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Famous Events For March 8

Famous Events For March 8 – Today In History

March 8: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 8  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 8th March 1618: The third law of planetary motion was on this day discovered by John Kepler.

18th Century – What Happened on March 8 – The 1700s

2. 8th March 1702: Queen Anna on this day ascended the throne upon the death of her predecessor King William III.
3. 8th March 1711: English premier Haley was on this day tried for murder by Antonio de Guiscard.


4. 8th March 1722: Mir Mahmud, the Afghan Monarch today occupied Persia.
5. 8th March 1746: Aberdeen was today occupied by the troops led by the Duke of Cumberland.
6. 8th March 1782: In retaliation for raids carried out by some Indians, militiamen in Ohio killed nearly 90 Indians in the Gnadenhuttn massacre today.

19th Century – March 8 This Day That Year – The 1800s

7. 8th March 1853: Today in Washington the first Bronze statue of Andrew Jackson was unveiled.
8. 8th March 1855: A tram which passed over the first railway suspension bridge at Niagara Falls.
9. 8th March 1880: US President Rutherford B Hays today declared that the United States would have jurisdiction over a canal built across the Isthmus of Panama.
10. 8th March 1887: Everett Horton today patented the telescopic fishing rod.
11. 8th March 1894: In its first animal control law in the United States, New York state enacted the dog license law.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 8th – The 1900s

12. 8th March 1904: The ban on the Jesuit Order of Priests was on this day lifted by the German parliament “The Bundestag”.
13. 8th March 1905: It was reported in Russia that the peasant revolt was spreading to Georgia.
14. 8th March 1907: The Women’s Suffrage Bill was on this day turned down by the House of Commons in Britain.
15. 8th March 1909: The ban on interfaith marriages imposed by the Church in Hungry was today lifted by Pope Pius X.
16. 8th March 1910: Women in Spain were on this day authorized to attend university by the King of Spain.
17. 8th March 1910: Baroness de Laroche on this day became the first woman in France to get a pilot’s license.
18. 8th March 1911: Edward Gray, British Minister of Foreign Affairs declared today that in the event of a military conflict, Britain will not support France.
19. 8th March 1911: International Women’s Day was celebrated today for the first time in Europe.
20. 8th March 1917: This day marks the beginning of the Russian Revolution against Czarist rule, marking the beginning of Communist party rule in Russia.
21. 8th March 1921: French troops occupied Dusseldorf today.


22. 8th March 1921: The Spanish Prime Minister, Eduardo Dato was assassinated on this day.
23. 8th March 1936: Car racing was done for the first time in Dayton. This race was specifically organized for stock car racing participants. It came to be known as the Dayton 500.
24. 8th March 1941: To quell any anti-Nazi protests Marshall Law was declared in Holland.
25. 8th March 1942: The Dutch army on this day surrendered to the Japanese on the island of Java, beginning the end of Dutch power in the East Indies.
26. 8th March 1942: Japanese troops captured Rangoon in Burma on this day during World War II.
27. 8th March 1942: In Bougainville, Japanese troops today attacked the American troops on Hill 700. The battle lasted for five days.
28. 8th March 1945: On this day Phyllis Mae Daley, an African-American woman received a commission in the US Navy Nurse Corps. She was the first African-American nurse to serve in World War II.
29. 8th March 1948: The US Supreme Court today ruled that religious instructions in public schools as unconstitutional.
30. 8th March 1951: The “Lonely Hear Killers”, who cheated lonely widows to gain access to possessions and stole them, were on this day executed in the Sing Sing Prison’s electric chair.
31. 8th March 1953: A census bureau report stated that 2, 39,000 farmers had quit farming in the last 2 years.


32. 8th March 1954: Talks between France and Vietnam were opened today in Paris on a treaty to form the state of Indochina.
33. 8th March 1957: After the withdrawal of Israel from occupied Egyptian territory, Egypt opened the Suez Canal connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea to International traffic.
34. 8th March 1957: An atmospheric nuclear test was performed by the USSR today.
35. 8th March 1958: Author and Noble Laureate William Faulkner on this day said that schools in the US have degenerated to become babysitters.
36. 8th March 1959: A pro-Egyptian coup failed in Mosul, Iraq today.
37. 8th March 1961: Max Conrad on this day competed circling the glove in a record time of 8 days 18 hours and 49 minutes in the Piper Aztec.
38. 8th March 1961: The US nuclear submarine “Patrick Henry” made a re3cord undersea journey of 66 days and 22 hours and arrived at the Scottish naval base Holy Loch today.
39. 8th March 1962: The United States today, performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
40. 8th March 1964: African American activist Malcolm X resigned from the Nation of Islam today.
41. 8th March 1965: About 3500 US Marines landed in South Vietnam. They were the first US combat troops to land in Vietnam.

42. 8th March 1965: Civil rights march which was planned the previous day, was held. About 450 African-Americans were participating in the March. This was broken up by the stated troopers bearing nightsticks, teargas, and shotguns. A severe head injury was suffered by John Lewis a member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.
43. 8th March 1966: A bomb planted by the IRA went off today in Dublin destroying the Nelson’s Column.
44. 8th March 1966: It was announced by Australia today that it would triple the strength of its troops in Vietnam.
45. 8th March 1968: A six-year-old boy Tommy Moore today scored a hole in one in golf.
46. 8th March 1969: Pontiac today introduced the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, considered the epitome of an American muscle car.
47. 8th March 1971: A gunfight broke out between the official Irish Republican Army and the Provisional IRA. One man was killed in the firing.
48. 8th March 1972: Inside the unoccupied TWA Boeing 707 jet, a bomb was planted with a view of claiming a $ 2 million ransom from the airline went off and the plane was blown up. It was a mystery how the bomb was planted as the plane was earlier thoroughly searched.
49. 8th March 1973: A couple of bombs exploded at Trafalgar Square in London injuring 234 people.
50. 8th March 1973: The US on this day performed a nuclear test at its test site in Nevada.

51. 8th March 1973: In its first operation in Great Britain, the Provisional Republican Army planted car bombs in London. Ten members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army were arrested at Heathrow Airport while they were trying to leave the country.
52. 8th March 1974: Today marks the opening of the Charles De Gaulle airport in France.
53. 8th March 1975: Today the Royal Canadian Mint announced that it was opening a branch in Winnipeg Manitoba.
54. 8th March 1976: A stony meteorite weighing 1774 KG fell in Jilin, China. This was the largest observed meteorite.
55. 8th March 1977: Princess Ann on this day announced that she was expecting her first child.
56. 8th March 1979: Today China withdraws its invasion troops from Vietnam.
57. 8th March 1980: Another nuclear test was on this day performed by the US at its Nevada test site.
58. 8th March 1980: The festival of rock music, the first of its kind in the Soviet Union, kicks off in the Soviet Union today.
59. 8th March 1982: The United States on this day accused the Soviet Union of deploying poison gas in Afghanistan.
60. 8th March 1983: A call was on this day given for a nuclear freeze by the House Foreign Affairs Committee which called to freeze US and Soviet nuclear arsenals.

61. 8th March 1985: A report of the Internal Revenue Service today reveals that there are 4.07.700 millionaires in America, which is more than double what it was five years ago.
62. 8th March 1985: A car bomb targeting Sheik Muhammad Husain Fadlallah, thought to be a fundamentalist Shia Muslim cleric killed 45 and injured 175 people in Beirut today.
63. 8th March 1986: In west Beirut, four French television crew members were abducted today. They were eventually released.
64. 8th March 1986: Tennis player Martina Navratilova today became the first tennis player to win $10 million.
65. 8th March 1988: On this day two army helicopters collide midair in Fort Campbell, USA, killing 17 US soldiers.
66. 8th March 1989: After three days of protest against Chinese rule martial law was on this day declared in Lhasa, Tibet.
67. 8th March 1991: Today plane loads of American troops returned home from the Persian Gulf. Iraq handed over 40 foreign journalists and 2 American soldiers they had captured.
68. 8th March 1994: 47 people were killed on this day in a train accident at Pine town, Natal.
69. 8th March 1994: The US defense department today imposed a ban on smoking in workplaces.
70. 8th March 1994: A collision between a Boeing 737 and Ilyushin-86 in New Delhi killed 8 people.

71. 8th March 1995: The Dutch Liberal Party today won the Provisional-National Elections.
72. 8th March 1995: Today Costis Stephanopoulos today became the President of Greece.
73. 8th March 1999: The Whitehouse administration under President Bill Clinton today directed that nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee be fired from his job for alleged security violations.
74. 8th March 1999: The conviction of Timothy Mc Veigh for bombing a federal building in Oklahoma City was on this day upheld by the US Supreme Court.

21st Century – March 8 This Day In History – The 2000s

75. 8th March 2001: The Republican-controlled house in the USA on this day voted for the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA). This would result in a tax cut of close to $ 1 trillion over a decade.
76. 8th March 2001: David Campbell’s boat “Blue Bird” which had wrecked when he was attempting to speed record in 1967 was on this morning raised from the bottom of Coniston water in Cumbria.
77. 8th March 2004: Palestine guerilla leader Abdul Abbas who was involved in the hijacking of the passenger liner “Achille Lauro in 1985, died in US custody in Bagdad today.

78. 8th March 2004: The Governing Council of Iraq today signed a new Constitution
79. 8th March 2006: Iran today stated that it will continue its nuclear research program irrespective of actions which the U.N. may take against it. It also warned the US of great harm if they opposed the program.
80. 8th March 2008: A bill explicitly seeking prohibition of CIA using interrogation methods which include Waterboarding, a form of torture, was on this day vetoed by President George W Bush today.
81. 8th March 2010: A Democratic Congressman Erica Massa resigned today after causing some embarrassment to the party. He told his staff that he would step down after admitting to having made improper advances to a male member of his staff.
82. 8th March 2010: In an offensive against Somali pirates the French Navy along with EU aircraft and vessels captured 35 suspected pirates off the Somalia coast.
83. 8th March 2011: Today police found jewelry worth $ 19 million, stolen in 2008 from a Harry Winston boutique in an armed robbery, in a drain. It was in a plastic container set in concrete in a home in Seine-Saint-Denis home.
84. 8th March 2011: California authorities investigate the source of huge fish killed at the King Harbor Marino.
85. 8th March 2012: Toyota today recalled over 6,00,000 vehicles in the United States for various technical snags. The recall is likely to hurt its reputation further.
86. 8th March 2012: In case of imperfectly matched transplants, donor stem cells may prevent organ rejection, suggests a recent study as claimed by scientists.
87. 8th March 2012: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 which had taken off at Kula Lumpur on its way to Beijing, with 227 people on board, went missing as it was passing between Malaysia and Vietnam.
88. 8th March 2012: Greece today struck a debt-restructuring deal with private lenders.
89. 8th March 2013: The funeral of former President Hugo Chavez.
90. 8th March 2013: Today all peace pacts with South Korea were terminated by North Korea.
91. 8th March 2013: Aiming to prevent mass shootings in schools, the US State of South Dakota passed a law that would allow teachers to be armed in schools. Schools can choose whether or not to allow staff to carry firearms.
92. 8th March 2013: The generals of North Korea claimed that they were aiming long-range missiles at the US mainland. This is retaliation for recently approved UN sanctions.

93. 8th March 2014: Despite difficult winter weather conditions US payrolls have shown a growth. 129,000 jobs were added in January and 175,000 jobs in February.
94. 8th March 2014: The first International Women’s Day was celebrated by the United Nations with the theme “Equality for Women is Progress for All”.
95. 8th March 2015: It was on this day reported that the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 had a battery on its flight locator beacon, which had expired one year before the flight.

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