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Leo Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Leo Man Cancer Woman

Can Leo men and Cancer women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Leo man and Cancer woman love compatibility can be a difficult and unstable match.

She can give the Leo Man much of her love and affection, but what happens when she starts to demand the same attention? It might take the Leo Man a moment to realize how impossible this relationship is.


Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Cancer Woman is prepared to make her lover the center of her universe, which is great when the Leo Man wants to be in the spotlight at all times. She can love and understand someone on a much deeper level compared to everyone else in the Zodiac. She has a great intuitive ability and can sense the feelings of her Leo lover without him needing to say anything.


The Leo Man enjoys conversation and being the center of attention in a social setting. He will enjoy the praises and compliments for his Cancer female. She is capable of dedicating her attention to the Leo Man in till she starts demanding the same things from her partner.


The Cancerian does possess the ability to fulfill the Leo sun sign emotionally and lovingly when it comes to sex, but she won’t be as willing to venture out of her shell to enjoy the same things as the Leo Man. It will take an emotional outburst from the Cancer Woman before the Leo Man starts to understand what her needs are to feel emotionally stable.


Leo Man And Cancer Woman Relationship – Cons

Many things about the Cancer Woman will start to wear and tear on a Leo Man. She is very sensitive and has a difficult time making up her mind. This will affect the relationship.

The Cancer female has a habit of falling into a bad mood because she is easily upset and will resort to hiding back in her shell till she can decide what to do, which will be a long while. The Leo Man will have a hard time breaking the Cancer Woman out of her shell and encouraging her to share her feelings with him.

The Leo male likes to spend most of his time out of the house. He enjoys shopping because he is not only good at making money but also enjoys the finer things in life, and he seeks out many social situations.

The Cancer woman on the other hand would rather stay at home and tend to things there. She is also really good with finances but would rather save money than spend it. She will often become upset once she finds out that her Leo man has purchased something expensive when the money could have been put towards their family’s wellbeing.

Cancer women are always planning for the future. They are looking for stability, a husband, and eventually a family. She likes to prepare for these times financially but also by enjoying the time with her lover at home.

Leo men on the other hand are almost like air, where they want to be out of the house visiting other people than being out at home trying to maintain one person. The Cancer Woman will eventually start demanding his full attention for her emotional needs to be met in this Leo Cancer love match.

Eventually, the Leo Man will start to discover how high-maintenance a Cancer Woman can be. She is often super sensitive and won’t take many things lightly.


Leo is a fire sign that is fixed and Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal by nature. The gets a THREE Hearts love rating.

The problem though is that she won’t express herself right away, and once the Leo Man starts to understand what is going wrong in the relationship,  he will make the effort to renew their match.

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