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5 Easy Tips To Prevent A Hangover

Easy Tips To Prevent A Hangover

We all love to go out for a big night every now and again. However what none of us likes is that throbbing headache the next day. This article gives you a few tips to still have a great drinking night without the hangover!

drinkingSo we have all been out for big nights and if you are in your teens, twenties or thirties it is normal to go out every week. For those of us in our forties it might be less often and so we need these tips even more since alcohol in lesser amounts effects us more as we get more mature!

Either way you want to be able to go out and enjoy having a few drinks without that dreaded hangover the next day. One of the key things to do before going out drinking is based on what you have in your stomach. It is like you are preparing your stomach and body for the onslaught of unusually larger amounts of alcohol than normal.

So here are the top 5 tips for avoiding that hangover. Make sure you do these BEFORE you go out to reduce the chance of a hangover:-

##1. Drink Plenty of Water!

Even if you have to sit down and force yourself to drink the bland stuff or flavor it with lemon or lime, just do it! What this is doing is preventing your body from getting dehydrated before it does when alcohol enters your system.

It is worth noting that on the side you need to have regular water in between your drinks when you are out. Also in the last hour or so of being out, this is a key strategy to minimize a hangover no matter how much you have been drinking!##2. Milk

Have a glass or two of milk. It will line your stomach with alkaline to neutralize the acidic drinks you may have. Also milk is a kind of food you can have in addition to a solid meal. Note that when you have an upset stomach or indigestion, milk is often the solution so you are kind of doing things backward!


##3. Eat

Before you go out eat a solid, healthy meal. Ideally high in protein, low in carbohydrates, not too stodgy. Try and avoid fast food like McDonalds since this will soon leave you hungry and won’t provide such a good buffer against alcohol effects. A healthy gourmet pizza with lots of meat topping and a salad is fine.

salad pizza

##4. Rest

Try and have a nap or at least stay in a few hours before you go out. Running around all day before going out for a big night is generally not a good idea! If your body is already tired before you go out it will react more strongly to alcohol.

Making you react more to alcohol as you will be sick with tiredness, alcohol makes the tiredness affect worse and leave you with an early hangover before you even go home!


##5. Vitamins

Yes, you got it! Take vitamin C tablets in the recommended dose. This gets depleted when you drink and that is one of the reasons you feel so rotten the next day! Also have a glass of multivitamin Berocca from Chemists. This will give you natural energy and top up your body with the vitamins the alcohol is soon going to take from your body.

vitamin c

Follow the above and you should be right.

icepack for headache

As for when you get home, drink another couple of glasses of water and a glass of milk too if you can stay awake. If you feel you are already getting a hangover (headache) take a couple of headache tablets to keep it at bay. Then get a flannel or small towel, run it under cold water, or even put some ice cubes in it.

When you lie down in bed put it on your forehead or where you think you are getting a hangover headache. This will help keep it away and provide some cooling comfort.

The next day you need to have a day of chill out if you have had an especially big night out. Your body needs to rest and your mind too! As soon as you get up have more water, a cold shower is better than a hot one. Wash your hair, this often clears the cobwebs too!

For breakfast have wholesome food, orange juice, cereal if you can. If you cannot get it together to make breakfast walk out for some breakfast. Alternatively go and get a healthy hangover juice from your local cafe or juice bar. This would typically include grapefruit, lemon, bitter melon and okay a touch of honey or banana for energy and sweetness.

Honey is a good restorer if your blood sugar is low too after all that partying and of course banana gets depleted sodium and energy back into your body!

There is always the greasy hamburger, chips and coke that seems to just somehow hit the “day after the night before” spot:-)

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