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Seasons And Astrology

Relation Between Seasons and Astrology

A brief explanation: Why Seasons phenomena should not be related to the Signs of the Zodiac specifically but as an integration of rules translated by Astrology and set by proper qualities, modes, and temperaments.

Almost all seasons are cardinal, no matter the hemisphere. Due to the atmospheric phenomenon, each hemisphere has opposite seasons, the extreme temperatures of each winter and summer invite us to hide or to expose, to burn or to freeze, and finally, we are forced to experience the most extremes of nature’s polarities.


Tell me, are you going into the dark cold and wet winter of Cancer season if living in the southern hemisphere or waiting to relish a new backup plan under the Sun entering Cancer and summertime awaits affably?

It matters. The existence of the expenditure of the Sun is what lets us create and manifest fire, therefore things get the chance to live, under the shadow things die or rest instead of creating. The distinct and contrasting opening seasons remarks well characteristics of the zodiac signs in its cardinal quality but does not the sign itself. Northern and Southern astrologers usually consider the North’s direction to be the significant real indicator of the zodiacal meaning sign introduced to its traits.


But when changed seasons to the southern hemisphere, people experience the opposite of its astrological seasonal sign meaning, yet not the sign itself, never the case. The temperatures either drop or rise, we either get to be more reserved or excited. Under the influence of the seasons, the temperature rules the environment and its conditions, we only have but to adapt to it under circumstances where we aren’t able to control such as shelters.

It is said that Capricorn rulers winter because it is a cold sign in traits, in mythology, spiritual, esoteric, well every study that has Capricorn as subject usually perceive the beautiful goat as evil, demoniac, father of death and time. While Cancer zodiac symbolizes the emotional, introspective kind of person that eventful shows its feeling only to those who deserve most, they will only be with people with whom they are familiar with. Both descriptions above define well the characteristics of a winter season.


But in Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun enters Cancer in tropical astrology, it is the summer solstice, people are celebrating on beaches, are more outgoing, the heat of the Sun makes people more excited yet lazy but motivates us to be more strong-willed while daily witnessing and sensing the Sun’s power even more vividly than winter season, the habitants from this direction are ready to explode in emotions and to lead. Here, the sunlit part of the moon moves from right to left.

In Southern Hemisphere, when the Sun enters Cancer in tropical astrology, it is winter solstice, people usually become more introspective, less outgoing, people are more apt to drink alcohol such as wine to keep up warm body temperature. The Sun is fewer hours visible, and the dark rules the sky; fire is needed to increase heat. The seasons belt that prevent falling rains or snows to moist earth is now unfastened. Here, the sunlit part moves from the left to the right; we see the Moon upside down as much as all the Moon phases get to be seen backward.


Having the necessary basic terrain to sustain the fact that Capricorn is not necessarily ‘cold’ because it rules the winter season in the North Hemisphere, nor is the sign of Cancer-related to beach time because it initiates the summer solstice in one hemisphere of the globe where crabs make its summer apparently obvious. If it were like that, Aquarius and Pisces would have the same traits all them together as they follow the coldest season alongside gradually turning into spring, although a deeper study in astrological houses as quadrants one could find more ground to establish a greater connection and explanation thence. Still, it wouldn’t be enough as an ideal pattern to predispose more logical and rational access to better explain the reasons of astrology and its meanings, rather than random thoughts and subjective relativity.

I live in Brazil, and along with Australia and others territories, we are flooded with ocean more than those in the northern latitudes and also have less land yet exotic and milder seasons except for the Antarctic, therefore adhering a cleaner environment because of its low population compared to the opposite latitude. When we experience a Cancer winter season, we become reserved, and you see fewer people on the street, people go into a shell, people go inwards to accumulate and initiate energy into something that requires less physical or hard mental stimulation but rather a logical, rational, slow and emotional approach. With no heat enough to fire up minds and physical conditions, human experience family gatherings more often, and we feel our body heavier as our body does it best to keep the vital organs warm, we tend to eat more, and our blood flow is reduced.

The same happens for those living in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun enters Capricorn, and the winter comes. It is beneficial to understand the principle of polarity to grasp the essence of the seasons and why each has opposites to the other despite the reaction from the environment. Then how can we simulate a similarity among the extremes? The axis have definite and contrasting traits to each other, that’s why it is considered an opposition, therefore

Now, can we interpret the signs as being the essence characteristics compared to the seasons? Perhaps the most certain ways to investigate even deeper for the correlation in between is examining the proper qualities of the signs and planets to start distinguishing the parts, since they are a mix of study that involves 2 qualities for each element, for example:

Traditionally, the winter season is related to the older age of man, as the season dries out the skin and can result in cracking, similar to the skin of an older person, very Capricorn indeed, which among Saturn rules the ancient one. But the emotional introspection as a result delivered from the extreme cold makes people more Cancerian than Capricorn.

Traditionally, the summer season is related to the young adult age, as the season inspired us by the heat of the Sun to keep things strong and reckless, which is the very temperament of Cancer although soft and gentle. But no matter what hemisphere, the Sun is at its highest pick in the sky, denoting the public image that Capricorn sign concentrates.

Winter is cold and wet and is related to the Earth signs

Summer is hot and dry and is related to the Fire signs

Winter corresponds to the Phlegm temperament, which is cold and wet

Summer corresponds to the Cholera temperament, which is hot and dry

Capricorn has Earth as element, which is cold and dry

Cancer has Water as element, which is cold and wet

Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, which initiates both mainly extreme solstices

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is cold and dry

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is cold and wet

Cancer has a crab as animal symbol, crabs have rigid shells to protect themselves from the outer world; they are found in abundance in summer time and live under water.

Capricorn has a goat as animal symbol, goats have strong capacity to adapt to extreme temperatures and prefers higher altitudes, and their natural habitat are the mountains.

From now, things get to make more sense. Gathering enough information about the zodiac, in essence, is a gateway to true understanding as we realize that the information opposes each other or contradicts the meanings. Now we can see a chain of information forming a concept that Cancer/Capricorn axis itself doesn’t rule the full essence but their cardinal mode/quality.

Both extreme seasons share characteristics of both signs, the same happens with all the other signs and the respective autumn and spring seasons. If we take main attention to the fact Capricorn rules winter because it is the coldest sign, we find ourselves inaccurate in which doesn’t provide much as when at the same time Capricorn in the South represents an opening season for the hot and dry weather, when Capricorn sign itself is cold and dry.

Now, to say that a person is colder or melancholic in temperament is totally another subject. For that, the studying of the elements and temperaments according to the planets, signs and angular points would show more precisely the individual’s needs foundation, yet that won’t be because a person was born on winter or summer but because of the interaction from the singularity of each zodiacal element in the sky to the whole sphere, independently of the season.

A person born under the coldest day in a Capricorn winter could have Stellium in Sagittarius for example, resulting in a more choleric chart than melancholic, thus acquiring a more ‘summertime’ seasonal traits into the equation, hence the other planetary movements that alter, diminish or add influences.

Although western astrologers usually base the zodiac signs on the seasonal influences specifically, I usually come across this aversion of values as I think it comes to be. Thus, the article above is a perfect model of integrated polarities in astrology. How that could be clarified, not relevant whatsoever in natal charts, it will only add but confusion to the client’s mind at this instance, the intent here is to open up the discussion among professionals or interested people.

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