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7 Feng Shui Tips To Avoid A Breakup Or Divorce

7 Ways To Avoid Getting A Divorce

Whether you have just begun a new relationship or are deep into a 3-year-old marriage, it never hurts to change things up a little bit, especially when it comes to your environment and surroundings. Feng Shui can help you avoid a divorce or a breakup.


I don’t know about you, but my house and my room represent my state of mind, likes, and dislikes, and when I enter a room in my house, I feel that energy and it affects my mood and personality.


Feng Shui is an ancient art that involves balancing the energy of space to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Living with a significant other can be a challenging time for many reasons, mostly because sharing a small space –like an apartment-


It is never easy. Maybe that other person has a very modern taste in furniture, and you are more into rustic vibes for your home. Whatever the case, this can lead to silly but sometimes very intense fights.


Being able to co-exist in the same space while still keeping in your environment the things you both like are the key to Feng Shui and what will prevent you from a breakup or, even worse, a divorce.

I am not saying that lack of balance will break you up, but if you master it, your lives will be affected positively, and you will live better.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to keep the balance and harmony going throughout your everyday life with your significant other and avoid a breakup or divorce.

How Feng Shui Can Help You To Avoid Divorce

#1. Compromise

You love that person, and they love you. What better way to co-exist happily than by making each other happy? Say your significant other has a hideous couch they adore because they’ve had it for many years, but you hate it.

If it means that much to your loved one, you will make an effort to keep the couch, and in return, you can keep that old painting that your sister made for you years ago that your loved one cannot stand.

This way, when people come over, it can become a funny anecdote, and you can keep things you like. This way, you accept proper balance.

#2. Shop Together

Decorating your house or your space together is an extraordinary thing. This way, there will be no discussing things you bought or bought that you do not like and vice versa. Plus, a little day trip to IKEA has never hurt anybody. (And not to mention, it is super fun!)

#3. Clean Often

A clean house is a sign of respect for your space and each other. Maintain a positive attitude about sharing the cleaning chores. You maintain your balance while keeping your house looking amazing and clean. You will both enjoy this space much more!

#4. Don’t Hoard

Sure, you have that collection of old t-shirts from high school that you love. But that was long ago, and they don’t fit you anymore… Don’t hoard things that are not part of your life anymore. This involves clothes, books, kitchenware, or anything that may look out of place for your new space together.

#5. Do not clutter

Avoid placing things under your bed or stuffing everything you don’t want to deal with in a closet. Eventually, you will have to deal with it, and it will be twice as hard.

Clean energy must flow out of all the places in the house and cluttering it with too many out of place. Keep the good habit of being tidy and organized, and avoid many possible fights.

#6. Please don’t overdo it with the art

Everybody likes art, but you both have very different tastes, and this is probably the only time you should not combine flavors since it will look very messy.

Avoid divorce

Make sure your artwork reflects positivity and good energy and contrasts with the color of your walls. Please do not overdo it with the colors and the textures.

#7. Keep the windows open, let the light in

It is a fact that sunlight can significantly affect mood, and you want to keep the love and happiness going at all times. Shutting yourself with the drapes shut will attract negative energy and make you more prone to feel disgusted with your environment. Keep a lot of light in the apartment, and notice how you learn to appreciate it.

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