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How To Apologize To Her: Different Methods

Various Ideas On How To Apologize To Her

If you are wondering how to apologize to her, you can read the article below. There are quite several ideas and techniques.

1. First, you need to identify the issue of concern

At this point, you should have in mind where you went wrong and in what ways it offended her. This helps you know what you are apologizing for. Think about the apology. You cannot just get up and head to her place to apologize. Take it seriously by thinking about it first and planning how you will do it.


You should know what to expect before you approach her. She might tell you to leave, at first sight, be ready for that. Have the right words in your head. Know how you will say them using the right emotions. In other words, have it all laid out. You would not want rejection, would you?


2. Show Remorse

Remorse is the feeling of guilt. It is an expression of caring enough to be guilty. This is by accepting the fact that you hurt her feelings. Let her know how bad you hate seeing her like that. How much of a terrible person you think you are and let her see the guilt in your eyes. Draw out the reasons for your actions calmly.


While at it, avoid mentioning how “it was not your fault” or how “you did not expect her to react like that.” Just keep saying how sorry you are while explaining, or else you will top up the flames and only make it worse. Make sure she sees how tortured you feel for making her go through the pain she is experiencing and how much you never meant for it to happen. She should feel that you deserve a chance to prove yourself and make things right from how you explain them.


How To Apologize To Her: Say Sorry

3. Give her a chance to speak

It is not wise to be selfish when making an apology. An apology is a two-way street. Both of you need to talk in turns. Let her feel free to respond. Avoid going on and on non-stop, as she might as well get exhausted from all the listening.

Keep making pauses and wait for her feedback after you can see some impact. Do not interrupt her while she is at it, as this could create a blazed-up argument. Despite how much she says what you did not expect, keep your cool and only speak when she is done without you having to ask, “are you done?”. This will help keep the process smooth.

4. Promise to make it up when you apologize to her

You have to say how you are going to change. She needs to know that you are willing to correct your wrong actions. Let her know that you will do anything to make her feel better. Make her feel as if you are offering the world to have her forgive you. Put on a cute face and kneel if you have to.

It may seem cliché, but it explicitly affects one’s emotions. Lower your ego, by all means, to let her know that you would go beyond boundaries to make up for what you did. This will make her feel that you deserve forgiveness.

5. Sum it all up statement

“Please, forgive, “should be the words to speak after you have said your piece. Look into her eyes and hold her with love as you ask her for forgiveness. Give her a chance to feel the moment and think of what to say.

Be patient and let her willingly accept your apology without feeling pressured. Let her sink into your warmth by offering a hug. This will be an assurance that your apology was a success! Now you know how to apologize to her.

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