Thursday, October 6, 2022

Five of Cups – Your Very Own Tarot Guardian

Tarot Guardian – Five of Cups – the kind of life insurance that ensures you live life to its fullest

The questions and symbolism that initially come to mind when I look at this card are: why is the sky gray? It reminds me of a gloomy, hazy, rainy day, or if the sun is setting and the light dissipates, leading to a lack of inspiration. I notice an adobe-like structure in the distance. Green grass and trees are around it, possibly from the nearby river water. But at the same time, it’s a somewhat barren desert. The building looks like it has cracks in it, and it almost seems like a prison. A tower and cell-like windows look out, away from the water. It seems like a person would practically be trapped inside.

The Man in a Dark Cloak

I wonder who this man in a dark cloak is. He has his back turned from us, and he looks down at the cups that are spilling–he almost appears defeated, looking at his posture. He has his back turned to the two cups that are still full. Also, he notices the red wine running out but doesn’t seem to feel he can control it. I see no attempt to save what is being lost–it’s as if he has given up power. I notice some grass is growing from these nourishing ideas leaking out. He is letting these precious and healthy ideas, thoughts, and feelings escape him.


Water nearby could easily be used to fill the cups again. The current seems fast and robust, and healthy! It’s as if the man is depressed at what he’s lost but isn’t realizing that the problem can be remedied. Just lift the cups back up and fill them once more. He seems lonely, isolated, and depressed, but there is still hope for life all around him.

There is a bridge in the background. It crosses over to the lone adobe structure.

I wonder if the man is protecting the two cups still standing, keeping everything away from them.

And what does the number five represent?

Upon research, the FIVE represents the Heirophant–a person you go to when you are down and in trouble, like a teacher, a counselor, a priest, etc. Your problem occurs in the world, but the answers are often spiritual. You go through hardship to become stronger, and the answers were there all along. It’s a lesson you must learn.

Stop Focusing on the Negatives

We learn from this card that you need to look up, stop focusing on the negatives and what is lost, and realize what you still have–that is the lesson to learn from this loss! You have lost wine in the cups, but you have water and fertile land to grow more grapes and create more wine! You still have two full cups just being ignored–you do not appreciate what you DO have, and you’re so focused on your loss. Stop feeling down and depressed and gloomy–take charge, be grateful for what you have, and make more for yourself.

Reversed Meaning:

While the man is focused on what he has lost, he continues to lose what was there, waiting for him. He is left with nothing and no desire to improve the situation. He is stuck in a depressed state.

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