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May 10 Famous Birthdays

May 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 10 want to make a mark on the world. The final resume is very important to them as their image. They are likely to be a hero in the eyes of family members. They feel an enormous duty to protect them.

As a parent, famous May 10 celebrities hold true to tradition. The natural and cool emotions they possess are not for everyone born under the same zodiac sign. They need lots of affection to affirm they are appreciated. They want to make a success of their life.


Sometimes, famous people born on May 10 will look for solidarity in professions as they reject the idea of authority. The famous personality born on May 10 are strong and relentless people. They have aspirations and instinctively know who to network with to promote their business to achieve personal and professional goals.


Typically, famous people born on May 10 are sociable and adventurous. In love, they crave attention and they will respond to sudden urges to be a free spirited lover.

Famous people born on May 10, are extroverts with introverted tendencies. In love, they command attention but have a need to be free. They are likely to find peace in a solidarity profession. However, this Taurus can be obsessive and could benefit from making some small adjustments.


May 10th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10 May Good Traits:

  • Reflective
  • Nurturing
  • Optimistic
  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Captivating
  • Balanced
  • Instinctive
  • Sociable
  • Adventurous

10 May Bad Traits:

  • Cold
  • Unfeeling
  • Insecure
  • Relentless
  • Obsessive
  • Indulgent
  • Unadaptable
  • Loner

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May 10 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaden Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Adam Lallana, 1988, Soccer Player
Adebayo Akinfenwa, 1982, Soccer Player
Adrian Aeschbacher, 1912, Pianist
Adriano Giannini, 1971, TV Actor
Aidan Prince, 2006, Dancer
Al Murray, 1968, Comedian
Albert Parker, 1885, Screenwriter
Alex Jennings, 1957, Movie Actor
Alexis Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Ali Stephens, 1991, Model
Allan Nyom, 1988, Soccer Player
Allie Haze, 1987,
Alycia Lane, 1972, TV Show Host
Amanda Borden, 1977, Gymnast
Amanda Scarborough, 1986, Sportscaster
Amy Mastura, 1971, Pop Singer
Andi Gladwin, 1983, Magician
Andrea Anders, 1975, TV Actress
Andrea Boehlke, 1989, Reality Star
Andrew Card, 1947, Politician
Andrew Chipenko, 1990, eSports Player
Angel Gibbs, 1999, Dancer
Ani Kavafian, 1948, Violinist

Anjo Damiles, 1996, Soap Opera Actor
Anna Maxwell Martin, 1977, Stage Actress
Antonin Raymond, 1888, Architect
Ariel Durant, 1898, Novelist
Arnold Ruutel, 1928, Politician
Arturas Barysas, 1954, Movie Actor
Asli Enver, 1984, TV Actress
Aurel Stodola, 1859, Scientist
Aviv Geffen, 1973, World Music Singer
Aylna Neo, 1994, YouTube Star
Bel Kaufman, 1911, Novelist
Benjamin Isaac, 1945, Teacher
Bernard Pierce, 1990, Football Player
Bert Weedon, 1920, Guitarist
Bill Coday, 1943, Soul Singer
Bill Geist, 1945, TV Show Host
Birgit Aarsman, 1989, Model
Birute Galdikas, 1946, Doctor
Bob Sinclar, 1969, Music Producer
Bono, 1960, Rock Singer
Brandon Williams, 1996, Vine Star
Brandun Deshay, 1990, Music Producer
Brie Angellina, 1995, Pop Singer
Bruce Penhall, 1957, TV Actor
Cameron Leahy, 1989, Pop Singer
Carl Albert, 1908, Politician
Carl Douglas, 1942, Pop Singer
Caroline B. Cooney, 1947, Young Adult Author
Caroline Bowman, 1988, Stage Actress
Catherine McCord, 1974, Model
Charice Pempengco, 1992, Pop Singer
Charles McGraw, 1914, Movie Actor
Charlie Gehringer, 1903, Baseball Player
Charlie Matthews, 1991, Model
Chris Berman, 1955, Sportscaster
Chris Loranger, 1989, eSports Player
Christopher Bones, 1998, TV Actor
Christopher Paul Curtis, 1953, Children’s Author
Chuck Roberson, 1919, Movie Actor
Clarence Brown, 1890, Director
Clodagh McKenna, 1975, Chef
Collin Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Corri English, 1978, TV Actress
Craig Hall, 1974, TV Actor
Craig Mack, 1971, Rapper
Da’Vonne Rogers, 1988, Reality Star
Dallas Roberts, 1970, TV Actor
Danny Carey, 1961, Drummer
Darryl M Bell, 1963, TV Actor
Dave Mason, 1946, Rock Singer

David Clennon, 1943, Movie Actor
David Mackenzie, 1966, Director
David O. Selznick, 1902, Film Producer
Dean Heller, 1960, Politician
Deborah Criddle, 1966, Equestrian
Denis Thatcher, 1915, Family Member
Dennis Bergkamp, 1969, Soccer Player
Diego Tardelli, 1985, Soccer Player
Dimitri Tiomkin, 1894, Composer
Donovan, 1946, Rock Singer
Drew Butler, 1989, Football Player
Dulcie Howes, 1908, Dancer
Duncan Weir, 1991, Rugby Player
Ed Sanders, 1993, Movie Actor
Eileen April Boylan, 1987, TV Actress
Ella Grasso, 1919, Politician
Ellen Ochoa, 1958, Astronaut
Emilio Izaguirre, 1986, Soccer Player
Emmanuel Emenike, 1987, Soccer Player
Ettore Scola, 1931, Director
Felix Manalo, 1886, Religious Leader
Fia James, 1996, Pop Singer
Fouz Alfahad, 1990, Instagram Star
Francisco Costa, 1964, Fashion Designer
Franz Von Holzhausen, 1968, Business Executive
Fred Astaire, 1899, Movie Actor

Gabe Liedman, 1982, Comedian
Gabriela Montero, 1970, Pianist
Gabrielle Walsh, 1989, Movie Actress
Gareth Ainsworth, 1973, Soccer Player
Gareth Anscombe, 1991, Rugby Player
Gary Owens, 1934, Voice Actor
Gavin Rees, 1980, Boxer
George Kottaras, 1983, Baseball Player
Gia Gunn, 1990, Reality Star
Gina Philips, 1970, TV Actress
Graham Gouldman, 1946, Rock Singer
Greg Fasala, 1965, Swimmer
Gustav Fridolin, 1983, Politician
Ha Perera, 1950, TV Actor
Halston Sage, 1993, TV Actress
Hannah Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Hans Jonas, 1903, Philosopher
Haroon Khan, 1991, Boxer
Helio Castroneves, 1975, Race Car Driver
Henri Camara, 1977, Soccer Player
Heydar Aliyev, 1923, World Leader
Hilary Lindh, 1969, Skier
Hugo Banzer, 1926, World Leader
Humberto Suazo, 1981, Soccer Player
Isaac Witkin, 1936, Sculptor
Ivan Cankar, 1876, Poet
Ivica Vidovic, 1939, Movie Actor
Jabaal Sheard, 1989, Football Player
Jana Mashonee, 1980, R&B Singer
Jason Dalyrimple, 1980, R&B Singer
Jayne Cortez, 1934, Poet
Jean Houston, 1937, Novelist
Jeremy Roloff, 1990, Reality Star
Jes Brieden, 1974, Pop Singer
Jesseca Cross, 1975, Shot Putter
Jim Hickman, 1937, Baseball Player
Jim Zorn, 1953, Football Coach
Joel Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Joel Miller, 1988, Race Car Driver
Joey Zehr, 1982, Drummer
John Bowie, 1984, Football Player
John Sherman, 1823, Politician
John Wilkes Booth, 1838, Criminal
Jon Ronson, 1967, Non-Fiction Author
Jonathan Roberts, 1956, Screenwriter
Jordan Francis, 1991, TV Actor
Joseph Ruben, 1950, Screenwriter
Judith Jamison, 1943, Dancer
Judson Mills, 1969, TV Actor
Kamil Bednarek, 1991, Reggae Singer
Karl Barth, 1886, Religious Author
Karl Hyde, 1957, Pop Singer
Karmen Pedaru, 1990, Model
Katja Seizinger, 1972, Skier
Kaye Gibbons, 1960, Novelist
Ken Murphy, 1958, Soccer Player
Kenan Thompson, 1978, TV Actor
Kenny Churchill, 1975, Javelin Thrower
Kevin Garattoni, 1981, YouTube Star
Kieren Webster, 1986, Bassist
Kilo Kish, 1990, Rapper
Kim Nam-joo, 1971, TV Actress
Kiril Lazarov, 1980, Handball Player
Koos Du Plessis, 1945, Folk Singer
Krishna Prem, 1898, Religious Leader
Lara Lewington, 1979, Journalist
Lauren Potter, 1990, TV Actress
Laurence Lau, 1954, Soap Opera Actor
Leah Gosselin, 2004, Reality Star
Lee Hyori, 1979, Pop Singer
Leon Gaumont, 1864, Inventor
Lesli Margherita, 1973, Stage Actress
Leslie Stefanson, 1971, Movie Actress
Leslie Williams, 1922, Rugby Player
Lillian Glinn, 1902, Blues Singer
Linda Evangelista, 1965, Model
Lindsey Shaw, 1989, TV Actress
Lisa Nowak, 1963, Astronaut
Liza Morales, 1979, Fashion Designer
Lothar Schmid, 1928, Chess Player
Luan Krasniqi, 1971, Boxer
Lydia Boland, 2004, TV Actress
Mae Murray, 1889, Movie Actress
Maisey Rika, 1983, Folk Singer
Makeup With Marissa, 1997, YouTube Star
Marie-France Pisier, 1944, Movie Actress
Marion Ramsey, 1947, Movie Actress
Mark David Chapman, 1955, Criminal
Marlon Webb, 1991, Vine Star
Marta Krupa, 1985, Model
Mary Whipple, 1980, Rower
Mat Franco, 1988, Magician
Matt Tuiasosopo, 1986, Baseball Player
Maureen Lipman, 1946, TV Actress
Max Steiner, 1888, Composer
MC Ride, 1978, Rapper
Meg Foster, 1948, TV Actress
Meghan Jessica Marie, 1993, YouTube Star
Mel Lewis, 1929, Drummer
Merlene Ottey, 1960, Runner
Mert Yazıcıoğlu, 1993, TV Actor
Michael Larson, 1949,
Michael Lockley, 1998, Model
Mike Butcher, 1965, Baseball Manager
Mike Hagerty, 1954, TV Actor
Mike Kelly, 1948, Politician
Mike Melvoin, 1937, Pianist
Mike Souchak, 1927, Golfer
Miko Sotto, 1982, TV Actor
Milt Pappas, 1939, Baseball Player
Milton Babbitt, 1916, Composer
Mirai Shida, 1993, TV Actress
Missy Franklin, 1995, Swimmer
Miuccia Prada, 1949, Fashion Designer
Montgomery Blair, 1813, Politician
Nam Taehyun, 1994, Pop Singer
Namitha, 1981, Movie Actress
Nancy Walker, 1922, TV Actress
Nick Heidfeld, 1977, Race Car Driver
Nicky Whelan, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Nicole Leach, 1979, TV Actress
Noreen Young, 1939, Puppeteer
Odette Annable, 1985, TV Actress
Oleg Losev, 1903, Scientist
Paige O’Hara, 1956, Movie Actress
Pankaj Mullick, 1905, Composer
Pat Summerall, 1930, Sportscaster
Pendyala Harikrishna, 1986, Chess Player
Perry Blake, 1970, Folk Singer
Phil and Steve Mahre, 1957, Skier
Rachel Gordon, 1976, TV Actress
Rachel RachelAndJun, 1988, YouTube Star
Rhona Bennett, 1976, TV Actress
Rich Moore, 1963, Cartoonist
Richard Patrick, 1968, Rock Singer
Rick Santorum, 1958, Politician
Rick Steves, 1955, TV Show Host
Robby Thompson, 1962, Baseball Player
Rustu Recber, 1973, Soccer Player
Ryan Getzlaf, 1985, Hockey Player
Salah Abu Seif, 1915, Director
Sally Phillips, 1970, Movie Actress
Salvador Perez, 1990, Baseball Player
Sam Anderson, 1988, YouTube Star
Sam Callahan, 1994, Pop Singer
Sam Malcolm, 1990, Comedian
Samuel Dalembert, 1981, Basketball Player
Sarah Mitchell, 1982, Politician
Scott Lucas, 1970, Pop Singer
Sean Kane, 1969, TV Actor
Shaun Ross, 1991, Model
Sid Vicious, 1957, Rock Singer
Skyler Seymour, 1994, TV Actor
Sophia Ewaniuk, 2002, TV Actress
Sophie Charlotte Ackermann, 1714, Film Producer
Spencer Fox, 1993, Voice Actor
Stephen Bechtel Jr., 1925, Entrepreneur
Stephen M. Ross, 1940, Sports Executive
Steve Berra, 1973, Skateboarder
Steve Gunderson, 1951, Politician
Steven Howard, 1976, Soccer Player
Stuart Braithwaite, 1976, Guitarist
Suzan-Lori Parks, 1963, Playwright
Tamara Press, 1937, Shot Putter
Taurean Blacque, 1941, TV Actor
Taya Smith, 1989, Gospel Singer
Theresa Burke, 1956, News Anchor
Thomas Lipton, 1850, Entrepreneur
Thomas Newson, 1994, DJ
Tim Schendel, 1979, Race Car Driver
Tito Santana, 1953, Wrestler
Todd Lowe, 1977, TV Actor
Tora Sudiro, 1973, Movie Actor
Tracy Tweed, 1965, Movie Actress
Tyler Scnabel, 1989, TV Actor
Tyus Jones, 1996, Basketball Player
Valentina Ivanova, 1963, Discus Thrower
Vanderlei Luxemburgo, 1952, Soccer Coach
Victor Matfield, 1977, Rugby Player
Victor Noriega, 1972, TV Actor
Victoria Rowell, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
Wade Dominguez, 1966, Movie Actor
Wayne Downing, 1940, War Hero
Wayne Dyer, 1940, Novelist
Wayne Mardle, 1973, Darts Player
William Regal, 1968, Wrestler
William Windom, 1827, Politician
Wilson Chandler, 1987, Basketball Player
Yaser Kasim, 1991, Soccer Player
Zach Roloff, 1990, Reality Star
Zoranna Jovanovic, 1990, YouTube Star


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