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Dating A Humanitarian: Things You Should Know

Dating A Humanitarian: Easy or Tough?

There are some things you need to know before dating a humanitarian. Being a humanitarian or the spouse of one sounds amazingly good! Humanitarians supposedly possess qualities that make them good candidates for a partner. We always hear good things about them, helping to treat the sick, feeding the hungry, and campaigning for better living conditions for the less endowed. But do they have any negative side that we are not aware of?


Dating A Humanitarian: Finding Happiness With Love

1. They are Kind Hearted

Humanitarians are kind and give out easily and freely without strings attached. Their primary focus is to ensure the well-being of people undergoing some difficulties due to war, poverty, or a plague. With this quality, they will indeed find kindness in you.

2. They Fight for People’s Right

Humanitarians are very protective and good at fighting for people’s rights. They hate to see the rights of others being infringed upon and hence will fight for them no matter what. Having a humanitarian as a spouse will, therefore, mean they will not only protect you from the abuse of others but will also do well to respect your rights and privileges.


3. They are Good Public Speakers

What better than to have an eloquent husband or wife who knows how to leave an impression on others? It automatically makes you feel good and proud to be associated with such a fellow. This is just one of the traits of humanitarians. They speak well and clearly without ambiguity, fear, or favor. They do not just talk but speak with facts.


4. They are Good at Bargaining

Humanitarians are very good at bargaining and always get the best deals for you. Due to their excellent interpersonal relationship skills and their unique charisma, they can convince others to buy goods or services. They have been around town for some time and know the actual prices for goods. Therefore, you cannot just cheat them because you think they are strangers. This same attribute makes them good marketers; hence, they are more inclined to succeed in business.


5. Hardworking

Humanitarians do not give excuses when there is work to be done. They are also hardworking and result-oriented. They won’t lie idle when there are people to be fed or given medicine. Humanitarians do not give up easily and will go to any extent to achieve what they set out to do. What more could you wish for than a hardworking partner?

6. You Won’t Always Have them Around

Due to the dynamic nature of their schedules, a humanitarian partner is less likely to stick around. They are primarily concerned with the problems of others and devote all their time to finding a solution to such issues. So, while you need them by your side, they will be caring for others at your expense.

7. Wellbeing at Stake

They fail to consider their well-being. Humanitarians typically care less about their well-being, which can be a great source of worry for their partners. Sometimes, the partners may have extra responsibilities to make the relationship work, which brings unbalance and stress.

8. Their Work is Risky

Humanitarians are always at risk due to what they stand for. Just as they become heroes to some people, they also become very unpopular with others who threaten their agenda. This can, therefore, put their lives in danger. In addition, they can contract a disease during their service. For example, during the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia and other African countries, some humanitarians lost their lives to the disease. This can be a big blow if you date a humanitarian.

9. They Live their Life for Others

They fail to accumulate wealth for themselves because they are constantly seeking the welfare of others. True humanitarians do not mind giving up everything they have to see someone smile. As such, they turn to focus most of their resources on charity, making it impossible for them to accumulate wealth. The wealthy ones also ensure most of their wealth goes into charity work. Having such a person as a partner means coping with their financial decisions.

10. Dating A Humanitarian Means No Private Life

Finally, being at the frontline of most politico-humanitarian issues implies being in the glare of the media. Hence, they have no privacy. So, dating a humanitarian wouldn’t be a good choice if you prefer having a private life.

As you see, dating a humanitarian is not very rosy and comes with its challenges, just as every normal relationship. This should, however, not prevent you from dating that sweet person just because of their work.

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