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Native American Moon Signs

Native American Moon Signs

Just as the Moon is, Native American moon signs are reflective. The Moon does not have a light of its own but reflects the light of the Sun. Sun signs describe how the world sees us, the visible light that all can see. Moon signs are our shadow selves, the faint reflection of our personality hidden in the darkness. This part of our personality may be hidden even from ourselves. They require introspection and close attention to shine.


The month in which you were born determines Native American moon signs. Each month has its own fullest moon which is held as sacred and is honored in ritual and ceremony. By knowing and honoring our Moon sign we expand our awareness of ourselves and our interaction with the universe itself. Each full moon expresses certain aspects of the personality and has attributes that reflect its seasonal characteristics.


The Cherokee Native American Moon Sign Astrology

January: Wolf Moon Sign

The January full moon is called the Wolf Moon because this is the time of year when the wolves come out to bay at the moon. They come out to appease their hunger in the lean winter months.

Those born under the Wolf Moon face many challenges in their lives but are skilled at confronting them. He is a hard worker. Others often see him as a lone wolf as he prefers to work alone. He has a small tight-knit circle of friends to whom he is fearlessly loyal, though he may not show his emotions outwardly.

The life lesson of the Wolf Moon is to have faith in oneself; and to remember to move beyond work alone to give your life meaning.


February: Snow Moon Sign

This full moon is called the hungry moon because winter can make its second strike now. At this time of year, the northeastern regions of the United States can have their heaviest snowfalls. And so another lean month remains for both man and all other living creatures.

The individual born under the Snow Moon may see the world as a harsh place, because of their difficult childhoods. He may be critical of others and the world. He is no stranger to hard work. They appreciate beauty, especially in nature.

However, those born under the Snow Moon appreciate physical beauty, particularly in nature. Flowers, trees, animals, and all of nature speak to them and give them places of escape. The life lesson of the Snow Moon is that one should use nature and Earth’s beauty to escape the cold hard reality of the world.


March: Crow Moon Sign

March is a time of the transition of the seasons, from winter to spring. Those born under the Native American Crow moon sign are flexible and adaptable, able to weather transitions.

Like the crafty Crow, those born under this sign have open and acute minds. They are unreserved and gifted communicators. They are the overseers of great change, birth, death, and transition. The life lesson of the Crow Moon is to help yourself and others through these great changes.

Native American Moon Signs: April: Seed Moon Sign

The Seed Moon is the full moon in April because it represents the promise of new growth, the coming alive after the harsh winter. Those born under the Seed Moon wish to be seen and heard as unique, as new. They have a deep connection to others and the tribe.

Those of the Seed Moon are seen to have great integrity and honesty. They do not tolerate injustice and dishonesty. As they grow older they grow in influence within their community. The life lesson of the Seed Moon is to honor the viewpoints of others, as well as your own.

May: Flower Moon Sign

The flower sign is a lucky sign and people born under it seem to live a charmed life. They can avoid hardship. They may have natural beauty, like the flowers of the fields. Their warm, pleasant appearance draws others to them. They have a friendly personality and get along well with everyone.

Those born under the Flower Moon are generous and giving. They want to be loved by everyone and will, therefore, often go along with the crowd to achieve this. The life lesson of the Flower Moon is to follow your path and speak with your voice.

June: Strawberry Moon

Those born under the Strawberry Moon have active, expansive minds with so many ideas and dreams they have difficulty keeping them in order. They can see all aspects of the situation. As a result, their evaluation and opinions tend to be very objective and others come to them for advice. Those of the Strawberry Moon can see all sides and, therefore, may be able to manipulate events.

Individuals born under the June Moon have a nurturing nature. especially of family members and children. They are fond of domestic pets and are attracted to all animals of nature.

Your life lesson is how to channel your knowledge and ideas in one direction to help your community.

Native American Moon Signs: July: Thunder Moon Signs

The Thunder Moon is the full moon of summer. Those born under its light are outwardly bright and forthright, attractive to those around them. However, they have a duality, their bright exterior hides hidden depths. This hidden self makes those born under the Thunder Moon intuitive, often able to read portents of the future. They may puzzle others by seeming to act on events that have not taken place yet.

This duality tends to make people of the Thunder Moon moody with swift mood changes that can be disconcerting to themselves and those around them. When their sun is shining, people born under this sign have pleasant dispositions and will brighten the lives of those around them. Their outward image reflects the summer sun, but their inner depths may hold shadows of the thunderclouds.

The life lesson of the Thunder Moon is to balance our two natures, light and shadow. And the need to separate intuitive knowledge from reality.

August: Sturgeon Moon

This moon sign is one of plenty, reflecting the bounty and riches of the Earth at his time of year. Those born under the influence of the Sturgeon moon seem to thrive. They succeed in just about anything they try. Everything that they need for success just seems to come to them, this may tempt you to take these gifts for granted. But generally, they honor what the Universe hands to them.

Individuals born under the Sturgeon Moon have an exuberant nature. They are protective of the Earth, their friends, and family, and when these are threatened they are vigorous defenders. They are giving and generous with what they have been given, but at times can be egocentric.

The Sturgeon Moon’s life lesson is how to balance your generosity with your self-interest; to learn to see the world from the viewpoint of someone besides yourself.

September: Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is one of connection, the gathering together of people and energy. It is the moon at the end of summer and the time of harvest. People born under this sign are skilled at making connections. Others come to them for help in making connections in their lives, contracts, alliances, and marriages.

Those born under the Harvest Moon are the gatherers and disseminators of information and the keepers of knowledge.

Harvest Moon individuals have a natural balance and a keen sense of right and wrong. This quality may lead you to be judgemental. The life lesson of the Harvest Moon is the ability to be humble in the face of your many gifts.

Native American Moon Signs: October: Hunters Moon

The full moon of October is a time when hunters take to the woods to fill their larders for the winter to come. The Hunters Moon is one of the senses, the usual five senses, and the extra-sensory as well. All qualities that are needed by the successful hunter.

People born under this sign have a keen knowledge of themselves and their environment. This powerful intuition makes them fearful, so much so that they may find themselves alone. Like the hunter, these individuals are always hunting for something: fellowship, friendship, and a sense of belonging.

Hunter Moon’s life lesson is the ability to accept oneself and others for who they are.

November: Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon appears at a time of transition, as fall turns into winter. People born under this sign are transition experts, able to act on change to make the best of it. There is a sense of urgency about those born under the Beaver Moon for they are always anticipating the next step on their life path.

Others come to Beaver Moon individuals for help with transition and growth in their own lives, and they are eager to help. These people are builders and they can build form out of chaos. They may, however, get caught up in the excitement of the change and lose their focus.

The life lesson of the Beaver Moon is not to lose oneself in the transitions.

December: Cold Moon Signs

December is the beginning of winter and is marked by the cold winds of that season. Individuals born under the Cold Moon may show the world a cold and formidable exterior. But below the surface, they have a warm interior nature that is expressed when they are nurtured and empowered. Hardship is not their enemy for they somehow surmount it and grow through the process. Those under the cold moon are highly intelligent, strong, and stable. Your life lesson is to learn to rely on and trust others.