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Feng Shui Consultant: 10 Things to Ask

10 Things To Ask Your Feng Shui Consultant

Looking for a Feng Shui consultant can be a headache for those who are not familiar with the practice. For people who are looking to build or renovate a house, getting the layout right reduces more work and money being wasted later.


Other reasons to consult a Feng Shui consultant include starting a business or other major life decisions. In Chinese culture, the date of marriage, a child’s name, and a good day for burial are under consult. While most Feng Shui consultants are hired via word of mouth, you can find one that suits your ideals through a few questions.


1. Which School of Feng Shui?

There are a few schools of Feng Shui, form school Feng Shui that use the traditional methods using observation skills to determine the natural flow of energy. The Bagua users or the Black Hat applies eight “Life Aspirations”. Compass School uses Luo Pan to gain an accurate description of a building. The Flying Star Feng Shui uses five elements and eight trigrams to determine energy flow. Each school uses a different method to gain insight into Chi flow, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

The first thing before you ask the question is to observe the consultant’s office: a feeling of welcome, peace, and a good aura are hints if you would like to hire the consultant or not.


2. The Cost

One of the more pressing questions is how much it costs to hire a Feng Shui consultant. Different quotations for different kinds of requests. Most consultants have set pricing for popular requests, and they also offer packages for those looking for a more comprehensive service. Some would also offer free personal reading, to convince would-be customers that they are a good fit.

It is necessary not to be blindsided by the offer of free reading, as you want the final results to be good, not just the initial one. Also, ask how long a consultation should last in general.

3. How do you Fix a Feng Shui Problem?

An odd question, but a crucial one, especially when you are buying a house and do not have any extra money to renovate or rebuild. A Feng Shui consultant who favors renovation or breaking down walls over other solutions might not be your friend. There are many ways to temporarily improve the energy flow in a home without breaking any walls, so long as the consultant is comfortable and knowledgeable enough to advise of it.

A great example would be exposed beams in the home. Beams are considered poison arrows and are bad for you. Solutions can range from fixing a mirror to putting a pair of bamboo to soften the arrow’s blow. A more permanent solution would be putting up a false ceiling to cover up the exposed beams, but that will cost more money. Get more Feng Shui tips for your home.


4. Ask About Experience

There is no place you can find out a Feng Shui Consultant is legit, and these days a few days’ course will nab you a decent-looking certificate to make a consultancy look fancy. This is why most consultants are referred via word of mouth, as people often consult a practitioner and then decide later if it works or not. Most experienced consultants have photos or testimonials that sound credible, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you might have to do some detective work before choosing a suitable candidate. As long as the cost is not too high, it might be worth giving the person a trial or two.


5. What is Included in Your Service?

A general question, but one that ties to the cost. Most practitioners have a set price for general questions, and they would also offer a report of your BaZi number, your birth number that relates directly to the energy of your home. A good consultant will tell you that you need all the tenant’s Bazi to create a more detailed report for the home because everyone can benefit from good energy flow. A consultant that charges you for every little thing might not be a professional.

The same goes for those who are always pushing to sell their Feng Shui remedies. To them, selling Feng Shui fixes is a good source of side income. For you, it is a conflict of interest, and you should be more careful when they are promoting their fixes. While most will not offer follow-up calls, once you get to know them better, they might help without charge.

6. When is a Good Time to Consult?

Different schools have different methods of calculating energy flow. Most practitioners and those who are into Feng Shui will perform a reading around Chinese New Year, as traditional Feng shui methods utilize the Lunar Calendar. Flying Star Feng Shui should be performed monthly for maximum performance, although the major elements like Affliction Star stay in one place every year. Save time and money by scheduling a yearly consult, or only find your consultant when you have a need.

Most people would only seek out their consultants during major events, or else they would visit a Feng Shui consultant to get an overall outlook for the day. Yearly readings include things to avoid and watch out for, and what luck brings from the stars.

7. What is your Specialty?

Although most consultants can offer advice on a lot of facets of life, they have a special interest in certain fields. Certain Feng Shui masters are more knowledgeable in business, while others like helping people with their homes. Before asking this question, you have to prepare for questions that the consultant might ask you instead. A relationship involves communication between two people, and do not be surprised when the consultant is also trying to establish if you are a match.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions, and never lie when answering one. Feng shui remedies work better if you are honest about your expectations and needs, rather than trying to impress a person.

8. Ask About Expectations

Not only your expectations from the consult but also the consultant’s expectations from your visit matter. A time frame for positive effects and an improvement in business or interpersonal relationships are your goals. Your consultant’s expectations from you might be honest answers, prompt payment, and for you to voice out your disappointments when things fail.

We do have to remember that humans make mistakes, and knowing when something is not right helps strengthen a relationship. The consultant trusts you to follow recommendations, and they also hope that you trust them in their judgment. Communication is important and helps establish good working relationships.

9. What Does Feng Shui Help?

A more specific question would be how can Feng Shui help with your life? The reason why you are looking for a Feng Shui consultant is because you need an improvement in your life. A consultant’s answer can range from helping you gain better relationships to improving luck in general. Maybe a simple review of your home to improve energy flow around the house.

Before asking this question, make a list of what you need to improve, and hopefully, the consultant can help clarify if Feng Shui can help with the problem. The longer the list, the more consultations will take.

10. Do you Do Pets?

A simple question, people nowadays view pets as an important member of the family. If you have your pet’s birth date and time, you can ask if the consultant has done Feng shui for pets before. Chinese believe that all living things have souls and energy, hence pets are affected by Feng Shui as well. A consultant with experience with pet Feng Shui might be your new best friend.

Sometimes, a Feng Shui consultant might ask you to keep a pet fish, as fish in a tank symbolizes active water or positive energy of water. Birds are also auspicious pets people can keep to improve their Feng Shui.

The ten questions to ask your potential Feng Shui consultant, like any relationship, questions are mere starting points to establish a common ground. There are most questions available on the Internet, and these are just guidelines to help kick-start a list. A good consultant will be a patient person who is helpful in your pursuit of a long and fruitful relationship.

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