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Recurring Numbers In Numerology

What Are Recurring Numbers In Numerology?

Western divinity often sees recurring numbers as a sign from above, usually given by Spirit Guides who looks over their charge. In Chinese, the belief is that ancestors are the Guides giving hints via numbers to their descendant. In Vedic divinity, recurring numbers refer to a more symbolic significance, rather than Spirit Guides or cosmic intervention. Either way, the appearance of recurring numbers frequently should be taken seriously, or at least paid attention to.


How the numbers appear is not as important, but you will notice a pattern, such as looking at the time when it is 11:11 or 12:12, followed by a car number plate with the same number. In Chinese practices, any object can manifest numbers: fish, wood prints or even random household items. No matter where you have seen it, the more you do, the more you should take note, as they might be trying to tell you something important. Of course, our Guides can send other hints, such as animals or a different sign, as recurring numbers are merely another method of communication.


These recurring numbers are merely part of a larger list numerology has to offer, it is also worthy to note that this is a guide only. Sometimes, Guides will give random recurring numbers that only you would understand, something that has links to events that had occurred in the past. Whatever number it is, you the recipient should be receptive and be aware of the numbers flashing before you.

Recurring Number Symbolism

Recurring 1s

Number 1 the Magician in the major arcana of the tarot symbolizes the mystical realm, seeing 1 repeating itself is a sign that you need to pay attention to your surroundings, 11 is a Master Number that represents awareness and intuition, a sign that you should be paying attention to when making big decisions. Your inner self might be trying to tell you to be cautious, and to think carefully before making that big first step.

In Chinese numerology, 11 has a special meaning: a pair. It means that two singular person coming together to form a pair. For couples, seeing 11:11 is indeed a symbol of good luck as it will cement their belief that the relationship is going strong.


Recurring 2s

Number 2 the Priestess in the major arcana of the tarot is the guardian of the unconscious. She represents knowledge and understanding, and seeing recurring 2s is a call to listen to your intuition, as your Guide is trying to teach you something, and to trust in your intuition. 22 is a Master Number that relates to your responsibilities and career, the side of production. When 22 appears frequently, it might be telling you that you are missing out on opportunities due to fear. This is also a call to remind you that you are given this chance because the world believes in you, you simply need to seize the day. 22 in Chinese numerology says the same thing, when you see multiples of 22, it signifies a path that you should go on despite your fear, for it might be more smooth flowing than you thought.


2 is also the number of partnerships, as it takes two to tango. For single people, is that a sign that you will be meeting a new person? For couples, are you guys in balance, or someone is giving or taking more? Closely related to your intuition, it is time to be aware of your surroundings and listen to what is being said.

Recurring 3s

3 represents The Empress, the Earth Mother, the nurturing and creative feminist within us. The Empress also represents birth and pregnancy. 3 encourages you to connect with nature and other beings to spread the love, and having recurring 3s might be a sign that the Universe will be intervening and you might need to be ready for it.

In Chinese numerology, 3 is a good sign to have when you are seriously ill. 3 in certain Chinese dialects means “life” and seeing this number when you are pregnant or recovering is a positive sign. Particularly when it appears from random things frequently.

The Master number 33 is telling you that you will not be satisfied or happy until you have shared your love to the world, your natural talents you have inside you waiting to be let out. Seeing repetitive 3s might be a message for you to look into yourself: body, mind and soul and see what is out of whack, what is your Guide trying to tell you?

Recurring 4s

4 represents The Emperor, who guards structure and stability, much like a man guarding his home and family. Having recurring 4s might mean that you need to be aware of what needs to be protected: yourself or loved ones. Is your Guide trying to tell you to take charge of a situation or time to lead your family to something?

In Chinese Numerology, 4 is bad luck, it means death is coming. When recurring 4s appear, they usually think about those who are ill or be more cautious as it signifies something bad may happen in near future.

Recurring 5s

5 represents The Hierophant, who guards institutions and represents pursuit of knowledge. Seeing recurring 5s is a sign that you might be better off following a set and well worn path rather than choosing the road untravelled. 5 does not mean that you should not be closed in a box, but be more wary to show your creative side and passion in general. The Hierophant is the Guide who will patiently help you through changes in your life.

In Chinese numerology, 5 means “nothingness” and seeing a repeat of 555s signifies the three “nothings” in Buddhist scripture: Nothing is permanent, no thoughts/ aspects are permanent, no desire is permanent. Seeing 555 is a reminder that there is no permanence in life, and to learn how to let go when something has already left.

Recurring 6s

While 666 is the famous sign of the Devil, it is a sign that your thoughts are imbalanced and you should balance your worries with faith in your Guides. 6 is a nurturing number that symbolizes balance in all areas. It is a perfect number in Mathematics, and it is the sum of its proper divisors. Basically the appearance of 6s repeatedly is a message to trust in those who look after you, and to balance your responsibility and your creative side.

Recurring 7s

7 represents the Chariot in Major Arcana, and it symbolizes victory and success. A recurring 7s is good news! As your Guide is congratulating you for your tenacity and hard work, and you are being rewarded with a sign that you will be fine. 77 or 777 also reminds you that you are not the greatest yet, there are still things to learn and master, but you are definitely on the right path. If you have been struggling, this is definitely a sign that will make you smile.

In Vedic numerology, 7s represents the seven divine consciousness in the world, and the seven sages Saptarishi. Seeing a recurring 777s would mean good luck, or more generally a reminder to look into consciousness.

recurring numbers

Recurring 8s

8 is a special number, when placed lying down it looks like the infinity symbol. It is the number of Karma, and a reminder that you shall reap what you sow. A repeat of 8s is a call to check your finances, like Chinese numerology, 8 means wealth. Seeing this number is an important call to always go the right thing, as Karma might repay you in kind.

Recurring 9s

9 represents the Hermit in major arcana, symbolizing a phase of introspection and a period of soul searching. Having a recurring 9 reminds you to honor the wisdom that you have accumulated, and giving service through that. Recurring 9s also means that some things have come to an end and you should be ready to let it go, so you can be open to new desire or passion.

In Chinese numerology, 9 means longevity, it is an auspicious symbol during certain times, particularly a happy occasion. Normally, people put up symbols in 9s during weddings or first day of Lunar Calendar to signify good luck for a long time. Recurring 9s when in business is a highly positive sign.

No matter which numbers are recurring for you, the most important thing is to notice it and take necessary steps to understand the message. The Guides will continue to send messages and signs, as their motive is always to help you make good decisions in life. Recurring numbers might show up anytime and anywhere, as long as you are ready for it.

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