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Famous Events For March 6

Famous Events For March 6 – Today In History

March 6: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 6  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 6th March 1447: Pope Eugene IV was on this day succeeded by Tommaso Parentucelli as Pope Nicolas V.
2. 6th March 1454: Delegates of the Prussian Confederation on this day pledged their allegiance to Casimir IV of Poland. In return, the Polish king agreed to help them in their struggle for independence from the Teutonic Knights.
3. 6th March 1479: In exchange for its claims in West Africa, Portugal gave the Canary Islands to Castile as per the “Treaty of AlcaCovas”.


4. 6th March 1521: Guam was discovered by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan.
5. 6th March 1665: This day marks the start of the publication of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

18th Century – What Happened on March 6 – The 1700s

6. 6th March 1728: The 1st convention of Pardo was on this day signed by Spain and Britain.
7. 6th March 1775: North America’s 1st Negro Mason was initiated on this day in Boston.
8. 6th March 1778: To establish a convict settlement first fleet arrives at Norfolk Island.
9. 6th March 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Jaffa, Palestine.


19th Century – March 6 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 6th March 1808: The first college orchestra for formed on this day at Harvard University.
11. 6th March 1810: Illinois passed the state vaccination legislation, the first state vaccination legislation.
12. 6th March 1816: Jews were on this day expelled from the city of Lubeck Germany.
13. 6th March 1831: Edgar Allen Poe was on this day removed from West Point military academy.
14. 6th March 1834: In Canada the city of Toronto was incorporated. William Lyon Mackenzie was its first Mayor.
15. 6th March 1936: After a 13-day battle about 3000 strong Mexicans overwhelmed Texans at Alamo.
16. 6th March 1936: Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reached King George’s Sound in Australia today.
17. 6th March 1857: The US Supreme Court on this day ruled that Africans could not be American citizens.
18. 6th March 1861: The Confederate Army was on this day established by the Provisionary Confederate Congress.
19. 6th March 1865: The second inaugural ball of President Abraham Lincoln was held on this day.


20. 6th March 1882: Serbian Monarch Milan Obrenovic crowned himself as king on this day.
21. 6th March 1886: “The Nightingale” the first US Nurses magazine appears in New York City for the first time.
22. 6th March 1886: An alternating current power plant, the first in the US, starts on this day at Great Barrington in Massachusetts.
23. 6th March 1899: On this day in Berlin, Germany, the German Pharmaceutical company Friedrich Bayer patented Aspirin as a trade name for Acetylsalicylic acid originally derived from the bark of willow trees.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 6th – The 1900s

24. 6th March 1902: The US Congress passed legislation today and created a Permanent US Census office.
25. 6th March 1904: A major Russian port in the Pacific “Vladivostok” was bombarded on this day by the Japanese fleet bombers.


26. 6th March 1906: The American Society of Civil Engineers on this day elected Nora Blatch. She was the first woman to be elected to the society.
27. 6th March 1907: British creditors of the Dominican Republic claimed that the U.S. had failed to collect debts.
28. 6th March 1915: Greek Prime Minister Venizelos was on this day fired by the Greek King Constantine I.
29. 6th March 1920: According to the questionnaire generated by the US Post Master, it was revealed that the high cost of farm labor was a contributing factor to higher consumer prices.
30. 6th March 1921: An edict requiring women to wear skirts at least 4 inches below the knee was on this day issued by the Police in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.
31. 6th March 1924: The Labor government in Britain today cut its military budget.
32. 6th March 1926: Today China asked for a seat in the UN Security Council.
33. 6th March 1928: The Communists attacked Peking, in China which caused 3,000 deaths, and an estimated 50,000 fled to Swatow.
34. 6th March 1929: A friendship treaty was on this day signed by Turkey and Bulgaria.
35. 6th March 1933: Poland on this day occupied the free city of Danzig.

36. 6th March 1939: After a military coup Jose Miaja took over the government in Madrid, Spain, and vowed to seek “peace with honor”.
37. 6th March 1940: On this day the first US telecast from an airplane takes place in New York City.
38. 6th March 1943: Indonesian President Sukarno asks for cooperation with Japanese occupiers.
39. 6th March 1944: The United States Air Force on this day began daylight bombing of Berlin.
40. 6th March 1944: The US heavy bombers began the first American raid on Berlin. Allied bombers dropped 2000 tons of bombs on Berlin.
41. 6th March 1945: The Chinese 38th division occupied Lashio today.
42. 6th March 1946: President of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh on this day entered into an agreement with France that recognized his country as an autonomous state within the Indochinese federation and the French Union.
43. 6th March 1947: Winston Churchill on this day announced his opposition to withdraw British troops from India.
44. 6th March 1947: The first US-4 engine jet bomber XB-45 makes its first test flight today.
45. 6th March 1947: The contempt conviction of John L. Lewis was on this day upheld by the US Supreme Court.

46. 6th March 1947: The first air-conditioned naval ship “New Port News” was launched today.
47. 6th March 1951: Belgium on this day extended conscription to 24 months.
48. 6th March 1951: The “Rosenberg Trial”, the trial of suspected spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who were indicted for conspiring to obtain defense secrets for the Soviets started today in New York.
49. 6th March 1953: Malenkov on this day became the chairman of the USSR.
50. 6th March 1957: Ghana today became the first black African country to gain independence after they gained independence from Britain.
51. 6th March 1960: It was announced by the United States that it would send 3,500 troops to Vietnam.
52. 6th March 1960: The Indonesian parliament was on this day disbanded by its President Sukarno.
53. 6th March 1960: Women were on this day granted the right to vote in the municipal elections in Switzerland.
54. 6th March 1961: On this day first minicabs were introduced in London.
55. 6th March 1962: It was on this day reported that the Prime Minister of Canada Diefenbaker had approved Canada’s stand against testing nuclear weapons. Provisions were also discussed for a possible disarmament arrangement between Canada and the Soviet Union.
56. 6th March 1962: Thailand was today assured of assistance from the US against communist aggression.
57. 6th March 1962: A nuclear test was performed by the US at its Nevada test site.
58. 6th March 1962: St. Louis on this day voted to build a new downtown stadium for the Cardinals.
59. 6th March 1964: Following the death of his father King Paul, Constantine II became the king of Greece.

60. 6th March 1964: Heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay today embraced Islam and he was renamed Muhammad Ali.
61. 6th March 1965: Today the first non-stop helicopter crossing of North America was achieved.
62. 6th March 1965: To free up South Vietnamese troops for battle work, they requested troops to be sent to Da Nung’s air base in South Vietnam.
63. 6th March 1967: Lyndon B Johnson, President of the United States, today announced his plan to establish a draft lottery.
64. 6th March 1967: Svetlana Allilujeva, daughter of Stalin on this day requested asylum in the US.
65. 6th March 1970: Following the death of a pet, imported from Pakistan, Rabies, the British government imposed a ban on the import of dogs. Britain is one of the few countries where rabies is not often seen.
66. 6th March 1972: This day marks the official closure of Keswick to Penrith railway.
67. 6th March 1973: Price controls were imposed on oil and gas by President Richard Nixon.
68. 6th March 1974: Following an agreement of a 35% increase in wages the British miners on this day called their four-week strike.
69. 6th March 1975: Iran and Iraq on this day announced that they had settled their border dispute.
70. 6th March 1980: Islamic militants in Tehran said today that they would hand over American hostages to the Revolutionary Council.
71. 6th March 1980: The French Academy which was founded in 1635 elects its first woman novelist.

72. 6th March 1981: A plan to cut 37,000 federal jobs was on this day announced by President Ronald Regan.
73. 6th March 1981: The most beloved anchorman of the nation, Walter Cronkite retired from CBS Evening News today.
74. 6th March 1981: France on this day conducted a nuclear test at Muruora Island.
75. 6th March 1981: Soyuz 13 returned to Earth on this day.
76. 6th March 1983: In Germany, the Christian Democratic Union led by Helmut Kohl was voted to power and Helmut Kohl became the German Chancellor.
77. 6th March 1985: British coal industry goes on strike. The strike lasted for 12 months.
78. 6th March 1987: An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Ecuador. About 100 people were in the quake.
79. 6th March 1987: The British ferry “Herald of Free Enterprise” capsized in the canal off the coast of Belgium. 198 people lost their lives.
80. 6th March 1990: The Russian parliament on this day passed the law granting ownership of private property.
81. 6th March 1990: A coup attempt to remove President Najibullah from office failed in Afghanistan.
82. 6th March 1991: In Paris, five men were imprisoned for plotting to smuggle Libyan Arms to the Irish Republican Army.
83. 6th March 1991: Iraq’s capitulation in the Persian Gulf conflict prompted US President George Bush to announce to the Congress that “Aggression is defeated. The war is over”.
84. 6th March 1992: The Council of the Baltic Sea States was founded on this day.
85. 6th March 1992: The Michelangelo computer virus started attacking computers today.
86. 6th March 1994: The referendum in Moldova today resulted in the electorate voting against possible reunification with Romania.
87. 6th March 1995: American Express Travel started charging for domestic air tickets.

88. 6th March 1997: The first official royal website was launched today by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
89. 6th March 1997: A million-dollar Picasso portrait “Tete de Femme” was on this day stolen from a London gallery by a gunman today. It was however recovered a week later.
90. 6th March 1998: The British Union flag was flown for the first time at Buckingham Palace.

21st Century – March 6 This Day In History – The 2000s

91. 6th Mach 2001: The US Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham established that the North East Home Heating Oil Reserve is to be used only in emergencies.
92. 6th March 2006: Mike Rounds, Governor of South Dakota today signed a bill into legislation. The legislation would ban all abortions except those which are required to save the life of the woman.
93. 6th March 2007: White House aide I. Lewis Libby Jr. was found guilty of several cases of perjury and obstruction of justice trial.
94. 6th March 2012: In Australia the Murrumbidgee River was threatening to overflow owing to which 9000 residents were evacuated from Wagga Wagga.
95. 6th March 2013: A plane crashed after it was ensnared in power lines in Peru. 9 people died in the crash.
96. 6th March 2013: Microsoft was on this day fined 561 Euros for not providing alternative web browsers by the Euro Commission.

97. 6th March 2013: Syrian rebels on this day captured their first major city Ar-Raqqah.
98. 6th March 2014: The parliament of Crimea, today unanimously voted to become part of Russia.
99. 6th March 2015: NASA’s spacecraft Dawn today entered the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres.
100. 6th March 2016: The 7th Democratic presidential candidate’s debate was held in Flint, Michigan. This was hosted by CNN.

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