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5 Feng Shui Tips for Halloween

Feng Shui for Halloween

“Double, double, toil, and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Remember that famous quote from Macbeth? Witches surround a bubbling cauldron, hoping to cast a spell. That scene has become a classic picture of witchery which leads one to think of other sinister creatures. A home wants to be used, lived in, and celebrated in. So get started today on these tips and enjoy a wonderful Halloween holiday, with the good Feng Shui still intact. With Feng Shui for Halloween, it is possible to have the Halloween vibe and a beautiful Feng Shui home too!

For me, that line always reminds me of Halloween: the holiday of all dark creatures from the “other side”: goblins, witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires, etc.

It is a holiday that conjures up images of death, dying, blood, mysteries, darkness, and fear! These things are not feng shui. But, there are plenty of festive Halloween lovers that don’t want to lose their Feng Shui during this lovable holiday. Do not fear! It is possible…


For many people, Halloween is a big deal and starts at the beginning of October month. It is intermixed with the beauty of fall: pumpkins, leaves, and orange and black colors. Some people go overboard, covering the front of their homes in black cloth and fake blood and spooky figures like mummies or vampires or Frankensteins.

These representations of death can pull away from the positive and warm chi that people would like to attract to their homes all year round. It is possible to decorate with decorum this holiday season. Let’s start with a few tips.


#1. Keep using that orange and black!

Luckily enough, these iconic colors can still be used. Orange and black are the colors of fire and water: both strong and wonderful elements in Feng Shui.

The fire element represents liveliness and energy, which can promote warm and social chi when placed in the appropriate areas in the home. Black is one of the colors of the water element and is most auspicious when used at entrances because it encourages the flow of chi into the home.


#2. Decorate with the right animals

Certain animals are very symbolic in Feng Shui, and they are also iconic for Halloween! Owls, ravens, and bats are perfect to give that Halloween-y feel of darkness and mystery.

They are also positive animal symbols in Feng Shui! Add them outside on the front porch or the inside facing out of the windows. They’ll add the Feng Shui energy while also giving that spooky vibe.


#3. Lighting is super important

Light is an essential component of Feng Shui. It affects the way a room feels and the chi it is filled with. In some rooms and on some occasions, it is better to have more light than others.

Add soothing light to the area by using candles, lighting Jack-o-lanterns, or putting tea lights into bags to light the walkways. Using light in a subdued tone will add a nice atmosphere and bring in that good Feng Shui.

#4. Include metallics

Putting gold or silver metal accents into the decorations can bring in the earth element for groundedness and connection to the present. It also adds a lovely shimmery effect to the lighting.

#5. Clean up when the holiday is done!

It is all well and wonderful to become a part of a holiday and be creative and festive with decorations. But leaving things around after the holiday is done is just considered piling up clutter, and that goes against the grain of Feng Shui. Clean up get organized and refresh the space to head into the next holiday with a clear mind and a clear space.

A holiday is about having fun, relaxing, enjoying the moment, spending time with friends and family, and getting into the spirit of things! It’s the very nature of humanness to want to take time out of the busy hustle and bustle of our lives to celebrate something, even if it’s minor.

Don’t be afraid to be festive, and creative, and to get into things! That’s the whole point. And for the Feng Shuiafficianodos, they know they don’t have to deprive themselves of all the fun.

The main point when using Halloween decorations or for any holiday is to try to include all of the elements to provide balance, and to keep the basic principles of Feng Shui in place.

Five Elements

Remember the five elements: metal, water, fire, earth, and air. To get that Feng Shui balance, try to use Halloween decorations that celebrate that holiday while also including the elements! One rule is to make sure to not use these kinds of decorations in the bedroom (the sector of love and relationships).

They don’t fit in that area and would interrupt the balance of Feng Shui in that zone. I know that Halloween is more of an American holiday, meaning that that’s where people get more into it, but these tips could even be used when creating that perfect costume for the Halloween party if that’s the least that people do.

Feng shui is an amazing art form that permeates into our day-to-day life right down to how we conduct our holidays. It is a lifestyle and a way of being.

Life Changing Principles

And, even in our modern age, there are plenty of ways to still align oneself to the life-changing principles of Feng Shui. Don’t forget the basic principles: auspicious directions, lucky numbers, de-cluttering, organization, cleanliness, balance, peace, and promoting positivity.

Halooween candles

It’s still possible to apply these principles while also including the festivities of the season! Keep on using that black and orange, add metallics for extra shimmer and the earth element, display Feng Shui animals, use the correct lighting, and make sure to clean up afterward! That’s probably one of the biggest problems with holidays that are very anti-Feng Shui.

People tend to get all wrapped up in the season, that they expend all of their energy and get lazy after the holiday is over. They forget to take down their lights, their pumpkin candles, their Frankensteins or coffins in the front yard, and after the decorations don’t fit with the season anymore, all they do is pull down the positive chi of the place and create a stale chi and a deadness.

Stay organized. Keep that energy going after the holiday is all done. I know fall is a big time for holidays in Western countries, so it’s important to make sure that space is clear and fresh for each new holiday! It’s more fun to celebrate (and less stressful) when the area is ready and open for the new Feng Shui-style decorations, and there’s none left over or out of place from the last holiday.

And lastly, keep the holiday fun. Invite people over and socialize. Host a party or have a few guests for some drinks. That orange color (the fire element) will keep the vibe bright and cheery and encourage social energy.

Including people in the holiday will also add that energetic and happy chi into the house that everyone is looking for.

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