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What Is Feng Shui Wu Lou?

Wu Lou For Good Health

If you haven’t heard of Feng Shui, it is the Chinese art of spatial placements of various objects, such as buildings, furniture, and other everyday items around the house. Feng Shui Wu Lou is a commonly used item, a copper gourd that absorbs negative energies to improve an individual’s health when they are ill.


This is according to their energy, the flow they can create, and ideally, the pieces in a room or home. It is arranged for a solid and healthy energy flow. So, it can also be used to increase good luck.


However, Feng Shui goes much deeper. There are also many Chinese herbs. That used is implemented as alternative medicine strategies to assist in healing various ailments.


Benefits Of  Feng Shui Wu Lou:

#1. Use of  Wu Lou

The Wu Lou can be used in various ways, depending on its illness and purpose. For example, if someone is sick, one gourd can be placed on each side of the patient, who should be lying down to absorb the negative energies causing them to be sick in the first place.


#2. Positive Energy

Similarly, it can be used for various other positive effects in life. So would you like to increase your luck in life? Carry it with you at all times.

What about gaining financial abundance? But leave a gourd in a place where it can be publicly seen in your home or office, perhaps on a bookshelf or your kitchen table.

#3. Good Relationships with Feng Shui Wu Lou

Are you having challenges in your relationship with your spouse? You share to ease tensions and bring closer together again. Are you and your partner trying to conceive a child with much difficulty?

You can also place this by your bed and ensure it includes handprints of infants or children, which symbolize life and birth.

#4. Location matters for placement of Feng Shi Wu Luo

Suppose you have a location that can send negative energies in your direction, such as a police station where arrests can occur or a hospital or clinic where patients may be very ill or pass away. In this prison, cons spend their time. Also, a funeral home where the deceased’s friends and families pay their respects to dead bodies (and perhaps even cremate the bodies), or a dumping ground for garbage or broken non-functioning cars. In that case, using more than one Wu Lou in your home is extremely wise.

By leaving a small window of the house, hanging can be done from the top of each wall or window.

#5. For Protection

So you can also leave a gourd in your car. Many fear road accidents occur daily – why not reduce your chances and create positive energy in your vehicle? This will help you avoid accidents involving other drivers, motorcyclists, bike cyclists, and pedestrians (although we’re sure you’re already a safe driver!)

#6. Types Of Gourds

Before you purchase Wu Lou gourds, it is essential to know many types of gourds. They can come in metal, brass, jade, calabash, wood, or glass. They can also be decorated with tassels, symbols, and engravings. Choose which ones you use wisely in the Chinese store that knows exactly which type will suit your needs and purpose.

Furthermore, you can ensure their safety by placing gourds in places of movement or suspending them in windows or above doorways using little bags (or amulets) as they have strict and tiny ropes attached.

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