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Scorpio Zodiac Sign And Greek God Goddess: Hades

Hades God Goddess – Greek Zodiac Sign For Scorpio

 Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Hades (The God of the Underworld)

Hades was also known as Pluto in the Roman language. He was Zeus’ brother and the God of the Underworld. Many people feared him. Like Scorpio zodiac sign natives, Hades is associated with dangerous and dark things, fear, intimidation, worry, and gloom.


Hades was a rich God. He owned all precious stones, jewels, metals, and crystals. All these items were in his domain, the underworld. Many Scorpios are fascinated by criminal activities, the occult, and other dark things. Their fascination might stem from the fact that they are connected to the God of the Underworld.


Legend has it that Hades was swallowed by his father Cronos at birth and was rescued by Zeus. They teamed up and conducted an uprising against the Titans. They took over the world, but Zeus became the superior. Hades became the ruler of the underworld. Hades kidnapped Persephone, Demeter’s daughter creating the seasonal dynamics on Earth.


Hades was immortal and possessed a helmet of invisibility. He lent this helmet out once in a while but only for good courses. Through dark times, people would call on Hades for guidance and strength.

Hades: God of Mortal Death

He is the God of the empire of mortal death. His name means invisible or unseen. He has all the underworld aspects of Zeus. He is a keeper of justice and gives fair punishment. Hades has a lot of treasures.


He is persistent about the tasks he has to complete. His determination helps him achieve all his goals. Hades was also the king of the underworld. He took charge of funerals and defended the right to burial of the dead. He also had a lot of hidden wealth.

Appearance: He is a bearded vigorous man
Symbol: Scepter, Helmet
Parents: Kronos and Rhea
Siblings: Zeus, Poseidon
Spouse: Persephone
Children: None
Birth Place: Crete
Animals: Cerberus, Black Horse
Plant: Narcissus, Cypress
Perfume: Frankincense
Gems and Metals: Gold, Silver
Colors: Navy Blue, Grey

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