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Pisces Man And Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Pisces Man Aquarius Woman

Can Pisces men and Aquarius women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? It will be the mysterious ways of the Aquarius Woman that will first attract the Pisces Man, who will then start dating her.

He will enjoy listening to her because she is very intelligent and analytical. But soon the charm will wear off because she is ready to move on and the Piscean can’t make her understand how he feels inside.


Pisces Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Aquarius Woman is very creative and imaginative. She thinks more analytically than emotionally and loves to discover new things.

She is always out and about trying to find something new to analyze. The woman would rather understand how something works than know how it affects the rest of the world.


In the Pisces and Aquarius friendship, the Aquarius female might be fun to be around but the Pisces male has completely different wants and needs that will never be fulfilled by her.

Pisces Man Aquarius Woman Relationship – Cons

The Pisces Man can see the beauty in all things while the Aquarius Woman only understands how things work. She won’t be able to recognize or understand his emotional and spiritual side.


The Aquarius Woman is a wandering soul and never stays in the same place for long. She doesn’t like to make any commitments because she doesn’t like anything that might hold her back from venturing out of town. She has a constant thirst for knowledge and won’t settle for someone who can’t keep up with her in conversation.



The Pisces male likes to spend most of his time at home. He has created a peaceful sanctuary out of his dwelling area and has filled it with unique and expensive objects.

He might know how to make money but he doesn’t know how to spend it wisely. The Aquarius female might be able to share some advice with him when it comes to finances, but she is neither good at making nor saving money.

The Aquarius lady is known to be a little absent-minded. She might take a long time to ponder a situation but will do so in the confines of her mind. She isn’t one to talk out what she is thinking.

The lady would rather spend time alone figuring something out than have a conversation with someone else. Sexually, the Pisces Aquarius couple in bed do not relate to each other. Even the love compatibility in this zodiac match is negligible.

The Pisces guy might be able to understand this part of the Aquarian because he understands the need to be alone to sort out his emotions. But when conflict does arise between these two zodiac signs, they will have a difficult time discussing the problem if the lady isn’t willing to open up. This could eventually lead to a Pisces Aquarius breakup.


Pisces is a mutable water sign and Aquarius is an air sign that is fixed by nature. The Pisces man Aquarius woman compatibility gets a THREE Hearts love rating.

If a Pisces Man Aquarius Woman relationship is going to work out then he will be the one to put in all the effort. He will have to accept that his lover will most likely never be home. When she is, she will be lost in thought and feel secluded. He will also have to accept that she will never understand his spiritual side and will never be able to feed his emotions.

It would be hard to understand how the Pisces Aquarius marriage compatibility will work out. There is nothing she can offer him long term and she is bound to get bored quickly.

It is better that they only acknowledge each other in passing and never take the chance of hurting each other by trying to make a relationship of any kind work. Even if the Pisces man and Aquarius woman soulmates fall in love, there is no guarantee for a  bright future.