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Pisces Personality Traits & Characteristics

Pisces Personality Traits

You are a Pisces if you were born between February 20th through March 20th. The Pisces personality traits are anything but independent. A moody character, Pisces traits show that you need support from friends and family whenever you need to get things done.

The Pisces zodiac sign will be nervous about getting things done sometimes because they may think that it is not good enough.


The Pisces personality traits show they have trouble keeping their heads in the real world, and they need their friends to help them stay there. If a Pisces was left on their own then they would spend too much time daydreaming, and not enough time working on getting to their goals.


Pisces Positive Personality Traits

The Pisces men and women love to please other people. They will do whatever they think that they need to do to make a friend. Pisces is a social star sign, and they love being around people as often as possible. Pisces is sometimes lost on their own, and other people help to keep their life simpler and more balanced.

Piscean children often have an imaginary friend or two. The Pisces personality traits show that with their great imagination and need to socialize it is not uncommon for Pisces children to keep these imaginary friends long after the other signs have forgotten theirs.


This can make going to school beneficial, as they are more likely to adjust when they see other children playing with each other instead of acting on their own.

The Pisces characteristics show they are attracted to friends who need help. Although, Pisces are not naturally the best people to give help to others. Usually, a Pisces will try their best to remedy a friend, but in the end, a Pisces will usually make a bigger mess of the situation.


Instead, the Pisceans should try to find friends who are capable of helping themselves and the Pisces. Even though many Pisces may not want to admit it, they need all the help from friends that they can get.


Pisces Negative Personality Traits

In work, as well as in other social situations, the Pisces man or woman doesn’t want to be in charge. The last thing a Pisces wants is everything to depend on their success or failure. Pisces work much better when they are left to do small jobs in the background.

The Pisces personality traits show that though they do like to contribute to their workplace’s success, they don’t need their name to be on every paper in the process. A Pisces will work the best when someone tells them what to do at work or school. The clearer the directions, the better.

This way people of the Fish sign will know exactly what they are supposed to do, and when they need to do it. This helps to make a Pisces life simpler, but if a boss needs to reiterate directions it may annoy them.

It’s hard to figure out the exact zodiac traits of a Pisces simply because they are shaped so much by their environment. A Pisces in India might be almost entirely different from a Pisces in Indiana.

The Pisces characteristics show that most Fishes live by their gut instinct, as this zodiac sign has rather good intuition when it comes to many things. This is why a Pisces personality can vary so much. Much of their personality depends on their sense of right and wrong, how they were raised, and where they grew up.

Pisces Love Personality Characteristics

The Pisces male or female are in love with the idea of love. Pisces men are likely to make romantic gestures to their partners regularly, but in a way that is always surprising and never dull.

The Pisces traits show they like to do whatever they can to keep their partner happy. Like the men, Pisces women know how to keep a relationship exciting as well. Pisces likes to let their emotions flow free in bed.

This could result in an unforgettable passionate experience, or they might end up crying. So long as a Pisces partner is supportive and fun, the two should be able to have a great relationship together.

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