George III Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


George III

Birthday :

June 4, 1738

Died On :

January 29, 1820

Birth Place :

Norfolk House, London, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


George III is one of the few kings of Great Britain who were great. Despite being mocked for his humility and nicknamed ‘Farmer George,’ George III was the compassionate king who took care of his subjects.

His primary focus was the good of the ordinary people and protection of his government and assets. George III was scientifically inclined and promoted science and technology.

Only in the later part of his reign and after that people realized what a great king he had been to them. For his benevolence and compassion, he is revered by many all of the world till today.

Childhood & Early Life

George the III was born on June 4, 1738, in Norfolk House. His father Frederick was the Prince of Wales and his mother Augusta was the princess of Saxe-Gotha. His star sign was Gemini. He had a brother named Edward.

George III was named after his grandfather George II who was the King of England.



George III and his brother Edward were homeschooled like most royalty.  He was trained in many languages including German and English. He was also well educated in Science subjects – the first person to do so in his family.

George III also studied social sciences and their applications in the field of agriculture, law, and business.Along with formal education, he also had training in dancing, horse riding, fencing and more.


First taste of Power

George III was very young when his father Frederick died. He was 13 years old. Being the elder son, he was made the Duke of Edinburgh in 1751. Shortly after, he was made the Prince of Wales by his grandfather, King George II.


The King of England

George III inherited the throne in 1760 after the demise of his grandfather. His first important work was the signing of the ‘Treaty of Paris’ with France & Spain. This decision was welcomed by some while loathed by the others.

George III also stopped further colonization in America by the ‘Royal proclamation’ and shifted the attention towards areas to the North & South. Many colonists of the time didn't welcome this decision.

George III along with William Pitt successfully advised the then Prime Minister Lord Rockingham to remove the ‘Stamp Act.’ This made him much famous in America.

Upset by his brother Henry’s marriage to a lower class woman, he passed the ‘Royal Marriages act’ which required members of the royal family to gain approval from the King before marrying.

A year later, the American war of Independence broke out. The colonists refused the authority of the king, and several battles were fought over three years. Finally, the losses were too much for the British forces to bear, and five years later in 1781, George III had to grant America, its freedom.

After several Prime ministers, England got William Pitt the younger. He was very useful in his role, and the images of both the Prime minister and the king improved in the eyes of the public.

For the latter part of his rule, George III was admired mainly by the people. However, he faced severe health problems and old age complications. He was replaced by his son, George IV who was very ambitious and unlike his father. He defeated Napoleon but wasn’t a famous king.


Personal Life

George III was married to Charlotte, the princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. They had fifteen children – his son George IV succeeded him as King. He is also known to be remarkably faithful to his wife and had no concubines – a unique feat among all Kings of England.



George the III died on September 8, 1761, in Windsor. He was 81 years old.

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