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9 Fantastic Feng Shui Fertility Tips To Get Pregnant

Increase Your Fertility With These Feng Shui Tips

A newlywed couple had been courting for some time previous to their marriage. They don’t wish to have children, as they feel they are not getting any younger. The pressure is on! What should they do? Here are some Feng Shui fertility tips.

If infertility is a problem, having a physical checkup to make sure there are no biological problems is a good idea, but there are things that this or any couple may turn to for help. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy still practiced by millions of people, deals with every aspect of life, including fertility.


The basic idea of Feng Shui is to balance the Qi or energy of persons and places. If the Qi is out of balance, that is when problems like infertility occur.

Feng Shui Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

#1. Front Door

Begin with the front door of your home, which is considered the “Mouth of Chi (or Qi).” This is where good and bad energy enters your personal space. Of course, you want a positive energy flow to make conceiving a child easier.


There are steps you can take to make this happen. First, clear the clutter. Energy, like wind or water (Feng Shui means “wind-water”), needs a path free of obstructions. Second, if you have plants, keep them trimmed, especially if the leaves are spiky. Spiky plants are not recommended for this location.

Third, keep the space clean and free of dirt and debris. Fourth, paint your door the proper color for the compass direction it faces. Do some research to determine which colors work for the advice of your front door.


This will harmonize the Qi of your entrance and, therefore, your home. Not only do these suggestions create a lovely welcome, but they also welcome positive energy into your home.

#2. Bedroom Placement

The next most important place to focus on is, of course, the bedroom. First, eliminate distractions such as televisions, computers, clocks, exercise equipment, mirrors, and work-related items.


This is supposed to be a private space for the two of you. Second, the bed should not share a wall with a door, bathroom, or kitchen, which is bad luck. Third, before you try to conceive, give the room, including the bed (and underneath it), a thorough cleaning.

This will improve the physical hygiene of the space and the spiritual. Fourth, once you have done this, do not clean under the bed again until after the baby has been born.

The Feng Shui reasoning behind this is that you do not want to disturb or remove the build-up of fertility energy until after it is not needed.

#3. Colour Choice

Another critical aspect of the bedroom is the color choices you make. The room’s color scheme should be relaxing and calm, as it is a place for rest and rejuvenation. Warm, soothing tones, like skin tones, are a good idea; however, you must achieve a balance like all things in Feng Shui.

#4. Relaxation

If you are too relaxed, where is the passion? If there is no passion, what happens to fertility? For this reason, adding accents using red is a perfect idea. Red is the color of power and energy.

Too much, and there is tension; too little, and your love life fizzles. Another good color choice (specifically for the sheets of your bed) is the color green. Green is a healing color. If anything is blocking good Qi or energy, green sheets may counteract it.

#5. Symbolic significance

In addition to color selection, specific items or images add symbolic significance to the bedroom. For example, most things in a couple’s bedroom should be displayed in pairs. The reason for this is simple; just as a couple is two, a team symbolizes two and reminds a couple of their unity.

They must work together to build their relationship and conceive a child. Fruits are powerful fertility symbols in Feng Shui practice, especially pomegranates. The thing to remember is that the fruit must be sliced open to release the fertility energy inside. A pomegranate is special because it is red, so are the seeds, and there are so many seeds.

#6. Display images

If you want to display the fruit itself, be sure to replace it while it is fresh for apparent reasons. An alternative is to show a pair of images depicting sliced open pomegranates or a picture of two pomegranates on the wall. The fruit is not the only option, however.

A pair of red lanterns hung by the bed, elephants with their trunks down (to release good Qi), or, best of all, a couple of small dragons by the man’s bedside table are all good.

The dragons are fascinating because they give him masculinity, but they must be kept small. Otherwise, there will be little rest in the bedroom.

While plants usually are not a great idea in the bedroom, a solitary piece of hollow bamboo, placed in the north corner of the bedroom, is believed to aid in conception.

#7. Couple’s Bedroom

The couple’s bedroom is not the only place of concern, however. Another space in the home is just as important. If you attempt to do some research on the subject, you may find yourself confused. This is because Feng Shui has at least two leading schools of thought: traditional and Western.

The traditional school refers to the descendant’s direction, while the Western school refers to the home’s children/creativity area. They are both talking about the Bagua of the house. Finding your home’s Bagua is a reasonably complex process. The Western approach will be used in this case to keep things simple.

#8. Bagua: Feng Shui Fertility Tips

The Western Bagua is a square chart made up of nine boxes. Each box is labeled as a particular area with a specific emphasis on the home.

The children/creativity area is located along the home’s west wall, next to the center. This room should contain items and colors reflecting metal’s fundamental Feng Shui element.

This means grays, whites, and metallic colors. Some suggest displaying images of children or even a figurine depicting the goddess Quan Yin, who is said to aid infertility.

#9. Children Playing

One thing that may help and make you popular with the children in your extended family is to allow a few children to jump on your marital bed to their heart’s delight.

The youthful energy set free by these youngsters is released into your bed. According to Feng Shui, this will undoubtedly help welcome your little ones into your home.

Before you overwhelm yourselves with attempting to do everything on this list, take a deep breath. Do the simplest things first, and then take a break. For example, cleaning is an excellent first step when approaching any Feng Shui project. Take it one step and one day at a time.

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