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Angel Number 138 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 138

Numbers are part of our daily lives as breathing is. Number symbolism are all around us and most times a message is being passed across to us. A keen person will make it a duty to find out what message is being relayed to them.

Are you that person who has been coming across number 138, the message being passed across to you is this.

In short angel number 138 is encouraging you on the power of giving. Doing good so that we shall receive the same. To use our wisdom and intelligence to arrive at decisions. Helping others to achieve their goals and give them that extra push if need be. It also reminds us that karma is real.

angel number 138

Angel Number 138 Meaning

Angel number 138 comprises of numbers 1,3 and 8. Have you been doing the same thing over and over again but the results are not good? Well, number 1 is telling you that time has come for you to do things differently. Try a different approach in tackling that issue and the results will impress you. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you.

Take that step; initiate that conversation about a promotion with your boss. Maybe a few things need to be straightened out for you to get that raise. Make that first approach, ask that guy out on lunch. You may be shocked to find that the feeling is mutual. Whatever you do keep things moving.

It is always good to see someone excel and knowing that you helped them. Number 3 is telling you to always give that helping hand. Make another person’s candle shine bright and by doing that you’ll make yours shine brighter. Be full of love and share it with others. By sharing we also receive more. For sure the universe will reward you handsomely.

The law of the universe is you receive what you give. That is the message that we get from number 8. What goes around comes around and a good deed will always be rewarded by another good deed. Be good to others.

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Angel number 138 asks you to use your knowledge and wisdom to interpret the happenings around you. Don’t be in a rush in making decisions. Use your problem solving abilities diligently to arrive at the best decision.

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