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Men Are Afraid Of Getting Married: We Asked Why

Men Are Afraid Of Getting Married: We Asked Why

Why are men afraid of getting married? Are there any straightforward answers? Well, there are hundreds of reasons as to why men fear getting married. Among them, there is the notion men are so scared of sticking to one partner for the rest of their lives.

Surprisingly, this is not the main reason why they are afraid of getting married. Guys who are afraid of getting hurt are afraid of committing to one partner. At some point in your dating career, you’ll meet someone who has all the qualities of a terrific husband and father, but he will cringe at the very idea of being either. Why? Well, several factors will influence his decision, and to him, they are logical reasons.


Whether or not they are genuinely valid reasons, it’s keeping him from committing. Women often want to know how to get a man who is afraid of commitment to marry them. First, you need to find out why he’s afraid and take it from there. For now, let’s take a look at what could prevent your man from popping the question.

Afraid Of Commitment

Marriage is a covenant, and some men avoid committing to one person. When an individual decides to marry, this means for better or worse.

Consequently, the aspect of commitment comes in. Whether things flow well in the relationship or turn out nasty, couples have to stick closer together. As a single man, when things go wrong, they can pack their bags and leave. With marriage, everything changes. It’s one of the reasons why men are afraid of getting married.


Becoming Second In the Priority List

Getting married comes with a good feeling to those who consider themselves newlyweds. However, as the family grows, kids and other responsibilities come into play. When this happens, men begin to realize they take a back seat to the children, plus they have to share in taking care of the kids and the entire family.

Some men would have to adjust their priorities for the family’s sake, and oddly, they are afraid of it. They would rather have a fancy lifestyle, in which they are the priority rather than place second.


Men Are Afraid Of Marriage – Why?

Another reason men are afraid of getting married is that society fills their minds with myths. For instance, movie producers and directors are constantly ridiculing men to the point they fear getting married. Stand-up comedians emphasize the same thoughts. Some even claim celibacy is better than marriage. With opinions like this, no wonder men think twice about jumping the broom.


Essentially, they don’t make proposals. They would rather things fall into place instead of taking the next step and exchanging rings.

The Notion That Weddings Are Expensive

Most men would also jump to the conclusion weddings are expensive. With harsh economic times, people are uncertain of their future. The last thing they would be thinking of is a large wedding. One thing men forget is weddings do not have to be lavish.

Frankly, some people marry using simple wedding ideas. They live to remember their wedding as the best day ever. However, most men are afraid to take a woman for their bride.

They do not want the embarrassment of explaining to the in-laws why their daughter is not having a wedding at the country club. They dwell on having an expensive wedding and the long-awaited honeymoon to the islands. This ceremony would indeed cost a lot. Hence, they want to avoid the financial burden of a wedding and all that comes with it.

A Huge Threat To Their Freedom

Getting married threatens a man’s freedom. Once they get married, they think they would have to be at home at a specific time, and they would have to give up drinking with the fellas. As a married man, he wouldn’t have the time to spend frivolously with friends, but instead, his spare time would be spent with the wife and, eventually, the kids.

Therefore, when men think of such limitations, they find no reason to commit to a marriage. Instead, they prefer to be free to do as they please.

Men Fear Change

Why do guys get scared when things get serious? With marriage comes a considerable change. Once two people decide to settle down together, change is inevitable. Right from the bedroom to the kitchen, there would be numerous changes in the house.

For example, sleeping positions would change as you have to ensure you both fit comfortably into your bed. As for the meals you used to eat – you would need to cook instead of opting for a bowl of cereal or box meal. Not only that but now you must consider the cost of eating for two or more rather than for one.

Why is He Scared to Marry Me?

Apart from fearing men would be losing their freedom and resisting change, there is also the fear of divorce. This resistance occurs mostly to men raised by single mothers. Marriage might be easy, but the fear of separations scares men away.

Their legal issues of divorce settlements are costly and sometimes ugly. Who wants to go through a nightmarish divorce? In light of this, what makes a man want to marry? They might as well stay single or have a friendly relationship with no strings attached.

The Ring Doesn’t Matter At All

To most men these days, a ring does not necessarily mean that they sincerely love you. As long as you are both committed to each other, this means you might as well consider yourselves as a married couple.

This kind of thinking is the mentality men adopt to ensure they evade the entire wedding process and the financial obligations that tag along. It is easy for them to commit without actually buying and exchanging rings. It only complicates things.

Many Reasons Why Men Are Afraid of Marriage

To sum it up, why are men afraid of commitment? Their reasons for fearing marriage are many. Some reasons might sound legit, whereas others are mere excuses. All in all, marriage is a covenant that unites two people who are truly in love with each other. If you are ready to settle down together, why not seal the bond by getting married?

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