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Angel Number 11 Meaning – Why Is It Special?

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 11

Angel number 11 is an important number in numerology. It is a common perception that throughout our lives, external forces guide and protect us. You can find this concept in the idea of guardian angels. Angels serve to oversee us and support us. These forces attempt to communicate with us through the use of numbers and number sequences. We refer to these numbers as Angel Numbers.


Biblical Meaning of 11

Biblically, number 11 signifies judgment, chaos, and a lack of order. 11 appears twenty-four times in the Bible. 11th, on the other hand, appears nineteen times. In the book of Genesis Chapter 11, people rebelled against God and started building the tower of Babel. God brought judgment upon them by confusing the language that they scattered all over the world in different directions. 11 spiritually stands for the opposite of keeping and upholding the law.

The last king of Judah that is, Jehoiakim ruled for eleven years. In the book of Revelation 20:12-14, Apostle John saw 11 things which are connected to the final judgment. In the New Testament of the Bible, eleven books do not contain direct quotes from the Old Testament. These books are Jude, Revelation, 1st, 2nd and 3rd John, Titus, Philemon, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, Philippians, and Colossians. In Exodus 26: 7-8, God commanded Moses to make 11 curtains for the tabernacle that rested in the wilderness.

Angel Number 11

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers are numbers that appear to us frequently during different phases in our lives. For example, you might find yourself looking at a clock every time it’s eleven minutes into the hour. If you frequently see the number eleven, this would be considered your Angel Number.

You can learn the meaning of different Angel Numbers to decode messages from your guardians. At the same time, you can gain powerful insight into your life and your inner self.


Experience Joy and Happiness through the Influence of 11 Angel Number

When you keep on seeing 11 angel number everywhere, rejoice because joy and happiness are coming your way. Your guardian angel is communicating the fact that a new chapter in your life is about to unfold. The new chapter will begin with blessings and joy. You will not know sorrow and sadness for a while because the divine realm means well for you. You have been through a lot in the last few years. This time you will receive the peace and joy that comes with believing and having faith in divinity.

The new chapter in your life will come with lots of excitement that you did not anticipate nor expect. Your guardian angel will guide you towards the right opportunities that will enable you to thrive immensely. All opportunities in your life will come to pass if you only believe and trust in God. Your purpose in life will only be fulfilled if you are willing to leap of faith. Always remain positive and determined in everything that you do. Nothing can and will bring you down with the presence and support of angels all around you.


The meaning of 11 reveals that positive thoughts will come with positive outcomes. Do not entertain negative thoughts anytime in your life because they will only derail you. Even in times of sorrow and hardships, always trust that the divine world is on your side. Do not ignore this angel number but instead embrace the message being communicated to you wholeheartedly.

11 Angel Number in Love

11, meaning reveals that this angel number is a positive one when it appears in your romantic life. It carries with it positive energies that make almost everything in your life manageable. Your guardian angel wants you to live a happy life full of love. With love comes peace and fulfillment, and all these will be achieved if you embrace the messages from your angels. 11 angel number is a sign of good news to both relationships that are filled with problems and those that are running smoothly.


The positive changes in both you and your spouse or partner will enable you to understand each other better and find a way of adjusting to each other’s different traits and character. Relationships that have been doing well will thrive even more with the influence of angel number 11. Those who have been in a bad, chaotic relationship will see hope and change with the influence of this angel number. Do not give up on your spouse or partner because good days are coming.

More About 11 Meaning?

Every number has a different significance. In this article, we will explore the meaning of Angel Number 1, and what it means you see this number replicated in the form of Angel Number 11. It has positive connotations for your life. It tends to symbolize a new chapter for you. The one symbolizes a fresh start, which can manifest itself as a new beginning in a job, relationship, or spiritual sense.

Because Number 1 symbolizes a fresh beginning, it is a great time for you to take risks. Your guardian might be sending you this number to tell you to keep your eye open to opportunities. Also, to pursue them when they come before you.

Angel number 11 also requires that you be aware of your surroundings and open to the universe of possibilities. When it comes to time, seeing the time 11:11 could also be special. It could be an auspicious sign. The divine spirits could be in your presence.

Your Angel wants to protect you and bring you blessings. When they show you the Number 1, they are telling you to embrace newness with excitement and joy and to trust that these opportunities are leading you to your true life path.

Truths about 11 Angel Number

Firstly, the appearance of this angel number in your life is a clear sign that it is time to make some changes. Change is the only thing that is constant in this life. Do not be afraid of change but instead embrace the same and get rid of anything that may hinder you from achieving your goals and objectives. Your guardian angel will guide your every step and support you in every decision you make so long it is positive. Get rid of all negativities in your life, and you shall achieve more than you had ever imagined.

Angel Number 11

Secondly, 11 angel number influences you to start harboring positive thoughts that will drive your every decision in life. Negative thoughts only derail and bring you down. Angels surround you so that they can help you in situations where only the negative is taking over. Heed to their messages and all will go well in your life. Number 11 comes to you to show you that it is time to take control of your life and be the change that you have always wanted. Change begins with you before it can materialize into something else.

Lastly, this number will influence you to use your talents and skills for the benefit of humanity. Do not be selfish with that which has been given to you but instead share with the world, and you shall experience joy, excitement, and happiness. Challenges will come your way at first, but success will come later on if you overcome and stay true to yourself.

Facts about Number 11

The eleventh hour is a phrase that is used to signify urgency. The 1st World War ended on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. 11th November is Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day. It is a Commonwealth Holiday for the commemoration of those people who were killed in times of war. Poppies are used because they symbolize death and eternal sleep. In the United State, November 11 is Veterans Day. On this day, Americans celebrate and honor military veterans.

The first manned aircraft to land on the moon was Apollo 11, which launched on July 16th, 1969. The Lunar landing was five days later. In Sports, there are eleven players in teams that play American football, Soccer, Cricket, and field hockey. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign in the zodiac.

In Tarot, 11 is the card of Justice or Strength. When it is reversed, it represents injustice, lack of balance, and weakness. The eleventh President of the United States of America was James Knox Polk. He served from 1845 to 1849. New York is the 11th state in the United States of America. South Africa has eleven official languages. These languages are Zulu, Xhosa, Venda, Tsonga, Swati, Tswana, Northern Sotho, English, Ndebele, Afrikaans, and Southern Sotho. In 1994, Nelson Mandel became the 11th President of South Africa.

Angel Number 11 Symbolism

If you see numbers in a reoccurring sequence, they act off one another to create a slightly different meaning. These meanings can also change depending on the order the numbers occur. When you see a repetition of Number 1 in the form of eleven, which is a master number in a numerology reading, your Angel number is then 11, and this takes on a different meaning. Two ones in conjunction can be symbolic of a doorway.

Do you know why Angel Number 11 is special? It is telling you that external forces are telling you that you are about to begin an exciting new stage. New opportunities are open to you, and you will have the ability to pursue your dreams. So if you go about it in a focused way, success will be yours.

This number represents creativity and presents itself to innovative individuals. Angel Number 11 also represents a time of enlightenment. And with new opportunities, you might even gain a deeper understanding of self and purpose.

By being aware of these messages, you will find yourself able to identify the best times to take action. Guardian angels seek to communicate these concepts with you to steer you towards your destiny and help you find fulfillment. Angel number 11 is truly a blessed number.

Spiritual Meaning Angel Number 11

There are few things you should know about number 11. It is a sign from the angels that it is time to fulfill your purpose in life. Every human being is created and placed on this earth for a reason. Everyone has a unique role that they play in the lives of others. Your higher purpose in life will only materialize if you allow your guardian angel to guide and support you. Spiritually grow through prayer and meditation, and all will go well.

This number will keep on appearing to you as a sign that you are almost reaching your life’s purpose; hence, you should not give up. Use your talents and skills to help and influence the lives of people around you. The leadership skills you possess should be used for the benefit of others. Your spiritual journey may prove difficult at the beginning, but things will become clearer and manageable with time. Serve all humanity diligently, and you shall experience peace and joy like never before.

11 Numerology

In numerology, number 11 is regarded as a Master Number since it represents Spiritual Messenger. It is a Master Number because it is highly spiritual. It bears the qualities of The High Priestess and The Magician. The Magician bears the qualities of creativity while The High Priestess displays leadership abilities. Those who possess this number are highly spiritual, independent and confident. The number eleven carries the energies of the numbers 1 and 2. The number 1 is independent, self-reliant and charismatic while number 2 is creative and intuitive. These qualities combined make 11 the Master Number that it is.

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