mate.

This is easily accomplished utilizing numerology. This gives you a deeper understanding of who you are and what your needs are. Knowing this will provide you with your best chance and manifesting your soul mate at the earliest possible moment, giving you more time to enjoy your newly found love.

Traits in A Partner

The most obvious way this part of manifesting your soul mate is valuable is that it helps you become aware of your strengths and failings. This enables you to understand what you need to concentrate on to achieve your dreams. It tells you what resources you are best able to use to get to the point you need to be open to finding your soul mate.

Another benefit to this that is more specific to manifesting a soul mate is to know what type of person will be best for you. It does this by helping you discover what you need in a partner. It tells you what you naturally provide for a romantic relationship. This will help you to figure out what traits you should look for in any prospective partner. Keeping this in mind and knowing what you need to do to manifest your soul mate will help you to keep on the right track until you have met the one.


After you have met someone you believe to be the soul mate you have manifested, you can be sure to find the best way to grow and be sure of your security in your relationship by finding out their Lifepath and Destiny Numbers. Once you have this, you can look up the compatibility that numerology has for you.

One important note is that the Master Numbers are reduced to their single-digit counterparts when finding out compatibility between two individuals. There are two separate parts to knowing how compatible you are.

Comparison Chart

First, the comparison chart will inform you directly how much work would need to be put into the relationship by the pair of you to make it work. The comparison will give you a rating between challenging and natural fit based on your Lifepath Number and your Destiny Number. For example, 1 and 7 are a natural fit. Meanwhile, 4 and 5 are a challenge.

Relationship Stress Number

The second part of calculating compatibility is by determining your Relationship Stress Number. The calculation for this number is simple. All you have to do is find out what the difference is between your numerology numbers. Once you have the solution for this, you will be able to determine the specific challenges you will have to face in your relationship. Make sure that you and your soul mate are both receiving the best support and security you can in the connection.

This will help you and your partner to know exactly what it is that the other needs from the relationship. And this will facilitate you both to be able to provide for each other. Because of this access to knowledge, you should not let a challenging rating on the compatibility chart completely dissuade you from the person you have decided to form a relationship with.

Numerology and Relationship

It is essential to manifest a soul mate to pay attention to your numerology numbers about yourself and the relationship. Knowing yourself deeply and being aware of your needs and what you naturally provide for your counterpart is essential.

You must be honest with yourself and your prospective soul mate about what is within your respective abilities to provide for one another so that you can remain well aware of whether you have manifested your soul mate or are still on the path to doing so. When adhering faithfully to this task, you will be able to maximize your potential. You will efficiently manifest your perfect soul mate by using numerology.

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