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Pisces Man And Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Pisces Man Capricorn Woman

Can Pisces men and Capricorn women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Capricorn Woman is a fun and loving person. She is the most witty of all the zodiac signs even if her humor is a little wry. She can thrive in almost any environment and is easily soothed by the sentimental Piscean. There are a lot of possibilities for the Pisces Man And Capricorn Woman relationship which can be long-lasting with excellent love compatibility. But there are a few things they both will have to work on.


Pisces Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility – Pros

When the Pisces man starts dating the Capricorn woman, she will inspire and energize him as he sometimes needs someone to bring him out of a lonely spell.

The Capricorn lady loves to create new plans and take action to see them succeed. She finds energy in starting new projects and needs an outlet for all her creativity.


He will enjoy listening to her ideas. In turn, she will appreciate his input. Sometimes he doesn’t make much logical sense.

This happens when he explains something based on his intuition but he is always right. And his lover will appreciate that.

The Capricorn Woman is very hard-working and will pour her soul into anything she deems a worthy cause. She can spend time at a social gathering without any problems but would rather spend her evenings at home.

She longs for emotional support and a place to return to each night. The Capricorn woman will find a sea of emotions in the Pisces Man. Together in love, they can form a spiritual bond.


The Capricorn female can offer the Pisces male stability. Sometimes he has a difficult time making a decision. She can think through a situation but at a faster pace than him.

Together the Pisces and Capricorn soulmates can make harder decisions when she guides the process. She is more confident than him. She will encourage him to take action and make an attempt to see his personal goals come true.


Even in bed, they make compatible sexual partners.

Pisces Man And Capricorn Woman Relationship – Cons

One of the downsides of a Pisces Man Capricorn Woman marriage is that she is a hard-working person and is known to spend extra time at work instead of coming home on a regular schedule.

The Pisces Man might get upset when his lover always stays late at work and does not spend time with him. He can become emotionally unstable. Then she will have to work extra hard to show her compassion and appreciation.

On the weekends the Capricorn lady is known to socialize to strengthen her network of connections. The Pisces guy might become exhausted from either playing host or giving her emotional support in public. At the end of the day, they will both need to relax. If they don’t realize this soon, then this love match is headed for a breakup.

As long as the Pisces Man understands that the Capricorn Woman is a workaholic then there shouldn’t be any problems in the future. She will also have to realize that sometimes he needs some time alone to work out his feelings. They are both possessive but still need to learn to be patient and accepting of each other.


Pisces is a water sign that is mutable and Capricorn is an earth sign that is cardinal by nature. The compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts love rating.

There is a lot of positive potential for a successful Pisces Capricorn friendship. From time to time there will be certain things they will have to work on to keep the other one happy.

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