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Trump IX or 9: The Hermit The Yogi Dharma

Jen: Awakening, Thunder

The 22 cards of wisdom are also seen as revolving around a “center” placed at Trump 11. Its own “Rota,” a wheel of 4 spokes, touches Trump IX or 9, 10 and 12, 13. This is the psychic-astral or vital-emotional wheel, “turning” clockwise, i.e., towards the right. Its inner quality is magnetic, thus receptive, Yin. The mental-noetic wheel, whose center lies at Trump 17, is electric, impulsive, Yang.

The “central seat of the Soul” in man lies at the center symbolized by Trump 11. Thus the surroundings of Man, the Earth-Moon-Belt-Zone, are amplified and analyzed once more, based primarily on the psychic-astral aspects. We find a repetition of analogies already expounded upon within Trump 1 to 4. The “key” has shifted, yet the subjects repeat. What is new is that the “central wheel” points to development within Man based on his threefold body: physical, astral, and mental.

The Soul

The living entity inhabiting this luminous being is called the Soul, or the eternally living spark of God. By consciously setting in motion, the astral body, here also called the vital-emotional body, is perceived to be essential of magnetic nature and turning towards the right. The mental-noetic body is found to be essentially electric and left-turning. The stable point within these rotating “fields” is the physical body, which is electromagnetic. Thus the geometric picture of a fully developed human being resembles a “star-tetraether” with 8 outside “harmonic points” of interaction and a central “point of Self.”

This was recognized by the compilers of the Qabbalah and the whole “vehicle of Man” given the name Mer-Ka-Ba. Through the counter-movements of his subtle bodies’ electric and magnetic fields, this highly developed Man was able to travel the whole Earth-Moon-Belt-Zone. At an even higher advanced stage, the exploration of the mental-noetic planetary spheres was also possible. The initiation for the development of the Mer-Ka-Ba was usually the ninth stage, for all external phenomena up to Trump 8 had to be thoroughly integrated.

Any slight imbalance within the personal Mer-Ka-Ba can prove highly dangerous to the practitioner, for by severing one of the subtle bodies from the central Self, instant physical death would occur. Thus this tradition was secreted away and referred to only via the “order of Melchizedek,” named after the “god-priest” living before the time of Salomon. The dynamics of Trump IX or 9, where the fields can be put into motion, must be seen as centered on Trump 11, i.e., the total human being expressed by 1 and 1, the double-luminous being. This then refers to the magnetic astral or vital-emotional “wheel” of the Mer-Ka-Ba.

The higher mental wheel or field is centered on Trump 17, an eight-spoked Rota encompassing Trumps 21 to 13, touching the lower wheel at Trump 13. Thus the human body, in the language of the Tarot, is divided into the physical body and seat of the Soul from Trumps 1 to 8, whereby Trumps 7 and 8 intermingle with the higher bodies. In other words, the harmonic points of convergence of the physical body with the astral and mental bodies lie within the spheres symbolized by Trump 7 (mental) and 8 (astral).

The astral or vital-emotional body is situated between the spheres of Trump IX or 9 and 13 and the higher mental-noetic body between Trump 13 and 21. All other spheres have “harmonic convergency points,” though the total number of these is simplified to 9 only, 8 “outside” and 1 “inside.”