Which of the Four Elements Match Your Personality?

You may relate to a different element from what your Sun Sign / Zodiac Sign element is. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

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  1. Can somebody tell me how to get to the quiz all I see are ads and comments

  2. Am Capricorn which sign is good for me to marry

  3. my birthday is october 20th and im an air element my bro is fire my mum is earth and my dad is water soo…… im trying to learn a new power to turn off eletric

  4. Teodor Kaboy Nepembe

    I want to know the results….

  5. Do the questions ever end

  6. Earth, yep. I am a Gemini but I have a lot of Earthy ways.

  7. I’m Fire, hell yeah! My sun sign is Libra which is an air sign. But honestly, most of the traits are not very accurate to me.

  8. I got Fire! Hell yeah! I’m Libra and most of the traits are not very accurate to me. So, yeah, Fire is the element I’m most at home.

    MY ELEMENT IS WATER…..WOW! Soooooo accurate! Just think, I can not tolerate Water Sun Signs much at all, because they’re so sensitive and emotional. LOLOL Who am I fooling? My moon in Scorpio puts me right in line with them. SMDH!

  10. The test is unavailable for me. How would you have me take the test?

  11. This was a fantastic test. I also learned a few things about myself. I realised that I actually love emerald more than ruby and would rather be oxygen than carbon. I am earth and got earth 😊

  12. I am Sag Moon, Leo Sun, Virgo Rising. But; what I got is water. I have thought my result would be earth but this is okay too. I hate my sun sign by the way.

  13. Am water, got water.

    I enjoyed this.
    I have a fairly balanced chart as far as elements go, but I’m heavy in Virgo\earth energy so I wanted to see if I’d get something different than my sun in Cancer. Alas… cancer water energy can not be hidden, not with a Leo moon. Sun ruled sign in the placement of the moon, which rules my sun sign. Sun illuminates the moon. They have this weird symbiotic dance. It’s fun.

  14. Earth does fit me. I’m a Capricorn and love earth things like rain and grass.

  15. Aquarius and I got air. Welp…that’s totally expected.

  16. Leo and my element is Earth

  17. I got Earth, I was born with 6 planets in Leo. Rock steady

  18. June 21st I love all the lady’s no matter what color they are!!!

  19. I got fire, I have zero fire in my chart but I am a sun dominant in cancer. Accurate in a unusual way.

  20. I’m a pisces and i got fire

  21. I’m Sagittarius (Fire) but I got Air…

    Oh wait… *Checks my Natal Report*

    Saturn in Gemini, Uranus in Aquarius, Neptune in Aquarius…

    To mention other elements:

    Fire: Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius, Pluto in Sagittarius (Also note that it’s all Sagittarius!)

    Water: Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer

    No Earth signs.

    Also, whenever I do other elemental quizzes, I’m just as likely to get any of Fire, Water or Air (and hardly ever Earth)! Now I know they’re just as accurate!

    • I would so hate you right now! I am a Virgo, I have dominant Virgo in all my planets etc and I HATE sags with a vengeance! Sags are liars and cheaters and big fat phoneys! (and I am nothing like a Virgo, no idea why I have so many, I am most like my Chinese horoscope!)

  22. Elizabeth Cintron

    Cfun test i was air

  23. I got Air. But I am a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius with Pisces rising and Pisces in other signs. So I’m a mixed bag lol

  24. I got Water
    Sun in Cancer and Scorpio rising, so I’d say it matches

  25. I got water but im fire. I actually can relate to both as I believe I have 2 sides inside of me.

  26. I got fire! My sun sign is Aquarius my moon sign is Virgo rising is Gemini! But it’s right I’m fire in side no one messes with me.

  27. I am so a Capricorn and I got Earth.

  28. Plz do let me know the result

  29. I got air and I’m an air sign! So woo hoo!

  30. Uhm… Im water and I am pisces and I am dating an aries so life does not make sense but, whatever.

  31. I got water! I am a Scorpio with Capricorn moon.

    Thanks for this.

  32. Didn’t work for me, froze on question 24 which sucks even more

  33. I got water!! I’m a Aries Sun Scorpio Moon♈♏

  34. Interesting, im sun scorpio but ascendant aquarius which i feel getting stronger more older i get. I got Air, pretty much me nowadays.

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  36. please attend to my test

  37. I got air but I’m a water sign(Pisces)…

  38. I got fire. Strangely I am a Libra Sun, Pisces moon and Aries Ascendant. This is the fourth element test that gives me fire, so I think it might just be the truth.

  39. i got my own element AIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  40. I got FIRE!

    It’s very accurate and I am a triple fire (sextuple if it includes my other planetary placements). It consists of me being a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Aries Rising… Inteeresting posts from yall 🙂

  41. Please provide information from my quiz

  42. I made the test twice and got Air, even I am Aries. My ascendant is Cancer Hmmm… Interesting

  43. Aquarius and I got Air! interesting. Is it that some of us walk alone cos we are not in the right company or am actually introvert.

  44. I got air and I’m an actual Gemini :0

    the description is accurate, except for the social part

  45. I got fire and I’m an earth sign.

  46. Astrologers believe our moon sign is the sign we likely think of ourselves most as because it’s how we feel when we’re alone or deeply comfortable. I got ‘Air’ on this quiz, which makes sense because my moon sign is Libra. So that makes sense to me, even though I’m an earth sign. We’re all complex creatures. 😀

    • Wow! I did not know that! I got fire, and I am Virgo sun sign, but my moon is Sagittarius. So the fire comes from my moon. 🙂

  47. I got Earth and I am a Capricorn!!!!!!

  48. I got WATER
    I am ALWAYS attracted to water people somehow. And life ALWAYS trows “water people” in my life. I can’t explain why! I have very little water in my chart. Chiron at 15 Pisces. That’s it! And I’m a Libra with Virgo Moon and Ascendant.

  49. Lol I got Earth and I’m a Capricorn

  50. Very interesting

  51. This was an interesting result; Air. I am a Scorpio and have been described as an introvert all of my life. My ascendant is 15 Gemini. If it weren’t for the “social” trait I would say this is quiz was very accurate.

  52. I would like to have information on my birth sign please

  53. So this is why even if I’m a Scorpio my best and mover closest friends are Aquarius’s or anyone close to me is a air sign.

  54. Hmmm…I always thought I’d be ‘Lightning’ Element more than any…but ‘Air’ it is lol ^~

  55. Apparently, I’m an airhead. :p

    “At first, the Air element might not seem like much. However, we must remember that air breaths life into us, literally. The Air element represents creativity and wisdom. People who relate most to the air element are social, smart, and artistic.”

    • Well, I am AIR too. That’s something to be proud of. Without Air everything is dead, so that means without My input in this world nothing else matters. 😊 See how important and impressive us Air people are!!!

  56. i knew this…yep. i knew it. peace

  57. That is really weird i am an earth sign.

  58. yeahhh!! that’s me =)

  59. Interesting indeed.

  60. So interesting & exactly me

  61. Thanks! It is actually fun!

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