Sunday, May 19, 2024

Trump IX or 9: The Hermit The Yogi Dharma

The Mystery of Polarity

We may therefore say that Trump 9, just before the whole manifestation of the double-polar magnet in its universal significance (Trump 10), expounds on the mystery of Polarity, the eternal flux from being to non-being to being: from the manifest, incarnated soul to the immeasurable Tao and back through the spheres into manifestation.

The human being indicated by a spread of the Tarot, when confronted with Trump 9, is well advised to take a long and seeking look at his whole surroundings, fathoming its iniquities or imbalances. By a meditative effort, they will be better able to decide which path is most appropriate: to retreat and ponder the situation or advance swiftly towards change.

In meditation, all kinds of incense can be used based on the actual mood and inclination. In all cases, Sandalwood, Rose, Myrrh, and Frankincense are the most harmonious. Other flowers may be added. Cinnamon would strengthen the mental associations.