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Mayan Galactic Tone 11: Buluk – Resolution

Mayan Name: Buluk

Maya Day Number: Eleven – Spectral

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Resolution

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should focus on are partnership, spirituality, release, change, creation, healing, transformation, and balance.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The eleventh sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Resolution. It is known as the “spectral tone”. It is also the tone of Liberation and Releasing.The eleventh sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Resolution.

This galactic day number is the energy of change taking place to improve things in the world and make them simpler so every creation can find it’s truthful place.


Positive Traits

The Mayan day number 11 is that of liberation and releasing and those born under this energy are able to shed old habits and old ways of thinking and move on to something new. They are able to transform themselves into a new creation.


One of the most important things to them is being true to who they are. They have a strong need for balance in their lives and may be interested in the healing arts as a means to keep their minds and body healthy and in balance. They may become healers themselves to show others how to stay in balance.

Maya galactic tone eleven people have a intuitive sense about others. They are able to pick up what is going on with a person without them having to say a word. They can use this to help others especially in the healing arts.


They like dependable routines that help them use more of their time to think of new creations. Their attention can be scattered, but when they focus their energy they can be very successful and overcome most obstacles they may come across.

They are spiritually gifted and are dreamers who love to think of all the possibilities of what could be. They prefer not to take on leadership roles because they are happy being the one in the background who is collaborating and creating.

According to Mayan numerology, they would be good in any business where they form a partnership. Their energy works well with other people. They have the ability to evaluate a situation which is a good benefit for them in business and relationships.

They will also do well in romantic partnerships and friendships. They might be interested in careers in natural healing medicine, writing, psychic mediums or anything related to metaphysics.

Negative Traits

The Mayan galactic tone 11 people can be stand offish and aloof making it difficult for them to form personal relationships. They can be fearful and nervous of people trying to do them harm. When their paranoia reaches its peak it can be hard for them to form new relationships and hold on to the ones they have.

When they let their negativity take over they can be stuck daydreaming of all the things they would like to do. But they never take steps to get them done. This can leave them feeling stuck and could negatively impact their mental health.

They can be perfectionists who find it hard to stop and see that their vision does not have as many imperfections as they think. Once they realize that people will not be judging their vision as harshly as them, they will see just how masterful their visions are.

Buluk / Resolution Days

The energy of this Maya galactic tone resolution day is good to release all of the problems that you’ve been harboring and holding on to. Focus on all the bad habits that you’d like to break and release them. Meditate on the person that you’d like to transform into.

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