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7 Types of Psychic Readings

7 Types of Psychic Readings

Do you want to know your future? Who are you going to fall madly in love with? When? When are you going to hit it rich? Which job should you take? Should you get a dog? What does dearly deceased Grandma think of your life and where did she hide her recipe for your favorite cookies? There are seven types of psychic readings.

How does a Psychic answer all these questions? We have all seen TV shows that joke about palm reading, or a crystal ball, tarot cards … yadda yadda yadda… but could it be real?


Did you know that psychic readings don’t just tell the future? They can talk about your past, see the other side, and help you in the present. Have you ever been to a Metaphysical Fair? You walk into the fair, and there are booths everywhere. People sell their crafts, sell their health/healing services and people offer different types of psychic readings. You can pick and choose what you want to know buy or hear about. Try one of each! What are the most popular types, you ask?


#1. Clairvoyance

These are the psychics who can just talk to you and see your paths in life light up (maybe not literally but you see what I mean). The telephone operators, the conversationalists, Mrs. Clair Voyant, do not need any tools to direct their energy. They just strike up a conversation and can look into your future, and past, or help you with issues in your present. But, without knowing all the details (otherwise that would be just regular old counseling).

It’s called distance reading. They do not need to be in the same room as you, (hence the telephone operators) but they can see things and events that have happened, will happen, or are happening far away. So call that number on the infomercial, and see what they say about your love life. Pretty cool!


#2. Aura Readings

An aura is a “bio-electromagnetic field” that surrounds a person. They are known to be of different colors and provide information about a person (if you can see it). An aura can show what people are feeling, what they want out of life, or what their issues or challenges are.

Psychics with this ability can see the auras around people, animals, and, even objects. I wonder if that would get annoying… walking around seeing everything with a layer of color around them… they probably get used to it though. Anyway, these psychics can read and interpret the auras to understand a person and help them. What color is your aura?


#3. Palm Reading

This is one we all know! Life line, love line, etc. There are lines and wrinkles in a person’s hand that Palmists can read and interpret to understand that person’s life. If a line is faint, it is considered an area in life that needs work, if a line is deep it is seen as a strongly used area of life. The main lines are the head line, the heart line, and the life line and there are different means for the length and depth of the lines. You can read your palm with a little Google search. I think and analyze everything, prefer small groups and one-on-one to large groups, and people can count on me to stay strong, especially in hard times… awesome!

This is generally known as a trait that doesn’t need a psychic ability. You are warned to not give any additional information. See if they can gain their insights directly from your palm. Might want to make sure your hands and their hands are clean too…. Can you imagine? Ewwww…

#4. Psychometry

Psychometry means using an object to connect the importance and energy to a person and their life. They do this by touching an object of great importance to a person (what would you give them? I would probably give them the necklace I wear the most…) Then the psychic (possibly a psychometrist), uses their gift to feel the energies and see images.

Ever read or seen a movie about a psychic finding a missing person? This generally portrays the type of psychic reading. I wonder if people do, in real life, use psychic powers to find people. Interesting thought!

#5. Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a trendy style of psychic reading. A deck has 78 cards with different images and meanings. The meanings even change based on the placement of the cards after they are pulled from the deck. This gets even more complicated with different types of spreads based on the question that wants to be asked and leads to random fate-type answers. The cards are pretty, too!

Tarot reading is another style that does not require psychic ability, but the best readers have a clairvoyant trait that allows them to use the cards as tools to see into the future. You can get a deck and do it yourself, see if you have the psychic ability! Nifty!

#6. Past Lives (Retrocognition)

Ever wondered where you came from? Were you a warrior in an ancient battle? A doctor in another life? Did your loved ones know you previously? What about the term Old Soul… are you an old soul? These questions can be answered with retrocognition or past life readings.

Reading a past life and the challenges or struggles leads to reading a current life to decipher if the same issues are recurrent. How cool would it be if you were royalty and that is why you are stuck up now! It would explain a lot for the mean girls in high school! Or maybe you were persecuted at stake and, that is why you are so untrusting. Pretty shiny…

#7. Psychic Medium

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future… This is where we contact Grandma for a chat. A psychic medium contacts the dead and facilitates a conversation between the living and the loved ones who have passed. Some can contact angels to give advice. This is done by peeking and adding a connection in the non-physical world.

Grams! I need that cookie recipe! Variations of Psychic Readings

So, with psychics, it is essential to be aware of the frauds, guard your secrets, and give fundamental information if you want to be sure it’s all real. This is how you will know the actual ability of the cons.

psychic readings

I, suppose, you would also need to know your beliefs in everything. It might be difficult to believe in reincarnation (starting a new life after you die) and speaking with a medium for the other side… Willn’t Grams be a bouncing baby somewhere by now?

But the world is fascinating. Palm readings, psychometry, clairvoyance… why not?! Go forth and find your future, and past, or help your present. Even if you come across a con if she can help you see what you need to make your life more positive, then what is the harm? It’s probably cheaper than psychiatry, anyway. See where all this leads you. Just remember, nothing is set in stone, you make your future, and fate can only give you a boost.

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