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What Is Candle Feng Shui?

Using Candles In Feng Shui

What is candle Feng Shui? Before expounding on the candle Feng Shui, we must first understand what Feng Shui is. Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of arranging your surroundings to harmonize with the natural world. This is to enhance our health, wealth, and general well-being.


In Chinese, the words Feng Shui mean wind and water. Thus Feng Shui in real life is a practical way of using what you already have with what you want to acquire to attract positivity.

Feng Shui has five elements; each element has unique properties, colors, and shapes to represent specific aspects of life.

a. Fire – Represents passion, emotion, and transformation. The symbolic shape is a triangle to represent flame

b. Earth – Represents peace, stability, calmness, and balance. The symbolic form is a square.


c. Wood – Represents growth, expansion, vitality, and creativity. The symbolic shape is rectangular.

d. Metal – Represents Intelligence, strength, clarity, mental power, and stability. The symbolic shape is a circle.

e.Water – Represents relaxation, clarity, renewal, and inspiration. The symbolic shape is curvy.


Therefore, Candle Feng Shui uses candles to create harmonious surroundings to enhance your way of living or health. It’s a method to enable you to be in harmony with your environment to ensure health benefits, prosperous life, and a manner of living.

A basic understanding of the elements of Feng Shui is essential. This enables you to understand what each candle represents to achieve the desired outcome. Shapes and colors are the primary principal attributes.


When to use Candle Feng Shui?

In pursuit of fame and glory, candles are an excellent way to draw positive attention and be in the spotlight. By lighting candles and placing them in a favorable spot, finding your purpose, you could command enthusiasm for life.

It is warning you of a room that is cold and filled with negative energy. Improve your health. When life seems serious, you need to light a candle to relax your inner soul, preferably in the evening.

Get inspiration when life lacks the zest and zeal; get your inspiration from a candle cure. Light your candles in the evening. Suppose the spark and passion have died down in a relationship or marriage. The candles, especially red, will ignite the flame in the relationship.

Get more independence; lit candles emit fire energy and thus emit self-sufficiency if this can help you to stop over-reliance on a parent or lover.

Feng Shui candles: colors and shapes

Various candle colors and shapes symbolize specific aspects of our lives. Go for the right color to go with the area of your life you are working on. Be particular about your goal.

The red color symbolizes the element of fire, thus fame, love, passion, lust, and reputation.

White color symbolizes heaven representing the kind of friends and teachers. It also symbolizes joy and creativity to us.

The orange color symbolizes an obstacle that has been overcome, rendering brain power. It helps generate peace and wisdom in your life. Motivates wealth and growth.

Pink symbolizes marriage, love, relationships, and affection.

Purple symbolizes wealth, dignity, and mental calm.

Creamy – creativity

Yellow – peace

Green/blue – health

Black – career

Grey – helping people

Where to place Feng Shui candles

The positioning of candles can determine the results you get. This is because candles trigger inspiration and purification. They light up the environment and promote beauty and balance. Candles are the most substantial element of fire in Feng Shui.

Candle Feng Shui helps us harmonize our lives in all areas and manners. Therefore placing them strategically is very crucial to reap positive results.

When candle Feng Shui is used correctly, it will bring about positive energy in the environs it uses and the people there. This will, therefore, render prosperity and harmony. Colors also help to trigger or command the positivism in our lives during Feng Shui.

Kitchen; when it comes to the kitchen, the best color to use is green. Green commands healing and good health at large. It also triggers good nutrition.

Study area; this is where creativity is required; thus, placing a green candle here will enhance creativity.

Family rooms and dining areas

Placing blue candles for Feng Shui in these areas is best because they invoke family bonding and well-being.

In bedrooms and yoga rooms, it’s good to place red candles in these areas to trigger passion. They also boost romance because the red color fosters love in the Feng Shui world.

In prayer rooms, meditation rooms, and study areas, orange and yellow are the best colors to use for candles during Feng Shui in these areas. These colors enhance peace, tranquility, and a spiritual connection.

Bathrooms; white and silver colors are best used in these rooms since they represent the Feng Shui element of metal. This will command stability.

In single rooms, Feng Shui with candles can also be conducted depending on the benefits you want to command. In this case, you have the liberty to use various colors to get multiple moods or effects. Limited space is not a barrier; positive energy will be emitted, transforming the room.

How to ensure candle Feng Shui works

If Feng Shui using candles is to work, you need not be desperate. Do not be too dependent on the results. Let go of too many expectations. This will enable you not to be nervous.

Clear your surroundings. No clutter or dirt. Clean environs will attract positivism. This is because of the free flow of positive energy. Dirt and clutter hinder energy flow and thus negativity.

Ensure good light and air in the rooms where you intend to conduct the candle Feng Shui.

Open spaces are essential to achieving positive results in candle Feng Shui. This is because of the free flow of energy, thus rendering positive energy flow.


Candle Feng Shui is an art that helps us bring harmony to our environs. This harmony enables us to live in peace, be at peace with ourselves and others, and be stable; thus, we achieve good health, prosper, and live more satisfactorily.

However, it’s important to note that balance is critical in candle Feng Shui and all other Feng Shui methods. Concentrating on all elements to reap maximum benefits is essential. Never dwell on one piece. This will hinder harmony, and Feng Shui won’t benefit you.

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