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Choosing A Tarot Spread – Easy and Effective Ways

Which Tarot Spread Should You Choose?

Choosing a Tarot spread is part of fortune prediction. It provides some insight into a person’s life as is the case in dream analysis, numerology, star charts, etc. There are considerations you would love to take a further look at before deciding on the type of spread to use.

While several people have taken to this medium to seek answers to their life’s endeavors and meaning, it is quite an intricate field that requires prior training. Some connotations can show you insights about people in your life using your chart reading as the vital entry point to ascertaining that.


The pattern or layout that is formed when cards are placed on the support table in the tarot is referred to as the ‘spread’.  Spreads can be created as you like them or in the alternative, you can choose from the modern and the traditional alternatives. For some people, it is no use to choose a spread at all.

The Purpose of the Spread

When cards are used in astrology, the tarot spread is put to use to give the card a position and enhance its meaning. In a consultation, cards can be laid on a table in a row; to represent your present, past, and future. The card is used to help the reader give an interpretation as the card position ultimately modifies the typical meaning.

As the cards are used over time, the interpreter will acquire more experience with repeated use. This might lead to a better understanding and ease of use irrespective of the number of cards you choose to draw. For example, if you start with three; you will find that drawing out several cards will help with further clarification.


Insights to Choosing a Tarot Spread

As professionals in the field discover, any reading is just a slice of the journey of life although it tells a story that many can relate to. These insights are needful:

  • Reading a Tarot is a learned and intuitive activity, so it does not necessarily ‘read your future.”
  • The Tarot is a reflection; just like a mirror.
  • Tarot is like a work of art. Art critics give a view that provides an insight into the motivation behind a masterpiece as against what you might feel from observing it. Both sides of the coin are of prized importance.

Every card has an image on it that is subject to interpretation. The power it attracts depends on the esteem you put on it.


  • No tarot is of any use without you. They provide an insight into the recesses of your being, which was always there! If there is no one to enquire about, the cards lose their importance.
  • Every interpretation that is made is based on the reader’s intuition and knowledge. What is seen as magical is the ability to convey an accurate reading.


Factors that Determine the Appropriate Spread

While choosing a Tarot spread, the following factors need consideration:

The Consultation Time

Time is always of the essence in many facets of life. The time allocated for the particular session of reading will determine the spread to choose. It is difficult to interpret a 12-card year within a limited time frame just like a Full Celtic Cross. It is better to target a useful and accurate reading by opting for fewer cards.

The Details Sought

The reader determines the extent of details he or she might need. While some readers can make do with a few cards, others require larger spreads to glean the information they need.

Using a 10-card Celtic cross is one way to go for many as it is easy to get familiar with after repeated use. Laying out the full Celtic Cross can provide answers to enquirers’ questions. Just pick out the likely positions that might prove relevant. This is not to say that other cards will not be used, but they become a supporting layer that can give further insight for accurate readings.

The kind of Questions Asked

Most times when questions are asked that require a yes or a no response, a card will be adequate for that purpose. When the question is varied to require an ‘or /and either’ response, this approach will equally suffice. This applies to scenarios like determining if the sex of your wife’s pregnancy is a girl or a boy. Following this, a single card can give you a wide range of information as you practice its use.

General questions are often tackled with a wheel spread using up to three or four cards. Using a circle, of cards with one in the middle, you can determine the flavor of the coming months or seasons in your life. You should place a card in the middle to represent the coming season with the other cards around it in a clockwise fashion.

So, the first card can be the beginning of the season while the last card takes care of the end. For a season of six months, you will need 6+1 cards. The six cards represent the six months while the center card represents the forthcoming season.

Familiarity with the Spread

As you use the cards, you will become more familiar with them. Getting familiar with several spreads is considered a useful asset. Learning more spreads means that you can draw on more to give you the details you seek as you consult the tarot. As you get used to them and develop favorites, it is also advisable to stick to them for better results.

For every question, choosing a Tarot spread and matching is a primary skill to learn.  A personality question might require a 15-spread option but for a career inquiry, this will not be useful.

The All-Choices Tarot Spread

There can be times when you might be asked a question that you are unable to think up an appropriate spread to resolve. When this happens, you need to take one of two alternatives.  Taking on a good number of cards is one way to go. You can turn them up to suit the question and the required level of detail within the available time.

The approach is to start with a card until you have the issue resolved. This feeling will be there after you have turned up to four cards- leading you to avoid turning anymore because of intuition.

Weighing the second alternative, what you need to do is to allocate positions that are relevant to the details sought. For a man seeking career paths, for instance, laying up three cards will show the possible pathways he has in mind or that look probable.

To have a balanced setting, you need to add one card to serve as an overview.  Some would love to have two cards each for each career choice, this is not unreasonable but your skills and learning should determine your options.


As we go through life, we find out that growing up throws up challenges, and choosing a Tarot spread will determine the kind of life, level of success, or peace that you enjoy. Marriage, career, health, empowerment, and spirituality are all vital aspects that everyone eventually needs to decide on at some point.

People have found their desires with the tarot spread pointing out the way to go. Since success in life is vitally all about skills and growth, learning more tarot spread skills is helpful. The more you can read, the better the outcome you will always have.
Example of a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

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