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How To Perform Sensory Deprivation?

How To Perform Sensory Deprivation?

It is said that in the places where there is no light or sound, where one cannot feel or taste or smell anything, there is something beyond the realm of physicality that can be experienced. Some people call it “god,” and others say it’s the edge of the universe. Read more about sensory deprivation here.

Everyone knows about the adage that when one loses the use of one sense, all other senses get stronger to compensate. What would happen, then, if you took all of them away at once? What would you experience, and how? You can find out with sensory deprivation.

There are clinics that offer sensory deprivation tanks, where you float in a supersaturated saltwater solution at skin temperature in silence and darkness, in a neutral environment. These places are perfect for experiencing sensory deprivation, but they may end up being a little pricey. You can emulate it, although with less perfection, in your own home.

Find a table tennis ball, and cut it in half. Paint the inside of the ball red or black, thickly enough to block out light that would shine through it. Use noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds, and get a recording of white noise, brown noise, or pink noise lasting at least an hour.

Make sure your room’s temperature isn’t too warm or too cold. Take all the covers off of your bed, leaving just the bottom sheet, and a soft pillow. Using easy-to-remove masking tape, tape the ball halves over your eyes, shutting out all light. Put on the headphones, and lie back on your bed, on your back, naked.

You are blocking out sight, sound, and touch by reducing the amount of stimuli that can be perceived. Taste should be neturalized by drinking warm water beforehand, and scent can be controlled to some extent with various methods.

Breathe naturally, however you like, but try not to move. You may start to feel itches, or urges to twitch your muscles, but resist them. You want to send your body into a state of non-feeling. The white noise will make sure you do not become distracted by tiny noises like bugs, house settling sounds, or your telephone beeping at you.

You will not see tiny specks of dust floating in the air or the stain on your carpet. You will not feel the wrinkles in your trousers or the metal on your wrist of a watch. Simply be. It is said that vivid hallucinations and strong mental images will soon come when your brain has no input to it.

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It must keep busy somehow, and will therefore make its own stimuli. These hallucinations could very possibly be terrifying and intense, so it is recommended not to force yourself into a position where you cannot immediately remove your stimulus-blocking devices, such as tying your hands. Be careful and exercise common sense.

What you see may change your perception of reality.

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