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8 Tips To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

8 Tips To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

After the wedding, every couple wants to have the perfect honeymoon. You should talk with your future spouse about what kind of honeymoon you want to take and where. Here are some honeymoon tips to help.

#1. Do the research ahead of time

It helps to compare prices and other benefits and deals. There are lots of resources – especially online! Pick where you want to go than look at the reviews or choose based on the descriptions. Look into and compare prices as well as the reviews for best honeymoon destinations.


This way you both can make an informed decision that you are happy with. After all this is your one and only honeymoon so it is good to make sure it is extra special!

#2. Decide when to go

Fall is the cheapest time of year to travel. After Labor Day and before Christmas (except Thanksgiving) is the slow time of year for vacations. If money is a factor (and it usually is!) than the engaged couple should plan accordingly. You might want to look into coordinating your wedding to this time of year also if you can.


So than you can go to your honeymoon after the wedding although there is no shame in spacing them out either. It is up to you. Some brides have a preference and want the spring wedding! Just avoid April vacations because that is Spring Break time. In fact avoid all holidays as the ticket prices go up at those times and destinations are crowded.

#3. City Or Island Destination

Decide if you want to go to a city or island destination. Decide what you want to do during your honeymoon. Do you prefer to see the sites in a busy city or just lounge around by the pool and beach?


Or are you going to spend most of your time in the room? (Then just pick a nice hotel!) Favorite honeymoon spots include Hawaii and of course the city of romance, Paris.


#4. Time Spent Traveling

Also consider the flights and how long it takes to get there. A 12 to 14 hour flight might be brutal and not worth it if you specially suffer from motion sickness.

This is especially true if you the type that gets sick on an airplane. Take it into consideration.


#5. Travel Agents

You can consult with a travel agent if you want them to plan everything for you. This is nice for less worry. You can even book a tour but than you are on a schedule and you might want to plan a more leisurely time for yourself. It is up to you.

If you do use a travel agent make sure they know what you want and you are comfortable for them. It can be infuriating if plans go wrong and this can happen when you are dealing in unfamiliar territory. But do keep in mind there is some room for error when planning any trip, so try not to let it get you too upset. Remember this is your honeymoon and try to go with the flow!

#6. Packages & Deals

Cruises or all-inclusive packages can be pretty reasonable for the prices. But if you are a more seasoned traveler, sometimes breaking it down and searching online for the cheaper rates can make the difference.

The benefit with all inclusive is you know the total cost from the beginning whereas if you pay for everything separately you have to be careful of budgeting and checking out what your spending daily.

honeymoon couple

#7. Best Weather

What about the weather? The Caribbean and Hawaii are nice year round. They are especially beautiful to go to in the fall when the prices are lower.

Paris might be a little chilly that time of year if you mind. If you are looking for optimal swim weather the spring and summer months might be your best choice especially if you don’t care about cost.

#8. Honeymoon Registry

Another great idea is a honeymoon registry. If you have enough of other wedding type housewarming gifts or they are not your style this is a great idea! You can have all guests contribute to your dream vacation! You can even register with vacation sites or hotel packages.

There are a lot of choices. To help narrow it down, you can each pick your most important consideration such as what to do you want to do most. Is cost most important? Do you want to make sure you go scuba diving or do you love horses?

What do you want to do on your honeymoon? Come to an agreement or compromise with your spouse of course but than go for it! You only live once and you only get one honeymoon! Enjoy!

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