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7 Chakras Tarot – A True Reading

A True Reading  from 7 Chakras Tarot

He started shuffling his cards as soon as an old lady sat in front of him asking for a palm reading. He is known as the palm reader. But palmistry is just one way for him to activate his intuition. And since the lady is so old her palms would look like claw’s feet. The lines are too crammed to be read in any obvious way. Let us see an example of the 7 chakras tarot.


He opened 7 cards for each chakra of the lady in front of him and looked at them with a feeling eye. The second card looked seriously depressing in his eyes even though it was the “third of cups” a card that is often interpreted as a sign of celebration and an omen of happiness. Then he started describing her emotions and mental state by looking at each card. The old lady was stunned by the accuracy of his description. She felt as if this man had known me a long time ago.

Suddenly, she felt a strong urge to interrupt him, and asked him in a tone of deep concern:” Do you see any death soon?”


Seeing Death with 7 Chakras Tarot

The palmist looked at the first card that represented her base chakra. It was the picture of a strong man on it, he felt strong and not indicative of any death, so the palmist didn’t feel that the old lady was asking him about her death. He remembered that the second card felt heavy and sad in his hand, and it was meant to represent the second chakra which is related to family life. Then he made his intention to draw one more card about the near future of this chakra.


He shuffled his cards again and drew one with caution. There was a picture of a young man on it, and he thought to himself:” As if this young man is her son”. He drew a third card – Death! This card is commonly not usually interpreted as death, but because the lady was asking him if he could see any death, he couldn’t help to tell her that he was seeing death.


Process of Forecasting

The whole process didn’t take more than 10 seconds and the answer was clear in his mind. He replied:” Yes, I see the death of your son in about a couple of months.”

He said it was in a couple of months because it was the second card that showed that death, and he had made a clear intention that each draw would represent another month.

Usually, he never tells people about death, but it was just a spontaneous answer that he gave based on what he felt. He has made a clear decision to be fully spontaneous in his job. Only in this way, he could make accurate readings. The old lady then said:” I believe your reading is very accurate because my son is terminally sick and he is expected to die in a couple of months.”

After the reading was over, the palmist sat alone thinking for himself about what he had said. Was it wise to predict death in this way? What if his feeling is not accurate this time? Isn’t he doing more harm than good in this way?

Free Palm Reading

This was a typical day for the palmist. Sitting in a small corner of the marketplace, beside him his only advertising tool – a whiteboard, on it, is written:” Free Palm Reading”.

He is definitely doing all his reading without asking people for any more, but people rarely leave him without showing their deep gratitude and they often pay him what they feel his words are worth. The only people who did not pay him are those who haven’t got any money on them to pay with.

Day after day, he patiently sat there in the same spot, hoping that he would be able to become famous one day. He knows that he makes a lot of mistakes in his readings. But, he also knows that some of his predictions are unreasonably accurate. He is unsure if it is the right job for him. Also, he never thought of becoming a palmist in his life. He always wanted to become an inventor of some new technologies.

Nevertheless, at the moment, this is the only door open for him to make money and survive. One day, he would be able to change his job and do something where he would be more repeated. Most people passing by believe that he is a kind of a beggar, a fraud, or a charlatan. Only a few people see enough beauty in him to ask him for a palm reading.


During these moments, an old lady approached him. “you were right,” she said. The palmist couldn’t understand what that lady was talking about. He couldn’t remember having spoken to her in the first place. “you were totally right, your prediction was spot on. My son has died yesterday in the hospital. I am on my way to the market to buy some tissues. I need to cry for a long time…”

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