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7 Splendid Tips for a Blind Date

A Blind Date: 7 Tips On How To Make It A Success

Bind Dates – No Halfway Point

I’m sure we’ve all been invited out by a couple who are trying to set us up with somebody, or at least a similar situation. Normally, when it comes to a blind date, there is no ‘halfway point’; they either go very well or extremely badly. They can either leave you feeling giddy and happy or awkward and tense.

Well, the next time any of us are in this situation, don’t allow the suspense to overcome you. Keep your cool, and recall these seven easy tips to help improve your evening of mystery.

7. Becoming too Familiar, too Quickly on a Blind Date

Regardless of whether we’re female or male, it can often be very uncomfortable for a person to act too familiar.

It is important to remember that the build-up to the date has been suspenseful for them as well. Understandably, blind dates leave a risk of our date feeling shy, edgy, and/ or uncomfortable. Putting ourselves out there so forwardly before becoming more acquainted may be intimidating and flatten the confidence felt by our date. This is the behavior that will most certainly lead to awkward tension in the air.

This isn’t to say don’t be confident at all because this could also lead to tension. Confidence during a blind date is very much a double-edged sword, but it isn’t an impossible quest. Just be sure not to get too personal, close or ‘banter-y’ too quickly. We don’t need to try hard to impress our date. Bragging about past accomplishments, annual income, job, or whatever the case may be will lead to an arrogant vibe surrounding us, which will not be appealing.

Simply being chivalrous, courteous, and talkative will be enough to charm our mystery date, and that should be the above-all goal!

6. Don’t Expect too Much!

Often, when we are aware an event is approaching, we build an expectation or hope that something specific may happen at this event. When we do this, though, what we are actually at risk is diminishing the joy we will feel during that event because the expectation or hope we have for it hasn’t happened.

Applying this logic to date is very straightforward. For example, a woman named Joan has been set up on a blind date. The person who has set her up has told her a lot about her date, and he sounds like the man of her dreams. However, Joan then becomes fixated on the idea of kissing her date, but out of dread of making him feel uncomfortable, she doesn’t make the first move. If Joan’s date didn’t make the first move either, then the date would end on a sour note, and the night would likely seem like a failure in her mind.

This unfortunate issue is responsible for the failure of many blind dates over time, usually because neither of the two who share the date is aware of it. However, if we go into the blind date with no expectations and no hopes regarding the date, other than to have an enjoyable evening, then we manage to avoid disappointment entirely.

5. Arrive Early For A Blind Date

Hopefully, this point should be common sense. ‘First impressions last forever,’ so they say, and so if we aren’t on time to meet our lucky partner, then their first impression of us will, without a doubt, be tainted.

This becomes especially relevant if a specific time has been agreed upon rather than an approximate time. Whilst we’re stuck in traffic ten minutes away from the meeting point, our date could already be there; anxious about if we’ll show up and potentially even sad. This is why it is absolutely crucial to ensure we leave at least half an hour before the agreed meeting time, or possibly even earlier depending on traffic issues, weather, etc.

Whether we’re looking to get into a serious relationship, or a casual one, or even just a night of socializing, a priority of being polite and considerate should always be made.

4. Dress to Impress

Picking what to wear for a first date, blind or otherwise, is never an easy quest. This age-old issue becomes tenfold when it comes to blind dates, especially if we are not familiar with the person we’re being set up with!

Deciding whether to go in a designer shirt and some skinny jeans or a lovely velvet dress, depending on gender, is a decision that could massively impact the vibe of the date. There is a risk either way; maybe we’ll turn up underdressed, or maybe we’ll arrive overdressed. It’s a double-edged sword.

Like our ‘expectations’, when it comes to dressing, we must find the middle ground; rather than dressing too casually or smartly, dressing neutrally will offer a much safer appearance. There’s no need to run to the dry cleaners with our tuxedos or best dresses. Alternatively, we ensure sure the effort put into choosing our outfits is visible whilst also avoiding the risk of making our date feel uncomfortable or under/ overdressed themselves.

Dressing neutrally presents us in the best possible way because it allows our date to see that we have made an effort to seem presentable and, above all, attractive.

3. How to Relax on a Blind Date

The last thing we need, in any scenario and not just regarding dating, is tension. Nothing good ever comes from it. In fact, mostly bad does.

Tension has no rightful place in a blind date, as it will only cause problems. An important quote to keep in mind throughout; ‘if you’re not having fun, then neither is they. If they aren’t having fun, you’ll never hear from them again.’ This quote rings very true and holds great merit.

However, this doesn’t just apply to us. Remember that our date may also be nervous and anxious about the meeting. Whilst some are easy-going and charming upon first meeting, not everybody is. If we feel anything at all for our date, judge once enough time has been spent around them. Then give them the benefit of the doubt, and see if they progress over the course of the evening.

2. Leave on a High Note

As stated earlier, first impressions last. Whether the date has gone good or bad, it is always beneficial to end it on a high note. This doesn’t always mean a kiss, though; it could be as simple as shared laughter or naturally-flowing conversation.

Emotional intimacy is also something that everybody needs. Spark or no spark, ending the date on a high note will not only make our date feel good, but also it will make us feel good. Out-of-the-moment, this may sound unusual, but the sensation we feel after a successful date is second to none. It feels magnificent, and there are multiple possibilities as to why.

It could simply be because we’ve interacted with somebody new, or we’ve sown the seed of a beautiful relationship, or even just because we managed to leave our homes. Regardless of how the date went overall, if the ending leaves a positive taste in our mouth, how could it be a failure?

1. Speak the Truth at the End of the Night

There are two ways we can discuss this point, as we should always aspire to. Let’s begin with the positive.

At the risk of making an assumption, some of us may have found ourselves in this situation through our anxiety regarding speaking to men/ women. Shyness is a very common thing, and out of an obnoxious person and a shy person, a potential love interest will choose a shy person every time.

With this in mind, despite how shy we may or may not be, we should fight through it when the date comes to a close to let our date know how we feel about them and how we feel the evening has gone. If we don’t tell them, why should they tell us? It’s a two-way street if both of us feel a spark. But, if neither says anything, then it is a potential love lost.

What If the Blind Date Does Not Interest You?

Alternatively, there is another perspective we can discuss this point from…

It’s tough, we know. Telling a person that we’re uninterested in them romantically is a very difficult thing to do. Whether they feel the same about you or not, it is still a bitter pill to swallow when somebody pushes us away. It can often be a thorn in the side of our self-esteem, but don’t let it de-motivate you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Prince didn’t find Cinderella straight away. We should always keep our minds positive and moving forwards, not allowing anything to break our self-esteem down.

Not many people look forward to telling somebody that they don’t like them. But in reality, if we don’t, then what we’re essentially doing is leading them on, i.e., giving them false hope. And, this is a much more heartless thing to do than to just straight-up tell them.

Forget about how unpleasant it may make you feel in the moment, because in the long run… it will be worth it.

We wish you luck on your blind date and hope that you have found this article very helpful and informative. Thank you for reading.

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