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Capricorn Zodiac Sign And Greek God Goddess: Apollo

Apollo God Goddess – Greek Zodiac Sign For Capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Apollo (The God of the Sun and Master of Supernatural Healing)

Apollo is covered in gold and glowing while carrying a golden bow and arrow. Like Capricorn zodiac sign natives, Apollo was protective of his family, and he would do anything for them when facing danger or a threat. He was merciless towards people out of his favor.


Apollo was responsible for the sun’s movement across the sky as the Sun God. Apollo was an artist and a hunter. Hermes gave him a Lyre, which he played skillfully. He was also the patron of the arts. He was also popular for the oracles he inherited from his priests and priestesses. Apollo was immortal but also possessed the power of healing. Many people called on him when they were suffering from an illness they found hard to heal.


Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. He is the God of art and creativity. He is interested in music, art, and dance. Beauty means a lot to Apollo. In times of war, Apollo plays an important role. Many violent situations have been downplayed because he has been able to pacify the key players. Apollo can also see the future and understand prophecies. He has great inspiring powers. Apollo also stands for harmony and order.


Appearance: A young man with curly golden hair
Symbol: Sun, Bow, Chariot
Parents: Zeus and Leto
Siblings: Artemis
Spouse: Not Married
Children: Orpheus, Asklepios
Birth Place: Delos
Animals: Hawk, Raven, Crow, Fawn
Plants: Palm, Bay, Laurel, Walnut, Olive
Perfume: Musk
Gems and Metals: Gold, Amber, Ruby, Jacinth, Peridot
Color: Gold, Orange Red


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