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The Doctrine of Renunciation

Great Renunciation

The Doctrine of Renunciation from the Texts of the Druze of the Levant is a contrast to the norms of the monotheists which have meanings in different layers relative to the wide range of knowledge realms of self (Self Conception, Self Perception and Self Consciousness). All these compose the degree of reality known to humanity.

The conceptual and perceptual aspects of renunciation, which are tied and constrained to the metaphysical core of the Fifth Science, do not overlook the morphe of this spiritual mind science. Some sites provide a good resource of the doctrines of the Gnostic Druze which requires that the reader keeps his/her mind open and free of any negative opinions and biases.


It is said that knowledge in its truthful form, is incomprehensible to the human mind but can flow and register into the mind instinctively and instantaneously without the intention to convert.

Traditionally, when the mind says no to express a psychological resistance towards a specific object or image, the thoughts formed are hosted mentally. Accordingly, the negation, no matter how positive the intention of the resistance is, the fact remains that it is a type of resistance and this constitutes the act of renunciation.


Spiritual Mind

In the spiritual mind science of the Gnostics, the mind refers to the psyche or the realm of the soul in contrast to meditative renunciation which is in the realm of the mind or the consciousness. In the morphe of the Fifth Science, the act of renunciation interprets into the deceptive logic negativity substantiation – at its innermost metaphysical core.

The cognitive tool takes its form in the absolute negative zero. This represents the mind’s tendency to entertain the possibilities of an empty frame grasping on its own, apart from the important meaning that comes within, which is named as the numeric possibility.


The Renunciation of Thought

The Renunciation of Thought will not credit for the possibilities of going against the significant image or the renunciation of form. The numeric possibility, therefore, is the logic of renunciation which reflects a behavioral gesture created by it. An act with the mind instinctively carries out as a medium of recollection of the grand wholeness that goes farther than renunciation is the mind’s tendency to conceptualize absolute existence.

The mind is susceptible to host the deceptive logic of renunciation which explains its natural tendency to perceive and conceive error at any layer type. This further expresses the ancient equation of the Adamic Fall in which the mind, at any given time, records any type of numeric awareness to any thought and accounts for the innermost metaphysical logic of the original error.

The fight between good and evil represent the confirmation of the possibility of the unknown. This unknown which is said to exist in the shape of nothingness concealed by the knowledge-ability of the form itself.

This is where the devil can build obscurity, deprivation of meaning, the fear of the unknown and mentally abusing the resistance logic on all layers to prolong the evil tactics of its continuity and presence – and wasting mental energy.

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